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Founded by Murat Sayin, Sayin Law & Consulting is an Istanbul based (incorporated) full-service law firm offering high quality and solution oriented legal service in a professional business manner to corporations, persons and investors operating in a broad range of industries.

Sayin Law & Consulting’s professional team consists of expert lawyers and support personnel, all of whom are experienced in their area, bilingual and have studied at recognized law schools in Turkey and/or abroad.

Sayin Law & Consulting’s young and dynamic team follows legal advancements and developments day by day to provide the best legal service to its clients and informs them regarding such advancements and developments.

Client Focused Service

Our professional team always works together with our clients by providing regular reports regarding the legal actions and executions; keeping them informed regarding all the progresses. We are aware of the fact that keeping our clients’ rights and claims safe, is the top priority.

Best Possible Solution

Every legal need of a client is met with the best possible solution under the Sayin Law & Consulting’s roof. We achieve this by following the legal advancements and the current situations of business life day to day and analyzing them for the most pragmatic and long-term solutions. Our team is in connection with academic members, to provide the most solid legal basis in our cases and executions.

Top Level Secrecy

Every piece of information given to us by our clients, is considered as a trade secret within our confidentiality policy. Our professional work understanding sees confidentiality obligation as a basis for client-lawyer interactions.

Full-Time Service

Our office provides every legal service a client needs under one roof. Legal advices regarding the risks encountered during business life, litigation services that are carried forward precisely and cautiously on every step, execution proceedings which are approached with great care to ensure that the progress proceeds fast and easily and also arbitration and negotiation services which are the future methods of settling disputes, are all provided under the roof of Sayin Law & Consulting.

Technology is a part of our Work

Sayin Law & Consulting follows technological advancements daily, makes use of the best available software programs to track legal precedents accurately and has all the needed infrastructure for this purpose.

Fast and Effective Service all around Turkey

Besides our main office in Istanbul, we have offices all around Turkey. These include Ankara the capital city of Turkey; Izmir, the trade center of west and Antalya, the capital city of tourism. With offices all around Turkey, we provide the fastest and most effective solutions to our clients.


Sayin Law & Consulting provides legal assistance and dispute resolution services to both domestic and foreign firms that are active in petroleum, LPG, natural gas, electricity, renewable energy and mining fields, regarding their projects that are either in Turkey or abroad. In this sense;

    • Providing legal advices and preventive legal services to the firms that are active in petroleum, LPG, natural gas and electricity fields;
    • License applications, renewals, amendments and transfers on all subjects regarding the energy market; appealing, following and concluding permit processes;
    • Carry out every procedure and resolve disputes that might come out during the procedures regarding the Energy Market Regulatory Authority; presenting pleas, following case processes regarding the cancellation of administrative fines;
    • Market tenders, buying-selling, trade and connection contracts, restructuring projects; coordinating the merger and demerger processes of energy companies and changing title and kind with regulatory authorities;
    • Following and settling disputes and proceedings by considering the market requirements, for clients that are active in energy and mining fields; and establishing dealership relations with filling stations, preparing every contract required for the business and resolving disputes.
Department Name Email Telephone
Energy Law MURAT SAYIN +90 212 212 40 70
Competition Law MURAT SAYIN +90 212 212 40 70
Litigation and Execution Proceedings ONUR PAJO +90 212 212 40 70
Labour and Social Security Law ONUR PAJO +90 212 212 40 70
Arbitration and Dispute Solutions BERIL ATIKYILMAZ +90 212 212 40 70
Information and Technology Law HILAL OLMEZ +90 212 212 40 70
Commercial and Corporate Law FATIH ASLANDAG +90 212 212 40 70
International Law and Citizenship ERAY SAYIN +90 212 212 40 70
Photo Name Position Profile
 EVRIM KINOGLU  photo EVRIM KINOGLU Senior Associate
 ONUR PAJO  photo ONUR PAJO Partner
 ENEZ PULLUK  photo ENEZ PULLUK Senior Associate
 MURAT SAYIN  photo MURAT SAYIN Founding Partner
Partner : 4
Lawyer : 27
Istanbul Bar and Turkish Bar Association

We have always attached importance to being a poised and fair-minded law firm since our foundation. As SAYIN Law & Consulting family, we are so proud to state that far from many other firms operating in our sector. We have interoperated dynamic people who try to prove themselves. Moreover; SAYIN Law & Consulting is honored to be a diverse team, regardless of race, religion, national origin, citizenship, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and other status.

SAYIN Law & Consulting has a strict zero-tolerance policy on discrimination and prejudice and believes in equal access to legal services for all who need it. Therefore, we are committed to a pluralistic and inclusive worldview that values diversity and above all intercultural exchange of ideas. SAYIN Law & Consulting is highly and there are currently associates in the firm from a lot of countries.

We believe that diversity in hiring and promoting makes sense to both us and for our clients as part of good business.

In addition to all of these, SAYIN Law & Consulting always organizes sport activities, evening entertainment, parties, picnics, breakfast, dinner and thus makes the togetherness valuable. We know that this is inestimable to us. It makes us happy to see the benefits of these activities for our team day by day. We continue these activities by adding new ones every day. In this direction, SAYIN Law & Consulting works with a corporate Human Resources company and necessary improvements are made in our law firm in line with the feedback of our team. In this way, it ensures that our team works efficiently in the best conditions and ensures that the positive results of this situation are reflected for our customers.

Another important issue for us is that we frequently meet and exchange opinions with law school students, who are the future of Turkish law. Afterwards, we find the opportunity to work with these students who want to join us. Coming together with these students and finding the opportunity to work with them makes a great contribution to us. Most especially, we are happy to witness the expectations of these students and the business life they dream of throughout their education life. In addition, with our energy law bulletin, which we regularly publish in the field of Energy Law, we inform the companies in the sector about the current legal legislation regarding their business fields.

With our technology and competence, we have the chance to provide a healthy legal service to our clients anytime and anywhere.

On the other hand, we regularly communicate with our clients and conduct surveys regarding their satisfaction with us. We are always trying to improve ourselves to do our best according to their opinions, recommendations and survey results.

As a result of these opinions and recommendations by our clients; SAYIN Law & Consulting’s young and dynamic team follows legal advancements and developments day by day to provide the best legal service to its clients and informs them regarding important matters and developments. As SAYIN Law & Consulting family, we guarantee its clients the best legal services that are getting better every single day. We would also like to state that SAYIN Law & Consulting takes care to protect its clients’ data, files and confidential information.

TESTIMONIAL: Our company is one of the biggest oil distribution company in Turkey. In every legal matter with respect to the market our company is active, we consult Sayin Law & Consulting and in each area such as execution and litigation proceedings, consultancy or inside corporate issues, we get back rapid brief solutions. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has affected the world and we had to operate our business online. During the lock down, we carried on our business smoothly thanks to Sayin Law & Consulting. They set up meetings via video conference and made them updated and accessible 7/24.

TESTIMONIAL: Our company is the unique refinery producing base oil from the waste oil. This unique project is very environmental and we work with Sayin Law for all the legal matters. Sayin Law&Consulting cares about their clients and they work strictly scheduled. They always right on time which makes our business continues without interruption. What makes the Sayin Law&Consulting practices unique and very valuable to us is that it has team, which have a brilliant command on languages and international regulations. As a legal counsellor, I can highly recommend Murat SAYIN. He always finds a creative way to deal with a legal issue. He gives value to all of his clients and send us monthly reports about the current situations and risks of our ongoing cases.

TESTIMONIAL: SAYIN Law & Consulting houses a thriving energy practice. Their lawyers are very responsive on time-sensitive matters. SAYIN Law & Consulting has strength across country. Their extensive knowledge in energy law continuously improving and you can always count on them being practical and detecting the issues that really matter. Their only focus is problem solving and we know we can count on them to deliver the desired results. Through his career, he served as a legal counsel within international companies like ours. His team is clearly benefiting from his experience and knowledge. His work ethic and leadership skills are promising.

TESTIMONIAL: Our company is active in the field of fuel sales and electricity producing. We are glad to work with Sayin Law. They are always very direct, honest and informative in their approach. Through their extensive experience, they are quite impressive in recognising potential risks in legal proceedings. They have a vision ready for the era and the future. With their legal solutions and their constant support, they enable us to take a safe path in our initiatives. For this reason, Sayin Law is different from other law firms. Sayin Law, in order to provide us with legal consultancy services all over the world, shows this with video conferences, various legal softwares and information and report presentations.

TESTIMONIAL: We are one of the biggest company working in the fields of energy, infrastructure, construction and tourism. We get legal assistance by Sayin Law & Consulting, and its team who have a good command of international law and energy law. We can find all of our searches in Sayin Law & Consulting. Especially, they provide legal consultancy on the projects we deal with. As we know that they have managed such projects before, therefore we worked directly with Sayin Law & Consulting.

TESTIMONIAL: I must express that Mr. Murat Sayin and his team are very competent and pioneer in the field of energy law. Sayin Law & Consulting is very good at understanding our needs and provide tailor-made legal services. Also, quick solutions are very important for our business. This point is what makes Sayin Law & Consulting indispensable and different for us. For this reason, I have been undertaking important roles in companies in the energy sector for many years and I always preferred Sayin Law & Consulting to be my business partner in the field of energy law. Sayin Law & Consulting has a strong and stable human resource.

Murat Sayin, Founding Partner

Founding partner Murat Sayın shed light on vision of the firm, Turkish energy sector and near future.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Sayın Law & Consulting from your competitors?

As SAYIN Law & Consulting, we care about our clients and we want to make sure that they feel unique. To understand them better, we put ourselves in their shoes and for their legal issues we always think outside of the box. These are our main principles that are impress our clients. In our industry, trust is an essential matter and our clients are like business partner to us therefore we are always in this together. With our dynamic, well-informed, hardworking team and their amazing communication skills we constantly achieve to manage earn our clients trust therefore, they feel that they are in the safe hands.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

It is irrefutable fact that since the COVID-19 defined as pandemic, has a huge impact on world. In the simplest term we gained new words in our daily language and started work from home. Thus the legal sector impact from these changes. In line with these developments, information technology law gained a value and shall be one of the essential area legal sector within the 12 months. Other than the IT law, with the huge increase on online shopping, it is impossible not to see the electronic commerce law shall gain a huge value. We would like to state that with all these electronic developments also there is a risk for our personal data therefore, data protection law shall be one of the important areas within 12 months. In these matters with our well-informed, dynamic team that are following the developments, we are ready to support our clients.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

As an expert firm in energy law, we regularly publish bulletin called “Energy Law Bulletin” for our clients in the energy industry. With our publication, we make our clients aware from the latest regulations related to energy law. In addition to that, we changed our case reports into an online system and with this development;our clients can reach an updated information whenever they want. We make weekly client meetings via video conference thanks to this innovation and we can solve our clients problem quickly, safely and satisfy their needs in an efficient way.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Our world is changing rapidly, especially when the World Health Organization’s (“WHO”) characterized COVID-19 as a Pandemic and the lockdowns started in all over the world, everything started to be online. Technology became an essential part of our lives. SAYIN Law & Consulting, with its young and dynamic team, was already working in harmony with the latest technology. During the quarantine period, there was no change in the functioning of our firm in the transition to the home office. We continued to inform our clients by making Case Reports up-to-date and accessible 7/24. In addition, we have always kept our clients informed with the active use of our social media accounts, which are an indispensable part of technology, especially with academic articles on our LinkedIn page. Technology is an indispensable part of our lives and thanks to technology, we can provide fast, accurate and efficient service to our clients.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

The energy sector in our country is regulated by EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority), an administrative institution. Our main sector is energy law therefore, our clients may have some legal trouble with EMRA’s fines. To explain more briefly, one of our key clients is a company whom is obliged to operating under the EMRA’s obligations. Administrative fine was imposed on the said company by EMRA and with our legal support, all these unlawful administrative fines and possible economic losses have been prevented.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Stability, balance and loyalty are the key elements for us and for ourclients. In our opinion, law firms should present stability and strategic direction to their clients. As SAYIN Law & Consulting, we constantly provide great quality of service and protect our line. With this principle of ours our clients feel themselves more valuable and trust us even more. Within three to five years, our goal is expand our family thus, to open an international branch in Europe.