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Compliance Tier 3

White-collar crime boutique Caro & Asociados is well placed to advise on corporate crime compliance, and is handling compliance reviews and implementation of anti-corruption and anti-money laundering audits, for example, for a growing range of clients. Co-practice head Dino Carlos Caro is one of the leading white-collar crime specialists in Peru, while director Luis Miguel Reyna Alfaro and senior associate María Alejandra Quintana Gallardo are also key members of the team.

Key clients

Banco Internacional del Perú – Interbank

Gold Fields La Cima

Minera Aurífera Retamas

Quad Graphics Perú

Compañía Minera Antamina

Bolsa de Valores de Lima

Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Petróleo y Energía

Ponitificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Obrascón Huarte Lain (Sucursal del Perú)

Summa Gold Corporation

Construcción y Administración

Los Portales

Caro & Asociados is a boutique law firm with high specialization in White Collar Crime. Our firm is best known for its high rate of success in the defense of companies and their administrators in preliminary criminal investigation proceedings and trials before criminal courts. As a matter of fact, none of our clients has ever been found guilty, let alone convicted, despite the high complexity of the subject matters involved or the great public media coverage of many of such cases.

Additionally, Caro & Asociados stands out for its contribution to the theoretical and practical aspects of Criminal Law. Most of our attorneys are visiting professors and lecturers in a number of Peruvian universities. They are active scholars who publish books, papers and articles in this field. Because of such proximity with the ever-evolving Criminal Law field, our firm has been able to develop a new area of practice with focus on prevention of risks and law compliance consulting, an innovative area in the market of Criminal Law legal services in Peru. To enhance such expertise, our firm has signed a strategic agreement with the Spanish firm “Corporate Defense Compliance SL”. Also, all of the firm’s attorneys are members of the International Association for Penal Law. The A.I.D.P. constitutes the oldest world organization that brings together specialists in criminal sciences and one of the oldest cultural societies in the world.

Furthermore, since 2012 Caro & Asociados is the only Peruvian Criminal Law practice that has a Code of Conduct and Best Practices that governs their institutional relations with clients, staff, suppliers and stakeholders. This statute has been developed following the compliance standards in The Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act of Canada, The USA’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the UK’s Bribery Act.

Our excellence in proceedings, our devoted focus on compliance, our engagement to good entrepreneurial practice and our sight on innovation is the reason we were granted the ISO 37001 certification, which made us the only law firm to be awarded the BASC Peru certification within its anti-bribery program. We have kept the certification in force, improving our system in the prevention of private corruption and internal policies against labor.

With regard to areas of recent growth, it is worth noting that the area of prevention of criminal risk has stepped up its activities, following recent legislative changes such as the enactment of the Law on Administrative Liability of legal persons for the offense of active transnational bribery.

Also, in order to provide rather adequate support to areas such as reporting and litigation, there is an information area that systematizes and diffuses the various resolutions issued by the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the National Council of the Judiciary and international courts.

With the aim of improving the problems of practice and the levels of satisfaction of our clients, as part of the constant programs of continuous improvement, the firm implemented the area of ​​Dispute Resolution and Litigation, comprising the advice in the different disciplines with a new multidisciplinary and dynamic approach to dispute resolution, thus seeking a solid, serious and very effective advice, both in pre- lawsuit stages as well as through corporate defense in all phases of the dispute, whether civil nature , commercial, administrative, arbitral or constitutional.

Our growth and commitment to innovation, led us to the development of a new sub-brand of the firm: AI Legal, focused on the development of new technologies and their double impact on the legal system either as an object of regulation or as an instrument of development or transformation of the legal, public and private services themselves. Being an initiative that bets on the future of law.

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Mr Dino Carlos Caro Coria  photo Mr Dino Carlos Caro Coria Founder and CEO of Caro & Asociados – President of the Peruvian…
 Luis Fernando Iberico Castañeda  photo Luis Fernando Iberico Castañeda Director Lawyer
 María Alejandra Quintana Gallardo  photo María Alejandra Quintana Gallardo Head of the Dispute Resolution and litigation department
Mr Luis Miguel Reyna Alfaro photo Mr Luis Miguel Reyna Alfaro Director Lawyer – Head of the Litigation department and Head of the…