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With soaring aspirations and the zeal to succeed, S.U.Khan Associates Corporate & Legal Consultants endeavor to be a recognized and reputed global professional service provider. The professionals at the firm have been synthesizing the learning from a vast experience-base and converting that into advantage for the clients of the firm. The firm offers expert services to the public and private sectors, companies and the state regulatory bodies on their most complex and thought-provoking issues, offering them innovative and customized solutions to their problems.

The firm has extensive experience in practicing trade remedy laws in Pakistan, anti-trust and competition, corporate law, taxation, personal data protection, e-commerce related legal services. Over the period of time, the firm has developed expertise in dealing with trade defence laws. Indepth knowledge of the industry and the subject has made the firm one of the pioneering firms in practicing trade remedy laws in Pakistan.

The firm has delivered unprecedented results to its valuable clients from various industries including iron and steel, chemical, paper and paperboard, textile, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, poultry, cement, tiles, bicycles, packaging film, tin plates etc. The firm’s client base includes renowned companies in Pakistan and abroad.

The partners have been pleading and defending for our clients in cases of appeals / suites / petitions before the tribunals and the superior courts (High Courts) of Pakistan.

The firm provides both advisory and litigation services.

Areas of practice
Trade defence laws: S.U.Khan Associates Corporate and Legal Consultants is a pioneer in practising trade defence laws in Pakistan having involvement in more than 90% trade defence investigations conducted by the Pakistani Authority. The firm has successfully served its local and international clients in trade defence investigations conducted by the antidumping authority of Pakistan and other jurisdictions. The firm has the privilege of taking new initiatives in trade remedy laws practice in Pakistan. It has the honour of preparing and filing first ever applications for imposition of countervailing measures, first ever appeal before the Appellate Forum (Antidumping Appellate Tribunal) and first ever application for change of circumstances investigation by the domestic industry. The firm has the expertise of representing the domestic industry as well as the exporters in antidumping investigation conducted by the Pakistan’s Authority. The firm has also represented and assisted Pakistani exporters in antidumping investigations initiated by antidumping authorities of other countries.

Local clients

  • Packages Limited,
  • Bulleh Shah Packaging Pvt. Limited
  • Tri-Pack Films Limited
  • Century Paper & Board Mills Limited
  • Descon Oxychem Limited
  • Tufail Chemical Industries Limited
  • Nimir Chemicals Pakistan Limited
  • Nimir Industrial Chemical Limited
  • Monnoo Group
  • Ittehad Chemicals Limited
  • Sitara Group of Companies
  • A.T.S Synthetics (Private) Limited
  • All Pakistan Textile Mills Association
  • Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association
  • Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association
  • All Pakistan Tiles & Sanitary Merchants Association
  • Lotte Chemicals Pakistan Limited
  • Din Textiles Limited.
  • Abbas Steel Group.
  • Amreli Steels Limited.
  • Pakistan Steel Mills Crop. Pvt. Ltd.
  • International Steels Limited.
  • Agha Steel Industries,
  • Siddiqson Tinplate Ltd. etc.
  • Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited
  • Pakistan Aluminum Beverage Cans Limited (PABC)
  • ICI Pakistan Limited
  • Olympia Chemicals Limited
  • Dollar Industries (Pvt.) Limited
  • Brothers Pen Company
  • Real Enterprises
  • ORO Industries

International clients

  • Tongkook Corporation, Korea
  • Saehan Industries Inc. Korea
  • Hualon Corporation (M) Sdn, Malaysia
  • Capital Rayon Co. Ltd. Thailand
  • Sunflag Thailand Ltd., Thailand
  • T Sulindafin, Indonesia
  • T Indorama, Indonesia
  • T SK Keris, Indonesia
  • T Pan Asia, Indonesia
  • Mutugading Tekstil Indonesia
  • K Chemical Corporation, Korea
  • Jong Stit Company Limited, Thailand
  • Indorama Polyester Industries Co., Ltd., Thailand
  • Recron (M) Sdn Bhd., Malaysia
  • TK Chemical Corporation, South Korea
  • Huvis Corporation, Korea
  • Jiangyin Huahong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., China
  • Zhang Jiagang Chengxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., China
  • Zhangjiagang Chengxin Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd.
  • Shanghai Hengyi Polyester Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Hauxicun Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangyin Hailun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Xiamen Xianglu Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd.
  • Shaoxing Huaqing Polyester and Textile Co. Ltd.
  • Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.
  • Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Co. Ltd
  • Tongkun Group Co Ltd.
  • Tongkun Group Zhejiang Hengsheng Co.
  • Suzhou Shenghong Fiber Co Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Zhonglu Technology Development Co Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Guowang High-Technique Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Shenghong Petro Chemical Group Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Shenghong Technology Trading Co. Ltd
  • Recron (M) Sdn, Bhd
  • Huida Sanitary Ware Company Limited
  • Foshan Hexin Chuangzhan Ceramics Company Limited
  • Zibo Huabang Ceramics Company Limited

Anti-trust and competition: In the areas of antitrust and competition law (abuse of dominant position, cartel and antitrust investigations, merger control regulation and deceptive marketing practices), the firm has been providing advisory services to clients and suggesting ways and means to comply with the relevant legal provisions of the prevalent law (Competition Act 2010), protecting their interests through invoking the provisions of the law and pleading their cases before the Competition Commission of Pakistan to avoid any likely adverse action against its clients. With the expertise of professionals at the firm, the firm is creating awareness of competition law in companies at all levels of their relevant functionaries by way of: conducting competition law training, conducting competition compliance assessment/audit program, and formulation/drafting of company/sector specific competition manual. The firm has also been pleading and defending its clients in various appeals before the Competition Appellate Tribunal. The partners at firm have also been pleading and defending clients in cases of appeals / suites / petitions before the tribunals and the superior courts (High Courts) of Pakistan.


  • Tri-Pack Films Limited
  • Army Welfare Trust (AWT)
  • Pakistan Poultry Association
  • Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited
  • Pakistan Aluminum Beverages Cans Limited
  • Descon Oxychem
  • International Steels Limited
  • United Refrigeration Industries Limited (Dawlance)

Customs services: In the sphere of customs service, the firm provides both litigation and non-litigation services. Litigation service includes appeals/ petitions before the Appellate Forums/ High Courts on issues of clients pertaining to customs law. Non-litigation services of the firm include tariff rationalization, removal of tariff anomaly, revision in tariff structures for finished goods and raw materials, protection of client’s interests in FTAs/ PTA undertaking by Pakistan with other trading partners, customs valuation, manufacturing bond licensing, enlistment in Customs General Order and duty draw back issues. The firm has established practices of matters dealing with customs laws and other relevant laws concerning tariff issues of the companies. The firm advises its clients with tailor made solutions for the legal challenges faced in cross border business transactions with emphasis on ensuring legal compliance with customs and other allied laws.


  • Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited:
  • Hilton Pharmaceuticals
  • Tabros Pharmaceuticals
  • Sami Pharma
  • Tufail Chemical Industries Ltd
  • Nimir Chemicals Pakistan Ltd
  • Nimir Industrial Chemicals Pakistan Ltd
  • ATS Synthetics (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Olympia Chemicals Ltd
  • PureChem (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Ranyal Industries (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association
  • Packages Limited
  • Century Paper & Board Mills Ltd
  • Merit Packaging (Pvt.) Ltd
  • International Industries Limited
  • International Steels Limited
  • Tri-pack Films Limited
  • Packages Converters Limited
  • Treet Corporation Limited
  • Aisha Steel Mills Limited
  • Siddiqsons Tinplate Limited
  • Amerli Steels Limited
  • Agha Steel Industries
  • ASG Metals Limited.

E-commerce: The firm’s scope of services include reviewing, interpreting, and drafting a broad range of agreements. These agreements include website development agreements, terms and conditions of use of website, privacy policy agreements, cookie policy agreements, software development and app development agreements, collaboration and licensing agreements, IT procurement and outsourcing contract etc. The firm is also assisting webshops in maintaining a compliant online business by conducting website’s compliance audit/review in accordance with local laws eg consumer protection law, competition law, sale of goods act, contract law, intellectual property law etc. The firm has been active in global e-commerce regulations development. The firm co-organized a session with UNCTAD in Forth e-commerce week in April 2018 on ‘Public-Private dialogue to drive e-commerce’ for offering solutions to e-commerce problems. Managing partner of the firm also participated as panelist in three other sessions during e-commerce week.

 Data protection: The firm provides advisory and compliance related services with regard to data protection including impact assessment, policies and procedures, gap analysis and recommendation of best practices conforming to EU General Data protection Regulation.

Taxation services: The firm provides full three tier taxation services: advisory-Execution-Litigation. The advisory services include opinions, tax planning, drafting and vetting of taxation related clauses in agreements, opinions on cross border transactions, tax health check etc. Execution services include compliance, on behalf of the clients, before the taxation authorities like appearance, reply to notices, tax audits, seeking clarification from authorities, tax exemptions etc. The litigation services include preparation and submission of appeal documents and appearance before the appellate authorities including the Commissioner (Appeals), Appellate Tribunal, High Court. The firm do also provide services for dispute settlement before the Alternate Dispute Resolution committees and before the Federal Tax Ombudsman. The range of services cover both the Federal and Provincial taxes.


  • Hilong Oil Service and Engineering Pakistan (Private) Limited
  • CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company
  • China ZhenHua Oil Company Limited
  • National Database and Registration Authority
  • NADRA Technologies Limited
  • Telenor Pakistan (Private) Limited
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • National University of Sciences and Technology
  • Ecopack Limited
  • Wings Travel UK
  • Stella Technologies (SMC-Private) Limited
  • Zigron (Private) Limited
  • Information Architects (SMC-Private) Limited

Corporate services: The firm provides advisory and execution services stemming out of the local company law and other statutes governing specialized industries. Our range of services include incorporation/registration, permissions & licensing, regulatory compliance, corporate structuring and re-structuring secretarial services, contract drafting & vetting and advisory registration/Licensing/Permissions and representation before the authorities. 

  • Bristol Engineering Services FZ LLC
  • RD Ahmad Consulting (SMC-Private) Limited
  • Genus PLC UK
  • Pakistan Single Window Company
  • Globesight Dubai
  • GeoMark Research Limited

Dispute resolution: The firm provides arbitration, mediation and conciliation services comprising drafting, negotiating and/or reviewing arbitration clauses or other dispute resolution clauses in a variety of contracts and situations. Services also includes early case assessment and definition of arbitration strategies, pre-dispute negotiations, selection of arbitrators, filing and conduct of international arbitration proceedings, advocacy at arbitration hearings and challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards. The managing partner of the firm is a member of Pakistan National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce Commission on Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

TRADE DEFENSE LAWS SAIFULLAH KHANsaifullah.khan@sukhan.com.pk0092-51-2344742-3
ANTI-TRUST & COMPETITION LAWS SAIFULLAH KHANsaifullah.khan@sukhan.com.pk0092-51-2344742-3
ECOMMERCE & DATA PROTECTION SAIFULLAH KHANsaifullah.khan@sukhan.com.pk0092-51-2344742-3
TAXATION AND CORPORATE LAWS SAEED HASAN KHANsaeed.hasan@sukhan.com.pk0092-51-2344742-3
CUSTOMS SERVICES SAEED HASAN KHANsaeed.hasan@sukhan.com.pk0092-51-2344742-2
Saifullah Khan photoMr Saifullah KhanManaging Partner
Saeed Hasan Khan photoMr Saeed Hasan KhanPartner

Bizilance Legal Consultants practises trade remedy laws, privacy and data protection, taxation, and antitrust and competition, among others. The firm is backed by the rich experience of its directors, spread over two decades. The directors have served clients in multiple jurisdictions, including the UAE, the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Pakistan. In the personal data and privacy space, Bizilance Legal Consultants at Abu Dhabi Global Market is strategically well placed to serve multi-jurisdictional clients in an era when laws related to personal data protection have either just been implemented or are in the process of being implemented.


CLIENT: Aslam Mehdi, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: Tri-pack Films Limited
TESTIMONIAL: Saifullah Khan is a very knowledgeable consultant and good networking with the relevant person. He created a niche for himself by developing competency and capacity in a relatively less known field. He works with his clients in fair and cordial manner, have the ability to deliver. More importantly a relatively rare consultant who can be taken on face value!

CLIENT: Zafar Mehmood, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: Nimir Industrial Chemicals Limited
TESTIMONIAL: We want to commend S.U.Khan Associates on the excellent consultancy services they have provided to us in tariff and trade related matters. They have all the attributes we expect in a good consultancy firm: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm and responsiveness.

CLIENT: Zubair Tufail, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: Tufail Chemical Industries Limited
TESTIMONIAL: S.U.Khan Associates has handled several international trade cases on behalf of our company, specially antidumping. In each Case, they have shown a superior level of expertise in the complex areas of the law and facts. Most importantly, they have obtained a successful result in each case. That is why we always look for S.U.Khan Associates for any international trade related matter.

CLIENT: Aamir Niazi, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: Descon Oxychem Limited
TESTIMONIAL: Descon Chemicals has worked with S.U.Khan Associates on a wide host of international trade, tariff and associated matters. Our experience with them is exceptional.

Mr. Saifullah Khan and his consulting team have consistently added great value through their abilities, knowledge and relationships. We have found their professional inputs to be consistently fair, transparent and above-board. The quality and delivery of their work can be considered as “best in class” measured by international standards.

CLIENT: Abbas Akberali, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: Amreli Steels Limited
TESTIMONIAL: The best thing about working with S.U.Khan Associates is that while the Managing Partner has deep insight and experience, it is not a one man show at all – there is capability, knowledge and professionalism at every level of the organization. The consultants are specialists in their respective fields, thorough in their work, eager to learn about client’s specific issues and dynamics, and maintain good communication and people skills, which is very necessary in their line of work. I would rate them as the best consultants in Pakistan for any trade or commerce related issue on a federal or international level.

CLIENT: Mustanser Ali Khan, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: Pakistan Aluminium Beverage Cans Limited
TESTIMONIAL: Saifullah Khan has the rare capability of advising on legal and commercial aspects of a business, together, not only in local context but also International arena.

This brings immense value for businesses trying to create a level playing field or expand overseas. With deep understanding of governmental way of working as well as International trade conduct, Saifullah is able to provide a formidable, highly valuable support to his clients. It has been always a pleasure to interact with him, one can deliberate with Saifullah knowing that he will give a fair advise and deliver. Saifullah team is also very capable and supportive.

CLIENT: Aftab Ahmed, CEO
COMPANY/FIRM: Century Paper and Board Mills Limited
TESTIMONIAL: Century enjoys a decade old cordial relationship with S.U. Khan Associates. Initially the firm services were solicited in relation to anti-dumping matters. Time strengthened our relationship and now the firm is our valued partner on a wide host of International trade, tariff and associated matters. Mr. Saifullah Khan and his team always remain at forefront to represent and defend the position of our Company at different forum on timely and befitting manner with in-depth knowledge on the subject matter and thorough professional conduct.

  1. Represented domestic industry of Pakistan in antidumping investigation of hydrogen peroxide conducted by the National Tariff Commission. This was the first ever case of Pakistan based on material retardation injury standard.
  2. Represented All Pakistan Textile Mills Association as petitioner in Countervailing Duties Investigation conducted by National Tariff Commission of Pakistan concerning subsidized imports of Cotton Yarn from India. This was the first time, Countervailing Duty is imposed by Pakistan.
  3. Represented domestic industry of Pakistan in first ever review for change of circumstances in case of antidumping duty imposed on import of Hydrogen Peroxide from People’s Republic of Bangladesh conducted by the National Tariff Commission.
  4. Represented Pakistani exporters of “Yarn of Man Made or Synthetic or Artificial Staple Fibers” before the Turkish Authority (Ministry of Economy, Turkey) in antidumping against Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam. Pakistani clients got minimum antidumping duties as compared to other exporters from various countries in this investigation.
  5. Represented a South Korean exporter (T.K Chemical Corporation) before the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan in first ever Newcomer Review Investigation conducted by the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan.
  6. Filed first appeal before the Anti-Dumping Appellate Tribunal (AD Tribunal), Government of Pakistan against the termination of an antidumping investigation by the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan in the year 2011. Successfully representing local as well as international clients in the hearings conducted by the AD Tribunal. Currently, representing Local Industry/Foreign Exporters/Pakistani Importers in most of the appeals lying before the Tribunal against various determinations of the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan.
  7. Assisted a Pakistani exporter (Kolachi Raj Industrial (Pvt.) Limited, Karachi) for representation before the European Commission (EC) in an anti-circumvention investigation against alleged circumvention of Bicycles exported from Pakistan, Cambodia and Philippines into European Union.
  8. Represented foreign producers/exporters of Polyester Filament Yarn from Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand in antidumping Investigation conducted by the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan. Represented ten (10) companies from the said four countries and secured de minimis dumping margin for seven (7) companies (no antidumping duty).
  9. Represented foreign producers/exporters of Polyester Staple Fiber from Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand in antidumping Investigation conducted by the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan. Represented two companies (PT. Indorama Synthetics Tbk from Indonesia and Huvis Corporation from South Korea) from the said three countries and achieved hundred percent success (no antidumping duty).
  10. Represented foreign producers/exporters of Polyester Staple Fiber from China in antidumping Investigation conducted by the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan. Our clients, Jiangyin Huahong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd and Zhang Jiagang Chengxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd succeeded in getting zero percent duty, whereas all other parties were imposed antidumping duty @ 10.44%.