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Denmark > Environment Tier 2

Haugaard | Braad is known in the marketplace for its strong capability across all aspects of Danish and EU environmental legislation, providing expert advice to both municipalities and large corporate clients. Flemming Elbaek heads up the practice group, with his work focusing on representing domestic manufacturing and utility companies on the full suite of environmental law issues.

Practice head(s):

Flemming Elbaek

Other key lawyers:

Helle Ina Elmer

Key clients

Port of Aalborg

Municipality of Rebild

Municipality of Horsens

Municipality of Brønderslev

Danfoss A/S

Aarhus Vand A/S (Utilities of Aarhus)

Nomi4s i/s

Danish Agriculture and Food Council

Aalborg Portland A/S

HOFOR A/S (Utilities of Copenhagen)

Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn I/S

Topsøe A/S

European Energy A/S

KLAR Forsyning A/S

DIN Forsyning A/S

Fors A/S

Metroselskabet I/S

Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

The Danish Road Directorate

Gas Storrage Denmark

Energinet A/S

Municipality of Vesthimmerland

Municipality of Vejen

Work highlights

  • Providing legal advice to Danfoss A/S regarding the clean-up of a highly contaminated site, Himmark Strand, in terms of soil.
  • Providing legal advice to Metroselskabet I/S (The Copenhagen Metro) regarding the EIA of the new metro line M5 in Copenhagen.
  • Assisting HOFOR A/S with the EIA and permits regarding Regnemark Vandværk which will be the largest water plant in Denmark.

Denmark > Insolvency Tier 3

Haugaard | Braad’s insolvency group assists with domestic bankruptcy and restructuring cases, as well as other creditor arrangements. The practice also has a substantial presence in compulsory liquidation proceedings. Anders Braad leads the team and is recognised for his experience handling court determined restructurings of agricultural farms.

Practice head(s):

Anders Braad

Other key lawyers:

Søren Bjerre Bach

Work highlights

  • Handling the insolvent estate of ParkPark A/S and ParkPark Development ApS firstly as a restructuring case later as insolvency estate.
  • Handling the insolvent estate of Kinnerup Horses, involving the selling of horses and the estate farm through official channels using farm estate brokers.
  • Handling the insolvent estate of Brovst Blikvarer A/S, including the administration and selling of the buildings for production, warehouses for stock and the pursuit for selling the entire business activity as an asset deal.

Denmark > Real estate and construction

Haugaard | Braad undertakes a broad range of specialised matters including regulation of real estate, including public tenders for properties and construction, municipal law, planning law, public housing law, soil pollution and VAT issues. Experienced real estate practitioner Rasmus Haugaard is a key name for development projects and jointly leads the practice group alongside Katrine Dons Kvottrup, who lends her expertise to tenancy law and property management issues.

Practice head(s):

Rasmus Haugaard; Katrine Dons Kvottrup


‘The professionalism Haugaard Braad Advokatfirma holds, and the speed at which they operate, is simply incomparable to anyone else in this space. Their strengths are unprecedented as their staff are able to accommodate any legal challenge one may face. The speed of which cases and challenges gets solved is second to none.’

‘Katrine Dons Kvottrup is extremely competent and well qualified within the Real Estate and development sector. She shows great knowledge regardless of the tasks presented for her.’

‘Rasmus Haugaard is unquestionably one of the most noble people which I have the honour of knowing. His experience and skillset extends beyond the vast majority of lawyers in Denmark.’

‘Haugaard Braad law firm stands out with a team that has an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of construction law, from planning permissions to dispute resolution.’

‘They recognise that every project is unique and they offer bespoke legal solutions tailored to each client’s specific requirements.’

‘Haugaard Braad distinguishes itself by having a good team of people who want the best for us as customers, follow up well on things and deliver excellent work that we customers can use. There is a good mood and a good spirit, and a will to solve the tasks.’

‘Haugaard Braad has a excellent expertise in the real estate environment with deep understanding of the real estate systems in Denmark. We work together in the development of real estate properties, both in the agriculture sector, business sector and private housing sector.’

Key clients

Port of Aalborg

Danfoss A/S

Entertainment Trading A/S (CoolShop)

Aalborg Business Colleges

FOA Nordjylland

Mogens Daarbak Ejendomsselskab A/S


P&C Assets A/S

Vendia Ejendomme A/S

Lomoco Invest Aalborg A/S

A. Sørensen Capital ApS



Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn I/S

Topsøe A/S

Dahl&Nygaard A/S

Restate Group ApS

Agrio ApS

Work highlights

  • Providing legal advice to CoolShop regarding the construction of a warehouse of 32,000 square meters and subsequently assisting with the transfer of the property on a sale-and-lease back model to a foreign capital fund.
  • Assisting with the transfer of FOA Nordjyllands property at Østerport in Aalborg.
  • Assisting with Mogens Daarbak Ejendomsselskab A/S’ acquisition of Norlys Holding A/S domicile property in Aalborg.

At Haugaard|Braad we provide a wide range of expert legal services and advice to businesses and public corporations as well as public authorities.

All our attorneys are highly skilled with extensive experience in their specific practice area; providing a professional sounding board for our clients. Accordingly, you will find that your case is processed swiftly and effectively.

With legal prowess in areas such as real estate, construction law, agricultural law, insolvency law, corporate and commercial and public law, Haugaard|Braad is your pathway to a competent legal solution.

Client-focused approach
You will find that we have a client-focused approach and that your legal issues are settled swiftly and with added value. Not only our attorneys, but all our staff members handle cases and operate independently within their specific area of expertise. Haugaard|Braad is your pathway to a high-quality full-service legal solution.

Our dynamic and proactive approach to each client’s situations is key to our business. All our attorneys have been admitted to practice law by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

Members of the Danish Bar and Law Society
All our attorneys have been admitted to practice law by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society. In accordance with the regulations governing membership of the Danish Bar and Law Society, all our attorneys have taken out the mandatory professional indemnity insurance and provided security so that the professional indemnity insurance covers all law practice exercised from their law firm in Denmark.

Department Name Email Telephone
Environment and public law Flemming Elbaek fe@haugaardbraad.dk (+45) 40801658
Insolvency Anders Braad ab@haugaarbraad.dk (+45) 30685340
Real estate Rasmus Haugaard rh@haugaardbraad.dk (+45) 30785132
Corporate and commercial Nikolaj Jalili-Trudslev nt@haugaardbraad.dk (+45) 31100717
Sports law Tommy Olesen to@haugaardbraad.dk (+45) 22 34 34 11
Agricultural law Søren Bjerre Bach sbb@haugaardbraad.dk (+45) 40 80 16 50
Photo Name Position Profile
Søren Bjerre Bach photo Søren Bjerre Bach Partner and attorney
Anders Braad photo Mr Anders Braad Partner and attorney
Katrine Dons Kvottrup photo Mrs Katrine Dons Kvottrup Attorney
Flemming Elbaek photo Mr Flemming Elbaek Partner and attorney
Helle Ina Elmer photo Mrs Helle Ina Elmer Attorney
Rasmus Haugaard photo Mr Rasmus Haugaard Partner and attorney
Nikolaj Jalili-Trudslev photo Mr Nikolaj Jalili-Trudslev Partner and attorney
Tommy Olesen photo Mr Tommy Olesen Partner and attorney