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MPA/PDA Derecho Punitivo y Riesgos Corporativos’ specialist focus on criminal and administrative sanctioning law continues to pay dividends and the boutique added seven new clients over the past year. Unlike some practices, the team covers the waterfront on compliance and criminal law matters, with the ability to advise on amtters ranging from compliance programmes and corporate defence plans, through to complex litigation. The group is particularly recognised for its prominent position in the financial services sphere, where it is sought after by major domestic and global financial institutions — notably, it represents 87% of banks doing business in Colombia. In Bogotá, founding partner Mauricio Pava Lugo is a conjuez of both the Supreme Court’s criminal chamber and of the National Electoral Council; he is highly regarded for his extensive criminal law expertise. Barranquilla-based Andrés Díaz Arana is also a senior name. Next-generation partner Jacobo González Cortés, who spearheads the punitive law and virtual financial-risks teams, and associate Daniel Guio, who has a focus on corporate risk management, are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Mauricio Pava Lugo; Andrés Díaz Aran


In addition to the personalised advice of Mauricio Pava Lugo, we appreciate that it fields a complete team of lawyers, with differentiated rates.

It is a firm with a good team, which has relevant, methodical and efficient experience. In particular, Mauricio Pava Lugo is an extraordinary lawyer; widely recognised and meritorious.

We value the personalised attention provided by Mauricio Pava Lugo. We also highlight the team’s knowledge of the subject, clear and timely advice, knowledge of the latest news; and experience and advice on compliance issues.

It is a very competent team, which is attentive to the needs and concerns of clients.

The strength of Mauricio Pava Lugo and his team makes the difference.

The group of lawyers works in a cohesive and highly organised manner, meets the times estimated by clients and submits detailed management reports.

We highlight the team’s clarity of presentations to the client, in which it details the legal and procedural strategy to be followed; this supports the trust that the client feels in the firm.

Key clients

Aje Colombia

Asociación Profamilia

Axa Colpatria Capitalizadora

Axa Colpatria Seguros


Banco Davivienda

Banco de la República

Banco de las Microfinanzas Bancamía

Banco Santander de Negocios Colombia

BBVA Asset Management Sociedad Fiduciaria

BBVA Colombia

Citibank Colombia

Cititrust Colombia Sociedad Fiduciaria

Colfondos  Pensiones Y Cesantías

Corporación Compromiso Colombia Cívica

Credivalores – Crediservicios

Fiduciaria Corficolombiana

Grupo Energía Bogotá

Itau Corpbanca Colombia

Pensiones Protección

Santander Financing

Scotiabank Colpatria

Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia

Transportadora de Gas Internacional

We are a boutique firm with offices in Bogotá, Barranquilla, Medellín and Manizales, which allows us to optimize costs in the management, control and monitoring of processes. and

Legal and compliance advisors of the Banco de la República, the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia, the financial and real sector (87% of banks and 95 entities).

Specialized in criminal and administrative corporate sanctioning law, experts in litigation in their different roles and legislations, as well as in prevention and response methodologies in relation to the risks that affect the daily life of companies and entities in the public and private sectors.

Experts in designing reactive and preventive corporate defense plans, based on compliance models and instruments. Members of the Spanish Association of Compliance “ASCOM”, Colombian Association of Integrity, Ethics and Compliance “ACIEC”.

We have a strategic alliance with IFD Evidence for the development of digital justice, virtual litigation, cybersecurity and remote risk control, all through LegalTech methodologies.

Additionally, our knowledge management area intervenes in legislative and jurisdictional discussions in the Constitutional Court, which bases the workshops and dialogue spaces on compliance, as well as the bimonthly publication “Diálogos Punitivos”. This area speeds up and keeps effective, efficient and update the process of producing legal concepts. The academic material can be consulted at:

Below, we specifically explain our services:

    • Advice on Criminal Law:

Since 1996 we have been advising and representing financial sector entities and corporations in the field of corporate criminal law, specializing in the management of corporate victims and more recently, in the analysis and evaluation of financial and operational risks for the prevention of crime and acts of infidelity of employees and fraudulent third parties. We specialize in corporate defense plans, in punitive and extra punitive risks.

We have more than 20 years in the criminal – sanctioning advice of natural and legal persons, we have remained a boutique firm, carefully selecting our clients, preserving their reputation and offering a reinforced comprehensive service. As a boutique firm, we stand out for offering dedication and special attention to each of the central and peripheral risks associated with corporate criminal law, punitive compliance, legal, reputational, administrator personal, functional risks, etc.

As the leader of the firm is Mauricio Pava Lugo, a conjuez of both the Supreme Court’s criminal chamber and of the National Electoral Council,  with particular expertise in penal cassation, higher university course in Criminal Compliance at the University of Barcelona, ​​participant and lecturer in more than 30 congresses of criminal and procedural law, accumulating more than 20 years of experience in corporate criminal litigation. He advises a large part of the country’s financial system and important companies in the real sector.

Academic publications, undergraduate and postgraduate professor, member of the committee of experts of the Excellence in Justice Corporation, expert advisor for legislative initiatives in 2015 for the Ministry of Justice and Law, advisor for the reform of the criminal procedure code among the years 2013 and 2018. Individually or as a member of the ICDP, intervention and promotion in different exequity procedures before the Constitutional Court, achieving important decisions such as sentences C-782/05, C-454/06, C-186/08, C- 250/11, among others.

In conclusion, MPA/PDA stands out as a law firm for its dedicated and personalized attention to each of its clients and their different requirements, with specialized structures for the differentiated management of consultancies and cases. With MPA/PDA you will have the confidence to hire the best team of professionals, our goal in the face of queries, challenges and difficulties is to generate efficient and effective action plans, assume and solve problems.

    • Advice on Compliance and corporate defense plans (preventive and reactive):
    • Implementation: Theoretical and instrumental support in the validation of: compliance models, compliance instruments such as the Code of Ethics, Ethics Channel, Compliance Culture, traceability of the program and other behavior protocols. Design of controls in the Compliance environment aimed at monitoring and testing the operation in the different areas of corporate citizenship. Meet the legal support requirements in relation to its administration and risk management programs. Provide the models and their instruments with their own identity in accordance with the nature and needs of the corporate citizen.
    • Integration: Anticipation of protection barriers under risk identification and management schemes, taking into account the Entity as a whole.
    • Chain delegations: Establishment and assessment of the elements of the delegation in the corporate chain with regard to the determination of punitive responsibility of administrators for acts of subordinates, delimitation on the application of the principle of trust, -duty of vigilance and sphere separation.
    • Punitive compliance: Relationship and instrumentation with external and internal Supervision, Control and Investigation Bodies (Risks and Derived Contingencies). Answer queries, requests and concepts.
    • Derived from the academic area of ​​the firm, and from its publication “Diálogos Punitivos”, we base the compliance workshops and dialogues, within a participatory, pedagogical compliance model that implies the need to socialize with the corporate population in the need for management of adequate risks, to promote countercultural spaces that advocate the permanent commitment to behavior based on legality and compliance.

The firm is expert in designing reactive and preventive corporate defense plans, based on compliance models and instruments.

We belong to ASCOM and ACIEC. This allows us to participate in the first level international forums regarding the resolution of corporate dilemmas, and to be at the forefront in the progressiveness of the institutional components of the second line of defense.

Below, we list some press releases on legal issues developed by our firm:

Extinction of domain:


Good practices: Derecho/644176

Compliance Sector:

Department Name Email Telephone
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Mauricio Pava Lugo (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Jacobo González Cortés (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Luis Carlos Reyes Duarte (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Daniel Santiago Guio Díaz (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Elías Mauricio Monroy Mora (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Javier Augusto Torres López (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Juan David Palacio (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Lina María Sandoval (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME David Alexander Mendoza Heredia (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Paula Andrea Ramirez Hernández (1) 601 211 4355
COMPLIANCE AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME Cristhian Zambrano (1) 601 211 4355
Photo Name Position Profile
Paula Andrea Ramírez Hernández photo Paula Andrea Ramírez Hernández Associate