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Caspian Legal Center has complementary tax expertise thanks to the presence of a number of tax consultants in the wider firm. Managing partner Farid Nabili has previous experience working for the Ministry of Tax, where he was involved in amendments to the Tax Code. Nabili's experience goes wider than tax though and he advises on business establishment and corporate law matters, among other matters.

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Through the years, the team has shown that they are a highly professional and very responsive legal team, who have deep knowledge of the legislation. They emphasized all the key points regarding our projects.

Farid Nabili is a very professional lawyer who has deep knowledge of the legislation. Another customer-oriented and accurate professional is Orkhan Beydiyev. Isa Tahmazov and Pari Gasimli are very cooperative and have a comprehensive approach to legal issues.

Key clients

Four Seasons Hotel

Taxify (Bolt)

HCL Technologies

Hikvision Digital Technology

Synergy Group

Stabilo International



Safran Foods


BTB Bank

Metka EGN

Khazar University

Synergy Resourcing International

Karvan L Group of Companies

Afam Group

Arti Construction

BSD Services



Background : Caspian Legal Center is a Baku-based full-service Azerbaijani law and tax consultancy firm. We mainly specialize in commercial and company law matters, as well as wide-range legal support and consulting to businesses regarding the establishment and operation of commercial entities in Azerbaijan.

As a one-stop-shop consulting company, we provide corporate law services and business-set ups, immigration consultancy, employment law services, intellectual property services, law and tax services related to oil-gas industry, contract drafting and negotiations, construction law support, tax and accounting services in Azerbaijan. , dispute resolution and litigation services (including debt recovery), consultancy legal services in real estate and purchase of property in Azerbaijan. 

We also provide legal advice and representation services to foreign individuals regarding family relations, employment, immigration, inheritance, recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial judgments in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Apart from specializations, we provide full and general legal services in Azerbaijan, law consultancy, tax consultancy and advisory, immigration services and accounting services when this is related to our tax advisory.

Key clients: The majority of our clients are multinational companies, operating in Azerbaijan or having business transactions with local companies, including FORTUNE Global 500 companies.

Our key clients are Four Seasons Hotel (International Hotel Chain), British American Tobacco (International tobacco manufacturer and market leader in more than 50 countries) Midea Group (Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer with 200 overseas subsidiaries), Absheron Hotel Group (local hospitality group representing owner of JW Marriott Absheron Baku), Hikvision Digital Technology (China-based manufacturer of technological devices and world’s greatest supplier of video surveillance products), Bolt – previously known as Taxify (Estonian headquartered worldwide transportation platform), HCL Technologies (India based global technology company), Synergy Group (Group of Companies with diverse investments in Azerbaijan), Atabank and BTB Bank (local banks), as well as contractors and subcontractors of BP and IBM operating in Azerbaijan’s oil and gas industry.

We operate in diverse industries, including oil and gas, energy and natural resources, renewable energy, ICT, construction, hospitality and HORECA, industrial manufacturing, machinery, agriculture, food industry, education industry, services industry, import and export, wholesale and retail industry, as well as consult to public and government entities.


Corporate/Company Law Services: Our Corporate/Company Law Services are diverse and based on best practices tailored for the needs of the clients to the extent possible under the laws of Azerbaijan.

Our services are based on real-life practices, taking into consideration of all law and tax issues of the corporate and company law issue requested from us. Our services cover all aspects of corporate and company law, starting from the incorporation of legal entities, re-structuring (reconstruction), mergers and acquisitions, up and until insolvency and liquidation of a legal entity.

Experienced team of corporate lawyers and tax consultants shall consider all of the main law and tax aspects of business set-up, legal entity form consultancy (branch, subsidiary, representative office) and business company types (limited liability company, joint-stock company, partnership as main choices) guidance. This is exactly what we do as Azerbaijani law and tax consultancy firm.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), including due diligence while M&A, transfer of shares at commercial entities, corporate policies and regulations of the companies, corporate restructuring and reconstruction, joint ventures involving local partners, regulation of non-commercial operations, insolvency and bankruptcy, liquidation and exiting the market are among the most requested services by us.

Due Diligence and Compliance

  • Business tailored due diligence of companies, businesses and transactions in Azerbaijan, including company background check;
  • Calculation of tax exposure and relevant costs;
  • Due Diligence while M&A and joint ventures;
  • Compliance services for meeting the requirements of laws, relevant policies and regulations;
  • Compliance support for participation in procurement and tenders (including commercial and public procurement);
  • Demand based due diligence services.

Oil and Gas  Law: Legal and tax consultancy in the oil and gas industry as well as, energy and renewable energy industry in Azerbaijan are among our experience areas.

Our Legal and Consultancy Services in the Oil and Gas industry of Azerbaijan include:

  • Consultation on large scale projects including PSAs, Host Government Agreements (HGA), Joint Operating Agreements, Engineering Procurement and Construction Contracts, Drilling Contracts and Services Agreement with Contractor and subcontractors;
  • Tax and customs consultancy under PSA in Azerbaijan, including in oil-gas industry;
  • Employment and immigration consultancy related to oil-gas industry and applicability of the PSAs;
  • Representing PSA and HGA contractors and sub-contractors in obtaining work permits from the State Migration Services, coordination of the approvals which involve operator company and SOCAR endorsements;
  • Consulting and representing the clients on the major contract negotiations with oil-gas contractors and subcontractors;
  • Consulting of PSA and HGA sub-contractors on all aspects of tax, customs, commercial, compliance and regulatory matters;
  • Accounting and payroll services to contractors and subcontractors in the oil-gas industry, including where the PSA applies;
  • Incorporation of local entity for the purposes of obtaining benefits under the PSA regime;
  • Consultation on the acquisition and disposition of oil and gas assets;
  • Consulting service providers under PSA on the structuring of its offshore operations;
  • Tax planning and tax optimization consultancy to foreign contractors and subcontractors operating in the oil-gas industry of Azerbaijan, particularly where relevant product sharing agreements apply;
  • Obtaining required licenses and permissions relevant in the oil-gas industry;
  • Consulting on local environmental regulations applicable to oil and gas productions, processing and transportation;
  • Obtaining a 0% VAT Certificate from the tax authorities as per the relevant protocols of the PSA.

Taxation : Our team has extended experience in taxation issues, with previous practical experience in leading Tax Law Development unit at the Ministry of Taxes. We are well experienced in international taxation, including double taxation and transfer-pricing regulations. Being selected as Tax Reporter from Azerbaijan by the International Bar Association, we constantly provide tax updates to our clients, as well we propose amendments to the legislation considering best international practices.

We offer the following taxation services:

  • Tax advisory and tax planning;
  • Assistance for planning, restructuring and optimizing tax liabilities;
  • Tax consultancy in double taxation issues, including prevention of juridical or economic double taxation, obtaining tax credits or claiming for refund stemming from double taxation treaties;
  • Consultancy regarding withholding taxes in Azerbaijan;
  • VAT consultancy for residents and non-residents;
  • Transfer-pricing arrangements and transfer-pricing consultancy for multi-national enterprises in Azerbaijan and local businesses with international presence;
  • Obtaining Special Regimes of Taxation and tax benefits on donations, sponsorships, and other investments;
  • Acquiring tax benefits and other incentives through negotiations with state and local governments;
  • Advisory regarding tax exemption for investments and obtaining relevant permissions;
  • Writing opinion letters on the tax consequences of transactions and other tax matters;
  • Audit of the company’s tax compliance condition and recommendations;
  • Accounting support for the implementation of our tax advisory and consultancy;
  • Providing tax law solutions for complicated business transactions and situations, particularly including multi-parties and cross-border transactions;
  • resolution of tax disputes and litigation supported by tax lawyers and attorneys.

Contracts and Transactions: We provide multi-language contract negotiation, drafting and review services in various industries, particularly international and cross-border contracts and joint ventures in Azerbaijan.

Our contract lawyers represent clients in all areas of international business transactions and commercial operations, including sale and distribution of goods and services (including multi-million goods such as air-crafts, agricultural techniques and etc), licensing issues, taxation of transactions, compliance with foreign investment, and various commercial negotiations.

Our contract and commercial lawyers support the clients in the following transactions:

  • Advising on, negotiating and drafting letters of intent, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements,
  • joint venture and consortium agreements;
  • shareholder agreements and share transfer agreements;
  • international sale of goods, international services, BOT, partnering;
  • distribution, agency and sales representative agreements, technology transfer and licensing agreements;
  • Setting up franchising system, franchising methods and agreements;
  • Representation of buyers in the acquisition of businesses in foreign countries;
  • Representation of buyers and sellers in international sales transactions;
  • Letters of credit and trade finance documentation;
  • Export and import agreement and contracts;
  • Provision of ready to use and modified agreement forms and contract terms for businesses;
  • Formulation of contracts general terms, such as service agreements and sales contracts;
  • Representation at courts and defending the interests of clients;
  • Registration and translation of letter of attorneys;
  • Interface with regulatory authorities, including registration or approval of contracts where necessary;
  • Contract drafting services in various industries, either international or local, in multi-language formats;
  • Business-law solutions to other and complicated business needs involving commercial dealings;
  • Demand-based legal services related to commercial deals and contracting;

We support businesses in tenders and ensure our client’s interests are best protected in tender procedures, both domestically and internationally. We also provide support to in-company procurements for tendering and contracting purposes.

Employment and labor law consultancy: CLC’s Labor and Employment team provides its clients with customized preventive and consultative services, as well as in administrative and judicial litigation. Among the areas where we work are:

  • Preparation and analysis of employment contracts/employment agreements, and other legal documents such as collective bargaining agreements, internal policies (Code of Ethics and etc.);
  • Non-solicitation and non-compete agreements with the employees;
  • Agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information;
  • HR management consulting;
  • Payroll and Outsourcing Services;
  • Advice on foreign employment contracts and expatriation of employees;
  • Representation of parties in employment disputes;
  • Preparation of defense in legal proceedings and a personalized follow-up on cases at all courts;
  • Flexible solutions for hiring personnel with best possible cost-saving options;
  • Legislation compliance as a consequence of employment;
  • Establishing payment matrix systems;
  • Drafting HR Policy and Procedures;
  • Attestation of employees; wrongful discharge of employees;
  • advising on other employment-related issues.

Furthermore, we provide legal support for job-seekers and employers for obtaining work permit, or consultancy for work permit exemption, as well as an application for residency based on work or work permit exempted operations.

Immigration : Our immigration lawyers will provide the most accurate legal consultancy for obtaining a residence permit (TRP, PR), work permit, citizenship and support while business immigration and visa issues in Azerbaijan.

Our immigration lawyers in Azerbaijan provide:

  • Obtaining and prolongation of visas;
  • Issuance of invitation letters for long term visas;
  • Work permit and temporary residence;
  • Permanent residency and citizenship;
  • Double citizenship consultancy;
  • Consultancy while moving to Azerbaijan regarding the vital issues to be considered;
  • Border regulations related to immigration.

Construction Law: Our FIDIC trained construction lawyers have extended experience in drafting multi-million construction contracts, obtaining construction permits and specific construction law consultancy.

Our construction law services include:

  • Representation of companies in construction contract negotiations;
  • Drafting construction contracts;
  • international construction contract forms, mainly FIDIC rainbow suite and others;
  • Assistance in obtaining all government permissions and licenses for fuller arrangement and completion of works;
  • Health, Safety, Environment management;
  • obtaining geological survey, design, and construction licenses;
  • regulatory approvals, negotiation with state authorities;
  • obtaining construction permits and occupancy permits (certificates);
  • legal support in government construction procurements.

Intellectual Property law: We ensure the intellectual property rights of clients are protected, offering trademarks and patent registration services, license agreements, resolve IP disputes and further IP consultancy in Azerbaijan.

We ensure the intellectual property rights of the companies registered in the Republic of Azerbaijan. We mainly focus on the provision of the following services:

  • Proper documentation for protection of patents, trademarks, and copyrights;
  • Trademark registration and appeals/objections to the registered trademarks;
  • Trademark search before a formal application for registration;
  • Legal audit to ensure the client does not breach of intellectual property of other owners;
  • Formulation and analysis of contracts related to intellectual property protection;
  • searching the existence of trademarks; registering trademarks, patents, appeals from registrations;
  • trademark acquisition agreements;
  • Trademark license agreement;
  • intellectual-property litigation.

Dispute Resolution: CLC provides legal services related representation of its clients before their business partners, state authorities, the judiciary branch and national courts going through all procedural phases of mediation, arbitration and court delegation. Experienced litigation attorneys (lawyers) of CLC acting as local debt collection agents possess broader knowledge of the local business environment and ensure the best possible approach applied that is necessary for timely payment of clients’ receivables and recovery of overdue debts.

Our Services in this regard include:

  • Representing clients in disputes with local and foreign business partners
  • Providing correspondence, negotiations for resolution and legal action regarding debts
  • Preparation of recovery plans, payment terms of overdue debts
  • Formulation of procedural documents, such as the plaintiff’s complaint and the defendant’s objections;
  • Attendance at hearings, in all instances of local courts;
  • Allegations distribution and oral arguments before the Court;
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments and arbitration awards;
  • Pre-court measures and alternative dispute resolution in Azerbaijan;
  • Enforcement of local court judgments.
Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Farid Nabili +994 50 289 89 73
Legal Manager Orkhan Beydiyev +994 55 260 49 40
Partner Javid Yusifov
Litigation Elyar Hasanov
Oil and Gas Isa Tahmazov
Taxation Farid Nabili
Corporate and Bankruptcy Isa Tahmazov
Immigration Law Javid Yusifov
Intellectual Property Orkhan Beydiyev
Oil and Gas Farid Nabili
Investment Law Pari Gasimli
Real Estate Law Javid Yusifov
Contract Drafting and Review Isa Tahmazov
Mergers and acquisitions Farid Nabili
Mergers and acquisitions Orkhan Beydiyev
Mergers and acquisitions Pari Gasimli
Taxation Firangiz Haydarova
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Mr Orxan Beydiyev  photo Mr Orxan Beydiyev Legal Manager
Ms Peri Gasimli  photo Ms Peri Gasimli Associate
Mr Elyar Hasanov  photo Mr Elyar Hasanov Legal Advisor
Ms Firangiz Haydarova  photo Ms Firangiz Haydarova Tax Specialist
Mr Farid Nabili  photo Mr Farid Nabili Managing Partner
Mr Isa Tahmazov  photo Mr Isa Tahmazov Associate
Mr Javid Yusifov  photo Mr Javid Yusifov Partner
IBA (International Bar Association)
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