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Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Office
20 Lincoln St.
Rubinstein Tower, 29th floor
Tel Aviv 6713412

Dispute resolution > Dispute resolution: white-collar crime, investigation and fraud Tier 2

Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Office is a 'top-notch choice for advice or representation' in white-collar matters; the firm handles a broad range of investigations from securities and tax offences to political corruption.  The group is best-known for advising CEOs and other prominent businessmen, often in relation to money laundering. Founding partner Alon Ron, formerly a partner at Dr. J. Weinroth & Co., leads the practice and is acting for one of the individuals implicated in the LLD Diamonds smuggling scandal. Associate Ayelet Leshem advises on white collar investigations as part of a broad litigation practice.

Practice head(s):

Alon Ron

Other key lawyers:

Ayelet Leshem


‘The combination of excellent human relations and deep understanding of legal issues and processes.’

‘Highly professional partners, excellent human relations, serious, hardworking with very special and sharp evidence in legal proceedings.’

‘A boutique firm that led the defence in multiple important white-collar cases. Lots of experience, familiarity with the relevant authorities and able to efficiently liaise with such authorities. A top-notch choice for advice or representation in any criminal investigation or indictment. ’

‘Alon Ron leads the practice. He is very smart, develops the right strategies, highly regarded by judges, prosecutors and peers. Provided excellent, quiet and efficient advice.’

Key clients

Zvulun Leviev

Avihu Aibchitts

Azaria Levi, Manager for Central America operations in SBI

Ronit Biran, the internal auditor of Shikun & Binui

Senior executives and office holders in Shikun & Binui

Gabi Yosipov

Arieh Lantsberg

Josie Zinger

Erez Miara

CEO of 4XP

Yonatan Turgeman

Rinat Hayoun

Senior executives and office holders in Danya Cebus Ltd.

Photo Name Position Profile
 Ayelet Leshem photo Ayelet Leshem
 Shmuel Leshem  photo Shmuel Leshem Partner
 Alon Ron photo Alon Ron Partner
 Nimrod Vardi  photo Nimrod Vardi Partner