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Dispute resolution > Dispute resolution: white-collar crime, investigation and fraud Tier 2

The 'active and energetic team' at Ravit Zemach, Law Office, which was founded in 2011, has established itself as a go-to boutique in the white collar and economic crime arena. The firm represents high-profile individuals and businesses, suspects of securities offences, tax evasion, political corruption and fraud. It has a reputation for representing lead defendants in many of the most significant disputes in the sector; name partner Ravit Zemach, one of very few female partners in the sector, assisted the primary suspect in a money laundering investigation known as the "Submarine case".

Practice head(s):

Ravit Zemach


‘In two words-Ravit Zemach! She is leading my case for 7 years now- managing it with much wisdom, letting me be involved for my request, and putting a lot of time and effort. She is always available for my questions and never gives up! Every possible defence strategy will be checked thoroughly.’

‘I can truly say I know Ravit understands perfectly what is the meaning of this case for my future life course. I feel and know the case is important to her as much as it is important to me – that means a lot to me and helps me live my life as calmly as possible in these difficult years. I know the case is in very, very reliable hands.’

‘The main aspects: thoroughness and determination. Observing legal proceedings such as conducting a war front in every way, while investing in deep creative thinking about the strategy that will lead to victory. Surgical analysis of all the information to locate vulnerabilities without giving up any detail and thorough scanning of every corner.’

‘Ravit with its active and energetic team (especially Amit), experience the client’s legal case 24 hours a day. They go to bed with the client’s story and get up with him in the morning. Every detail, small and large, is thoroughly treated, and the entire information is divided into chips, and examined under a microscope. All this makes the person on the other side of the barricade realize that his war will be difficult and exhausting, and all this can promote a positive decision for the client.’

Key clients

Michael Ganor

Shikun Binui

Ronen Moshe

Yaacov (Kobi) Karata, CPA

Rabbi Ofer Elmaliach

Mr. Nathan Grossman

Mr. Rafi Rotem

Ms. Ronit Rosenzweig, V.P. Finance at Shikun & Binui

Mr. Aviv Issat

Hillel Cerny and “Holyland”

Sollel Boneh

We! Ankor and Former CEO Mr. Oshri Sharon

Mr. Eran Greenfeld

Dov Weinstein (CPA) and his firm

Adv. Shai Cohen