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With a team of dual-qualified patent attorneys admitted in Israel and the US, Shalev, Jencmen & Co spreads its expertise over a broad range of industries with a particular focus on the hi-tech and defence sectors. Co-head Avi Jencmen additionally advises clients on strategy and monetisation surrounding their IP. Asaf Shalev, who leads the pratice together with Jencmen, acts for domestic companies in patent prosecution worldwide. Alongside him, Dan Davidson draws on his extensive experience as a patent examiner. They have recently been joined by patent attorney Omer Amar from Dr Mark Friedman Ltd., who has extensive experience in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and medical devices, and Zadok Fuerst from The Luzzatto Group.

Practice head(s):

Jencmen Avi; Shalev Asaf

Other key lawyers:


‘The team is very professional, they are quick learners and they are trying to focus on the value for the customer. Their service to their customers is much better if you compare it to other law and patents firms.’

‘Avi Jensen understand the technology and the ecosystem of our product in depths. It is a very rare to see someone in a patents or law firm with such a depth of technologies.’

‘The client-oriented approach is definitely the maim firm’s strength. The team’s ability to tailor a long term patent strategy for both early and mature technological solutions makes them a my firm of choice.’

‘Avi Jencmen and Asaf Shalev are my main contact points with Shalev Jencmen & Co. Combined with their professionalism and highly creative minds their unique and down-to-earth client oriented approach makes them an excellent firm.’

Key clients

Elbit Systems Ltd.

Landa Corporation Ltd.

Papaya Global

Tyto Care Ltd.

Glassbox Digital Ltd.

Beyeonics Surgical Ltd.

Connected Intelligence Systems Ltd.

Elbit Systems C4I and Cyber Ltd.

Elbit Systems Electro – Optics ELOP Ltd.

Elbit Systems EW And Sigint- Elisra Ltd.

Pearls Of Wisdom Advanced Technologies Ltd.

Cyberbit Ltd.

Ripples Ltd.

Context-Based 4 casting (C-B4) Ltd.

Cloud of Things Ltd.

Saferide Technologies Ltd.

Solomon SM Ltd.

Controlup Technologies Ltd.

Tondo smart Ltd.


Ride Vision Ltd.

Wonder Robotics Ltd.

Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd.

iX-Den Ltd.

Cytwist Ltd.

Edvo, Inc.

Uterian Ltd.

Polaris Solutions Ltd.

Bee3ee SRL

UST Global Ltd. & Cyberproof Inc.

Beyeonics Surgical



Nanofabrica Ltd.

TrafficGuard Services

Resight Ltd.

2ingis S.A.

Bcool SRL

Menarini Silicon Biosystems S.P.A

WaterView SRL

Leonardo S.P.A



G.P.P.S. (Cross Print)

High Technology Products


Memic Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Managing and growing the patent portfolio of Merck Animal Health.
  • Represented Tyto Care Ltd. in ten patent filings.
  • Advising Elbit Group on patent applications, filing, and prosecution and strategic IP consultation as well as freedom to use.

Shalev, Jencmen & Co. is one of the leading intellectual property law firms in Israel, led by its founders Adv and patent agent (US) Avi Jencmen and Adv and patent attorney Asaf Shalev. Both Avi and Asaf are highly regarded professionals having extensive experience in both the intellectual property field and the high-tech industry, alongside scientific and legal degrees.

The firm provides extensive legal services covering all aspects of intellectual property with an emphasis on patents, using comprehensive knowledge in various high-tech areas, including software and hardware, cyber, AI, internet, fintech, biotech, medical devices, communications and more.

The firm provides patent, trademarks and industrial design services from the initial stage of feasibility testing, through the collection and consolidation of information, and ending with the process of registering patents, trademarks and industrial designs in Israel and worldwide.

The firm’s professionals have extensive experience in creating a full intellectual property strategy for building a professional and valuable patent portfolio for the firm’s clients, while providing each client with personal attention and full availability.

Patent strategy: The firm’s professionals specialize in building a strategic plan by mapping the company’s innovation and identifying candidates for patent protection. Based on the strategic plan, the client receives actionable recommendations that account for the client’s goals and business needs.

Patent prosecution process: The patent attorneys in our firm all have rich backgrounds in technology and practical industry experience, and are able to quickly extract relevant information from inventors, draft patent applications that provide a broad scope of protection, and accompany the examination process of the applications in synchronicity between all territories in which the applications are filed, until registration.

Prior art search: Using advanced data mining systems, our patent attorneys conduct prior art searches, and provide clients with detailed search reports, including an initial analysis of search results.

Due diligence: Our extensive expertise and experience in the field of patents enables us to provide professional and extensive due diligence services, including an in-depth analysis of patent portfolios in preparation for investment agreements, acquisitions, mergers and other business activities.

Intellectual property commercialization: Companies often spend money on patent protection, yet do not generate revenue from their patents. In some cases, revenues can be generated from patents – by selling them or by selling licenses to use them. Our firm helps companies explore these opportunities and realize the business potential behind patents.

Open source: Open source licenses require both legal and technical understanding – an ability to analyze legal texts of the various licenses as well as technological understanding of different types of technical implementations. The firm’s lawyers and patent attorneys have extensive experience in analyzing the various implementations and providing professional opinions on open source usage.

Trademarks: Trademark registration is an integral and essential part of creating, anchoring and protecting the trade name of a company or its products. The firm provides trademark registration services to a wide variety of clients, including providing comprehensive consultation regarding trademark strategy and management, providing opinions regarding the registration eligibility of trademarks, preliminary searches, filing applications for registration in Israel and worldwide and handling oppositions.

Industrial design: An industrial design provides protection over the external appearance of a product or part thereof (noting that a product can also be an electronic user interface). The external appearance of a product can be manifested by its shape, its color or the material the product is made of. An owner of a registered industrial design has the right to prevent third parties from manufacturing, selling or importing products that are copies of the protected industrial design, or that are substantially similar to the protected industrial design. The firm’s team has extensive experience in registering industrial designs in Israel and abroad, as well as providing strategic consultation services which take into account the clients’ business needs.

In addition, the firm offers preliminary search and due-diligence services and provides assistance in determining the likelihood and the profitability of registering the industrial design, on top of providing legal opinions and drafting agreements relating to industrial designs.

Head Partner Asaf
Head Partner Avi

CLIENT: Joseph Korakin
TESTIMONIAL:  Shalev, Jencmen & Co. is more than just legal counsel – they are my most trusted advisors, and it almost feels like they are private IP advisors. Their knowledge and expertise in the  IP and patents arena is very impressive, and they have the track record to back it up. That is why we fully trust and have complete confidence in Avi, Asaf and the team to always do what is best for us, and we are counting ourselves lucky to have them as our patent attorneys. We believe you have to put your money where your mouth is, and the fact we have filed during the last two years several patents and patent searches proves it.

CLIENT: Noam Omer
TESTIMONIAL: As the co-founder of a medical device company I was impressed by the professionalism of the team at Shalev, Jencmen & Co. Their expertise in identifying our IP opportunities, together with their genuine client-oriented approach makes our work sessions fruitful and highly efficient. Both Asaf and Avi have vast experience and knowledge in the worlds of patents and registration and hence were easily able to translate our ideas into strong claims that will benefit our business and intellectual property. During the entire process they are always available and are committed to the highest standards. They are amicable and take the time to explain and walk us through every step of the way. This makes Shalev, Jencmen & Co. an excellent IP legal team, I highly recommend them as patent attorneys.

CLIENT: Rimma Pugatsch Shendelzon
COMPANY/FIRM: Landa Digital Printing
TESTIMONIAL: Avi and Asaf initiated an IP harvesting process in our company, in order to identify registrable IP in fields that we put less focus on in the past. They provided a very professional input about how to make this process efficient and were very professional and cooperative.
During the meetings with our teams, Avi and Asaf were highly R&D-oriented, spoke “the same language” with the inventors, and successfully made all of them share the required information.
It is a great pleasure working with them as they are always responsive and client oriented, and there is no doubt that it is worth having a long term professional relationship with their firm.


Shalev, Jencmen & Co. is committed to the principles of diversity. We believe that differences of backgrounds, opinions, beliefs, cultures and characteristics add fresh points of view and creativity, and thus help improve the quality of our work. Therefore, our firm is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace, and to recruiting and promoting diverse candidates.

Our commitment to diversity is apparent by the variety of backgrounds and types within our team. We maintain a gender balance between our male and female employees, we recruit patent attorneys of all ethnicities and backgrounds, regardless of religious affiliation, political opinion, or any other irrelevant aspect. In fact, several of our attorneys are immigrants from Russia, Canada, France, etc. Shalev, Jencmen & Co. strives to be as diverse as the clients we serve and the community in which we live and work, and guarantee our recruits and lawyers equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Shalev, Jencmen & Co. is not only committed to diversity within the firm, but as leaders in diversity we work to promote diversity in the community. This work has earned our firm and attorneys public recognition for their contribution to diversity. We take pride in our leadership role in this area, which reflects our commitment.

For us, diversity is not a burden but simply who we are.

As part of our commitment to diversity, Shalev, Jencmen & Co. shall:

  • Apply the principles of diversity in its recruiting process;
  • Create and maintain a respectful and cooperative work environment for all attorneys and staff;
  • Participate and create programs aimed at promoting diversity in the community;
  • Strive to ensure the retention and promotion of lawyers of diverse backgrounds; and
  • Ensure representation of different backgrounds and perspectives in the leadership level within the firm.