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Corporate and M&A Tier 4

The corporate practice at 11-strong boutique firm Vega, Guerrero & Asociados garners praise from clients for its ‘dynamism and assertiveness’ and surprises for its ‘adaptability’. Led by partner Joaquín Vega Martínez (corporate, M&A, finance and contracts, as well as dispute resolution), the ‘excellent’, six-strong team represents local and foreign clients from a range of industries -including automotive, IT, hospitality, real estate, electronics manufacture, public services, education and the agricultural sector- regarding the opening of subsidiaries in Mexico, M&A, commercial transactions and arbitration, and a range of other corporate law matters. Veteran commercial law specialist and senior partner Joaquín Vega Medina, who has over 35 years' experience, is also a key member of the team.

Practice head(s):


They are an office that acted quickly and efficiently, which is not only excellent but necessary in legal matters. Listening carefully to clients. Every problem that arises, Joaquín actively listened to me and effectively solved it. The firm presented various possible scenarios for the future and that was very helpful in clarifying the steps we wanted to take.

VGA is an excellent team. His high technical knowledge and agility in responding to the different scenarios that were presented at all times, allowed us to resolve issues with VGA, which for other offices seemed practically impossible.’

Dynamism and assertiveness. The strategy is never static and waiting, it always changes as the circumstances are rearranged and seek to remain always one step ahead. Joaquín Vega maintains excellent control of the strategy and of his work team, not being satisfied until the result is achieved. Montserrat Abogado defends the interests of his clients through and through when required, until returning the situation to a field of negotiation and conciliation. Aldo Muñoz and Melissa González make an outstanding complement in all cases, managing to simplify and document situations that for other offices would take much more time and would require many more reviews by the client.’

It is a team with surprising adaptability. We had radical changes in business conditions in various operations that involved restructuring operations and Joaquín Vega and his team responded in a calm, pragmatic and agile manner.

Key clients

Nuba Expediciones

Dairy a Day


SVI Liberty

La Huerta

Teklas Automotive

Odelo Farba


Labour and employment Tier 4

Founded in Aguascalientes in 2014, Vega, Guerrero & Asociados now has offices across Monterrey, San Luis Potosí, León, Querétaro and Mexico City. It fields a six-strong labour team that handles a wide range of employment matters including reorganizations, restructuring, the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, employment litigation, dismissals, employment compliance and training, among others matters. Oziel A. Guerrero de Anda returned to private practice in January 2020 following a three-year leave of absence at Aguascalientes State government, firstly as Minister of Labour and subsequently as general counsel of the administration. Key support comes from ‘excellent litigator’, associate Javier Ambriz, who is known for ‘implementing highly innovative strategies in the defence of complex lawsuits’, and also handles labour advisory. Corporate finance-focused Mexico City-based managing partner, Joaquín Vega Martínez, also leans into the practice, particularly in relation to migration and work visa-related matters.

Practice head(s):


They have a very good understanding of the integration of services between legal and business needs, and have a team with good response capacity and that can solve complex problems in the area of ​​the Bajío. They have managed to build a very good relationship and reputation with government factors and are very pragmatic in the legal solutions they offer.

At Vega, Guerrero & Asociados, the responsibility and autonomy of the staff has allowed them to have a multidisciplinary character to perform in avant-garde practice areas of vital importance in the development of Mexico. Discipline, responsibility, loyalty, honesty and autonomy, being the pillars of the firm, have positioned them as one of the best firms in the region, inspiring the trust and security that clients seek.

The Vega Guerrero & Asociados team has given us better results than other firms, they are distinguished by being young people, very studious, and updated on any subject. The personalised attention of the members is better than other firms, in urgent cases, Joaquín Vega, Oziel Guerrero and Javier Ambriz, have always answered my calls, given an immediate response, with high professionalism, and knowledge.’

VGA’s labour and social security team is characterised by implementing highly innovative strategies in the defense of complex lawsuits, which has allowed us to obtain favorable resolutions in the vast majority of our cases. In addition, they always look for alternatives to resolve matters, which generates great confidence in us as internal lawyers, since we know that if the matter is entrusted to VGA, we will have good results. On the other hand, both Javier and Oziel are always at the forefront of regulatory changes, they have impressive academic curricula and are so far our best option for collective and union disputes. Similarly, the global mobility expatriate sub-specialization, handling everything concerning the hiring and immigration of foreign workers, is a difficult combo to beat.

Oziel Guerrero is a lawyer with extensive experience in the labour issue, in addition to the fact that his position in the public sector allowed him to obtain very important credentials that always help at the time of conflict resolution. Javier Ambriz is an excellent litigator, he has supported us a lot with the strategies that he has implemented in the trials where he represents us, we can say that we have had great savings in contingencies due to his expertise in the matter. Aldo Muñoz has much more experience in criteria and corporate migration management of employees than many more senior lawyers we have met.

The work team is an efficient team in terms of response time and knowledge of labour matters, for which it is a great support for all labour issues in which they support us. Oziel Guerrero is the partner that normally attends us and what makes him stand out is the quality of the personalised service that it gives us, from the responses in a timely manner, as well as the initiative and proactivity to solve the problems that we face, in addition to having great management of boards of conciliation and arbitration.’

The firm has a very good presence in the State of Aguascalientes where it is a leading law firm. Oziel Guerrero, the partner in the labor area is a leading lawyer in Aguascalientes with a very good reputation and good relations with the local government.’

Key clients

Industrias Jobar

Recursos Solares

Veolia México

Gas Oro

Teklas Automotive México

Hilton Garden Inn

Posco México

Fujita Corporation


Compas Mexico

Vega, Guerrero & Asociados is a forward-thinking Mexican law firm that constantly looks to break the mould with respect to how legal services are delivered. We provide a tailor-made service and deliver innovative legal solutions which helps businesses of all sizes advance their interests and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We are driven by a total commitment to you, the client. We understand that the way business is conducted is constantly evolving; our goal is to help you stay ahead of the curve. We work hard to gain an intimate knowledge of your business, to understand your needs and adapt to them. In so doing, we seek to become a trusted partner and build a relationship which stands the test of time.

Our firm comprises dynamic, detail-oriented professionals with prodigious work ethic. Our lawyers have impeccable academic resumés and international experience. We pride ourselves on a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise in several fields of law, to create synergies for our clients and provide a completely integrated and cost-effective service.

From our offices in Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí, and Queretaro, we are perfectly placed to represent companies operating in El Bajio, Mexico’s industrial heartland. We also have offices in Mexico City and Monterrey, which means we can provide clients with extensive nationwide coverage and support wherever they may be.

We have developed in-depth expertise advising foreign companies on their legal soft-landing in Mexico, assisting them with the incorporation, organization, and administration of their business and ongoing commercial activities as well as their industrial relations. In this respect, we have an unmatched track record in the automotive and electronic manufacturing industries.

The firm has a strong transactional practice; our lawyers are focused on getting the deal done. We deliver a comprehensive legal service to companies of all sizes in mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, private equity investments, capitalizations, and privatizations. We are also well-versed in the structuring of joint ventures, and project finance mandates.

We accompany our clients in a variety of commercial ventures, helping them negotiate strategic contracts with third parties, including franchise, supply, and distribution agreements. We are experts in corporate governance and compliance. We are extremely diligent; we ensure that no stone is left unturned and potential contingencies are avoided.

We also provide critical support to companies with respect to labour relations. We are highly skilled in handling individual and collective dismissals, workforce reorganisations, and collective bargaining. We help deliver training programs, draft internal policies, and ensure compliance with fast-changing labour regulations in Mexico, notably with respect to outsourcing. We also have particular know-how in Immigration Law, supporting companies in hiring and relocating expatriates, including C-suite professionals.

Practice areas

Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts, M&A, Labour & Employment, Social Security, Immigration Law, Banking and Project Finance, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Public Law, Tax, Foreign Trade, Competition, Compliance, IP, Commercial Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Industry Expertise

Automotive, Electronic Manufacturing, Construction, IT and Software, Agribusiness, Hospitality, Real Estate, Energy and Natural Resources, Water and Waste Management, Logistics, Shipping, Apparel, Sport, Media and Entertainment.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate M&A, Commercial Dispute Resolution Joaquín Vega Martínez (55) 8881 8656 ext. 440
Labour & Employment Oziel A. Guerrero (55) 8881 8656 ext. 441
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Mr Oziel A. Guerrero  photo Mr Oziel A. Guerrero
Mr Joaquín Vega Martínez  photo Mr Joaquín Vega Martínez
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