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China > Real estate and construction: PRC firms Tier 4

JianLingChengDa Law Firm focuses on acting for contruction companies, including SOEs. The team advises on both domestic and overseas matters, providing a comprehensive service including advice on bidding and contract drafting as well as representation in disputes with developers. Jigao Zhou leads the practice and has experience handling construction litigation in the Supreme People’s Court.

Practice head(s):


‘The lawyers I have worked with have all been very conscientious, responsible, professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Of all of them, Jigao Zhou has very impressive knowledge of the law and offers unique advice on legal issues. He also has a wealth of practical experience and is able to provide advice on dealing with issues that takes into account our business needs. Liling Jin goes through the facts of a case in a conscientious and meticulous manner, accurately analyses the legal issues, and is always able to respond to our needs in a timely manner.  We were very impressed with her.’

‘They have a fighting spirit and are very dedicated and responsible. The lawyers have a very high level of professional expertise, respond quickly, and deliver an outstanding performance  dealing with litigation cases, as well as in their day-to-day legal services. Their billing methods are also  reasonable and they offer very good value for money.’

‘Jigao Zhou is a truly outstanding talent in the construction project field in China. Min Wang is an outstanding female lawyer in the construction project sector and has delivered outstanding performance for us in a number of litigation and arbitration cases.’

‘The team responds very quickly and delivers outstanding performance in dealing with litigation and arbitration cases, as well as in their day-to-day legal services.’

‘JianLingChengDa Law Firm was able to take rapid action to proactively uphold our rights when we encountered an emergency. Jigao Zhou is an authoritative specialist lawyer working in the construction project law sector. He has a wealth of practical experience and is adept at handling difficult and complex issues. He is always able to quickly grasp the key points of legal questions that we have and offer workable, rational advice that takes into account our actual operational situation. Liling Jin is always able to provide us with more accurate judgement regarding issues we encounter.’

Key clients

China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC)

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. (CSCEC)

Shanghai Construction Group (SCG)

China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. (CNCEC)

China Nuclear Industry Twenty-four Construction Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation Ltd.

China MCC20 Group Corp. Ltd

China MCC17 Group Corp. Ltd

Shanghai Bright Urban Construction Development (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yuanda Medical Valley International Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Advised Shanghai Yuanda Medical Valley International Investment Management Co., Ltd. on the whole process of the construction of Shanghai Yuanda Health City 远大健康城 with an area of about 480,000 square meters and an estimated total investment of CNY5 billion.
  • Represented a Subsidiary of MCC in a work price dispute case with matter value of over CNY545 million
  • Represented Jiashu Construction Company in an insolvency case to recover the payment from the employer’s liquidated assets.

The firm: JianLingChengDa, founded in 2010, is a private partnership law firm specialised in real estate and construction law in the PRC. Since its establishment, JianLingChengDa has played a leading role in real estate and construction law in the PRC.

JianLingChengDa is committed to providing top-tier legal service in real estate and construction law with the principle of concentration, professional, tenacity and co-development. JianLingChengDa has grown rapidly with its base in Shanghai and extensions in fast-developing urbanised and industrialised cities all over China. JianLingChengDa has provided legal services for domestic projects over 30 provinces and overseas projects in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Laos, Vietnam, Egypt etc.

JianLingChengDa comprises of 23 certificated lawyers, including seven partners. The professionals of JianLingChengDa all graduated from well-known law schools and have abundant practical experience in real estate and construction law of PRC. A number of JianLingChengDa’s partners have working experience of cost management, project management and legal counsel in real estate and construction enterprises. JianLingChengDa has a unique advantage in implementing control over project operations and providing constructive suggestions to clients.

Areas of practice: JianLingChengDa provides litigation and non-litigation legal services, including domestic and overseas construction dispute resolution, PPP, project financing, domestic and overseas infrastructure construction, real estate development and operation, and sudden emergency incident management etc.

In the field of construction, JianLingChengDa provides tailor-made legal services such as formulation of SOPs and bylaws, preparation of model contracts and agreements, risk prevention, whole process service for project construction, construction dispute resolution, and construction insurance dispute resolution. On JianLingChengDa’s client list are over 70 construction enterprises of top or first grade qualification including central enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and well-known private construction enterprises.

In the field of real estate, JianLingChengDa provides legal services such as due diligence, purchase and transfer, whole process service for real estate development and operation, and dispute resolution. JianLingChengDa’s clients are well-known real estate enterprises.

Since 2014, in the field of PPP, JianLingChengDa has built up a service team, which has provided legal services for more than 40 PPP projects of central enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and well-known private construction enterprises.

Construction Zhou Jigaozhoujigao@jlcdlaw.com86 21 62808858
Lawyers : 23
Partners : 7
English (fluent)
and various Chinese dialects
Shanghai Bar Association
Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)

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建领城达目前拥有23 名执业律师,7名合伙人。建领城达的律师拥有在国内知名法学院校的教育背景,具有建筑工程或房地产领域的专业理论和司法实践经验,具备为建筑工程、房地产行业客户提供优质法律服务的复合型专业素质。此外,建领城达的多位合伙人还拥有在房地产或施工企业从事造价、项目管理、法务等方面的经历,在把控项目实施、为客户提供建设性意见等方面具备独特优势。 








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2020“建筑工程”领域BAND 3 钱伯斯《2020亚太法律指南》 


2019年/2017年2017年度中国十佳精品律所(Asian Legal Business) 

2015-2018年上海市优秀律师事务所 (上海市律师协会 


















周吉高Jigao Zhou , 主任律师Managing Partner

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Shanghai JianLingChengDa Law Firm from your competitors?






The main differences between JianLingChengDa and the competitors are:

(1) Goal-thinking: Each member of our team takes the client’s target as service target. To be specific, for dispute resolution cases, the goal is to win the case and realise clients’ rights as soon as possible; for non-litigation legal services, the goal is to solve legal issues and prevent legal risks.

(2) High-efficiency teamwork: JianLingChengDa implements integrated management and has the ablity to form multiple teams with different advantages. We can also provide our clients (including their headquarters, subsidiaries and branches) with high-efficieny and high-quality legal services on different aspects, such as construction engineering, investment and financing, and daily ccorporate management;

(3) Rich experience in cross-region disputes: With our base in Shanghai, JianLingChengDa has provided legal services of litigation, arbitration and non-litigation in 30 provinces of PRC and foreign countries, such as Britain, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Rwanda.

(4) Capable of dealing with difficult and complicated cases: JianLingChengDa specilizes in handling novel, difficult, complicated and high amount litigation and arbitration cases in the field of construction projects, investment and financing. In several complicated large cases where we participated in after first instances, with our efforts, the second instances were revised, sent back for re-trial, or retried. Furthermore, we also successfully undertook the first Trust Dispute case and the first Third-Party Revocation Action in PRC.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?




In the next 12 months, we estimate that our legal services of construction project dispute resolutions and relevant non-litigation services will increase. The main reason is that most of construction projects cannot resume work on time after the Spring Festival due to the Novel Coronavirus. The construction schedule would be delayed. Besides, due to the shortage of personnel and materials in a short time, the prices of labor and materials would increase a lot after resuming the work in the future. It is estimated that increasing construction enterprises would desire to adjust the contract price. However, the employer may not agree with the adjustment on the grounds that the price agreed in the contract is not adjustable. Meanwhile with huge downward pressure on China’s economy since last year, more relevant disputes will further erupt.

In addition, for the same reasons mentioned above, the demand for non-litigation legal services for construction projects will increase. Since the Novel Coronavirus is a force majeure event, usually contracting parties would not encounter such serious force majeure. Therefore, in order to safeguard their rights and interests and reduce and mitigate the losses caused by the novel coronavirus, a large number of contractors need professionals to provide practical advice on how to assess the impact on the performance of construction contracts, how to claim exemption, how to make decisions on the contracts being performed, how to claim compensation, etc.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?



(1) Strengthen the research ability: Considering that disputes over construction projects and legal services such as PPP are becoming more and more complicated and difficult, some legal issues involved are entirely new. No high-quality services can be provided without research. Therefore, JianLingChengDa requires every lawyer and paralegal to do deep study and research on the problems encountered in the process of handling each case or providing legal services in new areas such as PPP, and to provide services to clients based on research results.

(2) Set up a new department of Property Preservation and Enforcement: Considering the importance of Property Preservation in cases and the specialty of case enforcement, JianLingChengDa has set up this new department compromised by lawyers with rich experience in Property Preservation and Enforcement to provide better services to clients and improve the efficiency and effect of Property Preservation, and to maximise the interests of clients.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?


JianLingChengDa has established more efficient and convenient communication with clients by using WeChat group, cloud conference system and video conference system. For example, by using video conference system, it can hold video conferences with clients’ project teams located in Hangzhou and even the related One Belt One Road country.

Thus, we can provide legal services for foreign projects without going abroad, expand our service area from 30 provinces of PRC to the world.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?


In a construction contract dispute case, the client (the Contractor) intends to recover the final payment of 150 million RMB through legal means to get back money as soon as possible, which has deducted the delay damages claimed by counterparty (the Employer). After collecting and studying the case materials, we analyzed that there were two major problems of such claim. One is that the employer is mainly responsible for such delay, and the other is that the rate of delay damages is too high. We concluded that the delay damages claim would be declined in great possibility and the client would be paid more. After formulating the strategy, we filed this lawsuit on behalf of the client at an amount that did not deduct the delay damages, after then, the counterparty counterclaimed the delay damages. Based on effective and professional legal services, especially strengthening the collection and proof of evidence, case retrieval and research before prosecution, we finally won a full-scale lawsuit, with the winning amount reaching 300 million yuan, which doubled the client’s expected result of 150 million RMB.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?



JianLingChengDa has provided legal services to many large state-owned construction enterprises for more than three consecutive years. Many subsidiaries of the group are also on our client list. We are confident that we can continue to maintain the cooperative relationship with existing clients and develop more high-quality clients in the next three years.

JianLingChengDa has already become a leader in legal services in the construction real estate field in China. in 2019, JianLingChengDa was evaluated as an excellent law firm in Shanghai and listed as Band 3 in Chambers’ construction engineering field. In the next three years, JianLingChengDa will further realise the new goal of becoming one of the world’s top boutique law firms in construction engineering field.