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Originally based in Strasbourg, Valoris Avocats has expanded its reach to Lyon and Paris. The firm has a focus on corporate and commercial law, tax law and employment law, and is particularly well known for its expertise in cross-border investments, especially with Germany. Based in Strasbourg are Luc Julien-Saint-Amand who is specialised in tax and business law, Cécile Puijalon-Radu is a specialist in cross-border M&A and business law, Annette Ludemann-Ober focuses on tax law and Florence Drevet-Wolff is the head of labor law department. In the Lyon office, Xavier Duquenne is head of global mobility and Oliver Wiesike is a commercial and corporate lawyer. With expertise in international tax, taxation of investment funds and real estate taxation, Guillaume Rubechi is the key contact in Paris.

Other key lawyers:


‘Good listening and good responsiveness.’

‘Anne Antoni and Alice Enderlé are at the top of their skills and the attention paid to cases. Well done to them. Cécile Puijalon-Radu is also perfect.’

Key clients





SCPI Atlantique Mur Region

Founded in 2014, Valoris Avocats is an independent full-service law firm. With over 20 professionals and offices in Strasbourg, Lyon and Paris, it advises its clients, private operators and public entities, in industrial, health and service domains, in legal, tax and social matters.

The firm offers full-service expertise. Its strong international and notably Franco-German approach is a key stand-out asset in the market. Several major industrial companies and investment funds from all over the world are clients.

Committed and attentive to our clients, our aim is to understand your needs in order to provide appropriate, pragmatic and innovative solutions. We cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of responsibility, and awareness in order to be a reliable, attentive and loyal partner. We guarantee you the presence of a dedicated contact person at any time.
Our approach is human, in the sense that we cultivate the values of respect and integrity. We work as a team, convinced that together we can go further. Solidarity and benevolence are important to us.
We offer you a sense of openness, which promotes creativity, whether that be regarding the different domains of activity, the international, or other cultures.

Finally, with a focus on sustainable development, Valoris Avocats pays particular attention to its energy costs and carbon footprint.

Nowadays businesses thrive in an international environments. As a result, we are here to provide assistance with the international legal and tax aspects of your activities. The international experience of our lawyers, the understanding of different cultures and proficiency in different languages (primarily French, English and German, but also Chinese, Italian and Spanish) as well as the regular collaboration with the members of our network are important attributes to successfully guide you beyond the borders.

Exclusive partnerships and best-friend agreements exist with German, Italian, American, Chinese and British firms, as well as with firms in the majority of EU states.

We are members of numerous international associations, including the International Fiscal Association (IFA), the German Bar Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein DAV), and the French Trade Advisors (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France, CCE), which is composed of 4,300 executives and experts spread throughout the world, who are prepared to share their experience in the country in which they are based. Finally, we are proud to give our legal and tax expertise to the Pôle Franco-Allemand, an initiative of the Saarlandesbank (SaarLB). This parnership allows French and German companies to have access to a platform dedicated to cross-border investments between the two countries.

The firm is co-headed by Florence Drevet-Wolff, Xavier Duquenne, Luc Julien-Saint-Amand, Cécile Puijalon-Radu, Guillaume Rubechi, Annette Ludemann-Ober and Oliver Wiesike.

International Tax Guillaume 1 83 79 32 89
Corporate law Cécile 3 90 41 33 13
Global Mobility Xavier 4 28 00 00 95
Business law Luc 3 90 41 33 13
Labour law Florence 3 90 41 33 13
Tax law Annette 3 90 41 33 13
Business law Oliver 4 28 00 00 95
Chinese (Mandarin)

At Valoris Avocats, supporting diversity belongs to our core values. We embrace the full spectrum of humanity, no matter their gender, race, age, religion or sexual orientation. We do believe in a full human approach, in the sense that we cultivate the values of respect and integrity.

By putting human at the core of our business, we thrive to create an environment in which our employees can feel valued and included. We work as a team, convinced that together we can go further. As a group, we promote diversity and inclusion in any way we can. As an individual, we proof empathy, develop our listening abilities, and engage in constructive dialogues.

Where other people might see difference, we see a way of bringing new ideas to the table. Indeed, each individual thinks differently, and therefore has ideas that differentiate him (or her) from his (her) neighbour. We believe these ideas, all ideas, are worth mentioning. That is why we encourage so much our people to stand up for themselves and to express their ideas openly.

The firm is committed to:

• Create a safe working environment

• Help prevent any kind of discrimination that may occur

• Be as diverse as the clients we serve

2 new partners were appointed September 2021; these appointments are part of the firm’s plan to focus on internal growth in order to strengthen the expertise of the entire team.

Finally, trust towards our employees is one the foundation of our business. We believe that the happier the employees will be, the more our business will thrive. Therefore, we put solutions into place for them to feel trusted and listened: flexible working hours, hybrid work solutions, part-time work. With Covid-crisis, fostering a healthy work environment has never been so important. As remote work grew, trusting people we work with seems vital to the company’s sustainability.


Business life knows fewer and fewer borders, which is why we are at your side in the international legal and tax dimension of your business.

The international experience of our lawyers, the understanding of different cultures, the mastery of different languages and the regular cooperation with the members of our networks are decisive assets to accompany you successfully beyond the borders.


With their international experience, our lawyers will successfully assist you outside our borders in all your business law, tax law, employment law and international mobility issues. Our team is fluent in several foreign languages (French, English, German and also Mandarin, Italian and Spanish).


Working with Valoris Avocats also means having access to our large network of partners and alliances. We have established strong relationships with other leading European firms. Other privileged relationships exist with firms in the United States, China, the United Kingdom and most European Union countries. We are members of many international associations, including the l’International Fiscal Association (IFA), the Deutscher Anwaltverein (DAV) and the Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France (CCEF), which is made up of 4,300 executives from all over the world who are willing to share their experience in the country where they are located.

Finally, we are proud to bring our legal and tax expertise to the Pôle franco-allemand, an initiative of the Saarlandesbank (SaarLB). This collaboration allows French and German companies to have access to a platform dedicated to cross-border investments between the two countries, offering a wide range of advice and services in this area.

We are also members of Choose Paris Region’s Selected Partners Network. Featured alongside Choose Paris Region’s most trusted partners, we are there to help international companies succeed on their new journey to Paris Region.