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Marushko Law Office is a law firm that the clients choose to support their business in Ukraine and to resolve any legal and tax issues in the complex transactions as well as in their day-to-day activities. While the key focus of the firm is the transaction support and international arbitration, as well as various types of business (legal and tax) structuring in Ukraine, our team is also well equipped to advise on general corporate matters (contracts, employment, data protection, consumer protection, environment protection, etc), arbitration and litigation, real estate and construction, land law, medical regulatory environment and practice,  regulatory environment and practice.

Our professionals working on the assignments are senior experts in each relevant field working in tune with the legal and economic environment and latest global developments.

The value we bring to clients’ businesses comes from and through our professionals who are fully involved in the  clients’ projects, have real inside knowledge of Ukrainian and international business processes in their areas of expertise and thus are able to deliver clear and commercially efficient advice.

Managing Partner; Transaction Support (Capital Markets, Banking & Finance, M&A); Procurement and Tender Procedures; Construction and Development, Real Estate and Land Law; General Corporate Iryna 68 506 2525
Partner; Dispute Resolution and Assets Recovery; Transaction Support (M&A, Capital Markets and Banking & Finance); IP, Technology, Data Privacy Taras 68 506 2525
Mrs Iryna Marushko photo Mrs Iryna MarushkoManaging Partner
Mr Taras Tertychnyi  photo Mr Taras Tertychnyi Partner

Taras Tertychnyi joined Marushko Law Office as partner

We are happy to announce that Taras Tertychnyi joined Marushko Law Office.