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Stellar Chambers
House- 18/A (Ground Floor)
Road No- 44

We are a full service law firm based in Bangladesh with offices in Dhaka and Chittagong offering corporate, transactional and contentious legal services to domestic and foreign clientele, including various Fortune 500 companies. The firm has consistently been ranked as a leading law firm in Bangladesh. It has several accolades to its name being recognized as the Corporate Law Firm of the Year, Maritime Lawyer of the Year, Law Firm of the Year and Full Service Law Firm of the Year in Bangladesh.

We have a diverse range of practice area comprising, among others, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, company law, constitutional law, corporate and commercial law, employment/labour law, family law, intellectual property law, immigration law civil/criminal litigation and arbitration.

The firm provides its legal services on both retainership and piece meal basis to some of the biggest conglomerates and business entities in Bangladesh advising them on issues of project financing, corporate restructuring, cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence etc. The firm has a specialized team providing tax, HR and company secretarial services.

We currently house some of the leading and upcoming stalwarts of the legal fraternity of Bangladesh having license to practice in all courts and tribunals of Bangladesh. The team is approachable, flexible, client-friendly and focused. We are committed to provide best quality legal services designed to secure the best interests of the clients in the most cost effective manner.

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Department Name Email Telephone
Constitutional Law Anam Hossain
Civil and Criminal Litigation Arefin Ashraf Khan
Immigration Law Fatima J. Chowdhury
Employment and Labour Law Homayra F. Shifa
Admiralty and Maritime Law Fahad Bin Farid
Foreign Investment & International Trade Law Mohammad Taqi Yasir
Fraud & Economic Crime Tonmoy M. Morshed
Competition & Consumer Protection Law Rakib Raihan
Mergers and Acquisitions Anam Hossain
Intellectual Property Law Arefin Ashraf Khan
Human Rights Law Fatima J. Chowdhury
Environment Protection Law Fahad Bin Farid
Telecommunications Law Anam Hossain
Securities & Exchange Fatima J. Chowdhury
Family Law Homayra F. Shifa
Company Law Anam Hossain
Energy & Power Arefin Ashraf Khan
Project Finance Mohammad Taqi Yasir
Telecommunications Law Anam Hossain
Real Estate Law Arefin Ashraf Khan
Company Law Anam Hossain
Company Secretarial Services Rakib Raihan
Human Resource Services Homayra F. Shifa
Corporate & Commercial Law Anam Hossain
Taxes and Customs Fahad Bin Farid
Media and Information Law Tonmoy M. Morshed
Mahomedan Law Anam Hossain
Banking & Finance Taqi Yasir
Arbitration Anam Hossain
Sports Law Rakib Raihan
Cyber Security Law Arefin Ashraf Khan
Photo Name Position Profile
 Fahad Bin Farid  photo Fahad Bin Farid
Mr Anam Hossain  photo Mr Anam Hossain
Mr Arefin Ashraf Khan  photo Mr Arefin Ashraf Khan
Mrs Homayra Faizah Shifa  photo Mrs Homayra Faizah Shifa
Mr Mohammad Taqi Yasir  photo Mr Mohammad Taqi Yasir
Partners : 4
Associates : 4
Consultants : 3
Of-Counsels : 6
Administrative Staff : 4
A well-established international network of foreign associates
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With nearly 50 years of experience, Stellar Chambers has developed to be a full service law firm offering corporate, transactional and contentious legal services. The decades of experience has allowed the firm to be capable of meeting the demands of the growing world of divergent legal issues and maintain high professional standards. As such, the firm has been consistently ranked as a leading law firm in all areas of practice. It is our business to understand yours.