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Popovski & Partners Law Firm
Nikola Vapcarov 2-4
1000, Skopje ??
North Macedonia
North Macedonia

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The recently established Popovski & Partners Law Firm is particularly active in advising regional clients in the energy, infrastructure, mining and telecoms sectors, on a range of PPP mandates, concessions, project financings, competition and antitrust clearance, and contentious IP matters. The seasoned team is also experienced in commercial litigation, administrative disputes and international arbitration. Tatjana Popovski-Buloski, formerly of Polenak Law Firm, leads the firm.

Popovski & Partners is a modern, full-service law firm in the Republic of North Macedonia.

We teamed up driven by the wish to provide a higher standard of legal services.

We chose an owl as our logo because it symbolizes superior knowledge, wisdom and strategy. These values are our identity.

We are focused on our clients and their legal challenges. Our priority is to offer clients appropriate and practical legal solutions and to achieve the best results in resolving legal issues and disputes.

Our team is our strength. We are a highly skilled group of professionals who have been involved in legal business for many years. We are great colleagues and we cooperate efficiently and effectively with mutual respect.

We support the community in which we work and live aiming to contribute to a better society.

Department Name Email Telephone
Anti-corruption and Investigations Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Anti-corruption and Investigations Ognen Martinov +38970365458
Anti-corruption and Investigations Angela Milanovska +38972250815
Banking & Finance Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Banking & Finance Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Competition & Anti-Trust Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Competition & Anti-Trust Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Concessions and PPPs and Procurement Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Concessions and PPPs and Procurement Marjana Staninova +38978246448
Consumer Protection Jana Dukovska Despotovska +38970276653
Consumer Protection Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Data Protection Jana Dukovska Despotovska +38970276653
Dispute Resolution Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Dispute Resolution Ognen Martinov +38970365458
Dispute Resolution Angela Milanovska +38972250815
Dispute Resolution Marjana Staninova +38978246448
Employment Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Employment Andrijana Volcevska +38972205200
Employment Marjana Staninova +38978246448
Intellectual Property Jana Dukovska Despotovska +38970276653
Intellectual Property Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
M&A, Corporate & Commercial Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
M&A, Corporate & Commercial Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
M&A, Corporate & Commercial Marjana Staninova +38978246448
Real Estate Ognen Martinov +38970365458
Real Estate Angela Milanovska +38972250815
Energy & Natural Resources Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Food Production Jana Dukovska Despotovska +38970276653
Food Production Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Retail & Consumer Goods Jana Dukovska Despotovska +38970276653
Retail & Consumer Goods Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Gaming Ognen Martinov +38970365458
Gaming Angela Milanovska +38972250815
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Jana Dukovska Despotovska +38970276653
Information & Communication Technologies Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Infrastructure Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Infrastructure Ognen Martinov +38970365458
Infrastructure Angela Milanovska +38972250815
Insurance Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Insurance Andrijana Volcevska +38972205200
Media & Entertainment Jana Dukovska Despotovska +38970276653
Media & Entertainment Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Mining Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Mining Ognen Martinov +38970365458
Private Equity Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Private Equity Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Telecommunications Tatjana Popovski Buloski +38970249284
Telecommunications Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska +38971212873
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska  photo Mrs Anastazija Anastasovska Kostovska Lawyer
Mrs Jana Dukovska Despotovska  photo Mrs Jana Dukovska Despotovska Partner
Mr Ognen Martinov  photo Mr Ognen Martinov Partner
Ms Angela Milanovska  photo Ms Angela Milanovska Lawyer
Mrs Tatjana Popovski Buloski  photo Mrs Tatjana Popovski Buloski Managing Partner
Ms Marjana Staninova  photo Ms Marjana Staninova Lawyer
Mrs Andrijana Volcevska  photo Mrs Andrijana Volcevska Lawyer
Lawyers : 7
IBA (International Bar Association)