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AMBER Law Company is a multi-function team of experts each possessing significant practical experience in various fields of law and business. Joint efforts of all team members, as well as ability to analyze all matters from multiple viewpoints, ensure the most efficient and cost-saving case solutions. Established in 2013 and basing in Kyiv, Ukraine, AMBER is a rapidly developing law company with its affiliates in Chernivtsi (Ukraine), Tel-Aviv (Israel) and Limassol (Cyprus). It renders a wide range of legal services offering innovative solutions to its clients, and it is always among the first who master cutting-edge technologies and up-to-date best practices. AMBER is particularly effective as an anti-crisis team in cases of emergency, when its clients require quick decision-making and high level of responsibility. AMBER is always practicing a result-based approach. AMBER team also includes highly skilled criminal lawyers who handle defense on white collar crimes and economic crimes. The company primarily specializes in banking & finance, tax law, corporate law, compliance, commercial litigation, criminal law.

Banking & Finance:

There are Agreements of Finders executed between AMBER and several foreign banks providing that AMBER brings clients to the bank and verifies them in order to provide evidences that all taxes are duly paid in the country of their incorporation and/or conducting business. AMBER is constantly advising top managers of Ukrainian commercial banks on the proper implementing of compliance procedures and on financial monitoring-related matters. Lawyers of AMBER are also involved in credit-related disputes and litigations.


AMBER team renders legal advising on tax-related matters on everyday basis providing guidance as to correct implementation and interpretation of applicable acts, regulations, rules and administrative instructions. And furthermore, there are many similar VAT-related cases where fiscal authorities violate clients’ rights through blocking their tax notes’ registration, groundless challenge of their economic transactions’ legitimacy, accruing additional amounts of taxes and imposing financial penalties. AMBER clients also face illegal seizures of the so called VAT limits (the term invented by criminal elements and adopted by Ukrainian fiscal servants).

Corporate Law:

AMBER has large experience in providing legal assistance in the area of corporate law and corporate disputes pursuant to the multi-level businesses with complex branched structure. Top corporate experts of the AMBER team have serious practices of protecting minor shareholders, handling conflicts between shareholders in legal entities incorporated in Ukraine and other jurisdictions.


AMBER Law Company acts as an external counsel for several Ukrainian and foreign banks. Since combating against illicit enrichment and money laundering is one of the main global development trends today having close attention to the end beneficiaries as a result, one of the current key practices of AMBER is providing legal support for development of protective instruments clearly structuring admissibility of the relevant financial transactions and protecting its clients from the possible penalties. Such instruments are also helpful for conflicts of interests, market abuse, the “Chinese Wall” approach (strict differentiation of powers), insider lists, watch lists and lists of restrictions, complaints processing and litigations, rules violation, etc.

Commercial Litigation:

AMBER team possesses a significant practical experience in commercial litigation related to disputes arising from business transactions performed by its clients. It practices a client-focused approach based on achieving efficient and cost-saving solutions to complex commercial disputes in diverse industry sectors, including, in particular, disputes over complex contracts construction and/or implementation, ownership, recovery of debts for goods delivered/services rendered/works completed, corporate disputes between shareholders and/or partners, as well as other kinds of disputes in various commercial contexts.

Criminal Law:

AMBER Law Company has a wide experience in defending companies and their officials / representatives at every stage of criminal proceedings (criminal investigation, trial, appeal, cassation, execution of sentence) and at each level of the court system, or representing such companies / officials / representatives being victims of crimes. Some criminal lawyers of AMBER have significant practical experience in prosecution services, so they know for certain how the system works from the inside. They are able to anticipate all possible legal nuances and to react appropriately to have the clients always protected from their rights’ violation. AMBER Law Company is mainly involved in rendering legal assistance on white collar crimes and business-related crimes.


Department Name Email Telephone
Banking & Finance/Tax Semen Khanin 380 67 325 9580
Banking & Finance/Tax Veronika Zarubytska 380 68 7642212
Corporate Law/M&A Kateryna Drobyazko 380 93 2613977
Banking & Finance/Tax Andriy Segal 380 67 3259582
Litigation Liudmyla Kozyatnyk 380 67 413 6920
Criminal Law Vadym Ivanin 380 67 413 6920
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Miss Kateryna Drobyazko  photo Miss Kateryna Drobyazko
Mr Vadym Ivanin  photo Mr Vadym Ivanin
Mr Semen Khanin  photo Mr Semen Khanin
Ms Liudmyla Kozyatnyk  photo Ms Liudmyla Kozyatnyk
Mr Andriy Segal  photo Mr Andriy Segal
Ms Veronika Zarubytska  photo Ms Veronika Zarubytska
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The AMBER team consists of highly-experienced tax lawyers who seek to achieve the most favourable result for the client while employing creative and cost-saving solutions.

Conscious of the market situation realized over the last few years, and keeping in mind the tax specificities, AMBER Law Company provides a range of specialized legal services intended to respond to the specific needs of its clients’ businesses.

Legal advising of the AMBER team is based on well-founded analyses of the tax-related situations. To this effect, we are in a position to identify all possible ways and means leading the minimization of tax-related risks in both corporate and private areas.

With solid expert knowledge in numerous sectors, AMBER provides its clients with guidance and advice in all tax-related issues and supports them with confidence and confidentiality whenever they should deal with tax obligations and/or interactions with fiscal authorities.