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Fielding ‘a deep bench of barristers, unparalleled in the Singapore market‘, Duxton Hill Chambers operates as a Chambers model in Singapore, comprised of advocates and arbitrators who handle commercial, corporate and financial mandates. Key individuals include Toby Landau KC, who is ‘equally erudite as he is stylish, polished, smooth and highly persuasive‘; V K Rajah SC, who is ‘meticulous in his work‘; and Chan Leng Sun SC, who has a ‘strong technical and academic approach combined with practical common sense‘.

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‘Toby Landau KC is a brilliant arbitrator with excellent temperament. A pleasure to appear before. You hardly realise how accomplished he actually is. Humble and patient.’

‘Chan Leng Sun SC has a strong technical and academic approach, combined with practical common sense in managing proceedings.’

‘VK Rajah SC’s strength is his integrity and independence in considering and/or determining any dispute or issues of law/fact objectively. He is not beholden to his appointor as a party appointed arbitrator. He is meticulous in his work. He keeps and open mind on issues of fact and/or law, and will not hesitate to agree to a contrary view if that view is better than his own views.’

‘Chan Leng Sun SC is highly knowledgeable, meticulous, and efficient. In-depth knowledge of Singapore arbitration. Excellent knowledge of international commercial law.’

‘Toby Landau KC’s reputation as an outstanding arbitration practitioner is, of course, stellar. He has too many great qualities to enumerate, but those that come to mind are: incisiveness in his judgment; sound; 99 percent accurate; and commercial. As for advocacy, Toby is equally erudite as he is stylish, polished, smooth and highly persuasive.’

‘Toby Landau KC is a stellar advocate, and the best barrister I have come across. I have not identified any weaknesses.’

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Toby Landau KC – Duxton Hill ChambersToby is simply brilliant at what he does.  He never fails to demonstrate a unique creativity and tenacity in very aspect of his written and oral advocacy, able to explain complex arguments in the most easily understandable manner possible.  It is a joy to work with him.'