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Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico
CARRERA 11A # 96-51

Banking and finance Tier 3

Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico is increasingly sought after, with its good balance between transactional work and specialised regulatory matters. Acting in particular for fiduciary trusts, sources note the boutique's strength in the negotiation of derivative and structured products, including the negotiation of ISDA and CSA contracts. The group also stands out for its knowledge of blockchain and fin-tech matters. A former legal vice-president of Central de Seguros (now QBE Seguros), practice head Luís Humberto Ustáriz co-leads the eight-strong practice with Jose Federico Ustáriz, who has also held roles in the private sector, including as legal controller. The firm also handles litigious disputes related to credit issues, consumer protection actions and defending retail clients before the financial regulator.


They stand out due to their projection, knowledge, accessibility and scope; it is superior to other firms‘.

The firm has competent and trained professionals with extensive experience in the matters under their charge, acquired from professional practice and teaching. The functional organisation and efficient administrative work that facilitates dealing with its clients stands out‘.

They are highly specialised lawyers in close contact with the sector. In addition, they are permanently trained and are at the forefront of the issues. We like their permanent disposition to attend to our needs and the possibility of acting in litigation before the authorities of the sector. It is important to highlight that in the areas of banking and finance and capital markets the firm is one of the best in the country‘.

Partners personally attend to topics, calls and meetings. They know first hand what we need and help us with solutions and new projects. It is a multidisciplinary team with a lot of experience and with technological tools that help to constantly provide the best service to its clients‘.

Luís Humberto Ustáriz is a skillful and effective lawyer, with extensive knowledge of capital markets. His ability to solve complex problems with ease and efficiency stands out. José Federico Ustáriz is a lawyer who, apart from mastering the subjects associated with financial and stock market law, communicates permanently with his clients in order to solve first hand the problems that may arise in the development of the business‘.

Key clients

Fiduciaria de Occidente

Banco Agrario de Colombia

Banco Davivienda


Fondo Nacional de Garantías

Novafin Capital



Capital markets Tier 3

Boutique Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico is lauded for its specialised knowledge in capital markets regulation and products. Luís Humberto Ustáriz, whose experience includes senior roles in the private sector, co-heads an eight-strong team which acts for international investment banks, brokerage firms and trust companies. The advisory ranges from consultancy regarding securities issuance and the legal risk of potential investments, to securities compliance services. Additionally, the firm undertakes administrative representation and litigation before the financial regulator.


Capital markets is very specialised subject and requires knowledgeable experts, as indeed the Ustariz team has‘.

They have excellent customer service, the treatment and connection with customer affairs is very special. I’d highlight their concern to efficiently meet customer requirements and availability‘.

Key clients

Citivalores  Comisionista de Bolsa

Itaú Comisionista de Bolsa Colombia

Skandia Valores Comisionista de Bolsa

Casa de Bolsa Comisionista de Bolsa

BBVA Valores Comisionista Bolsa

Fiduciaria de Occidente

BBVA Asset Management

Valores Bancolombia Comisionista de Bolsa

Fiduciaria Bancolombia

Compass Group Comisionista de Bolsa

Litigation Tier 3

Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico's 'technologically developed law' practice is heavily slanted towards the financial and insurance sectors handling commercial and administrative litigation and representing financial and insurance companies in proceedings promoted by financial consumers before the regulators. Under the leadership of Luís Humberto Ustáriz -who is highly experienced in derivatives, credit issues and wider capital markets related matters- the eight-strong practice roster of clients contains many of the most important fiduciary companies in the country. Fellow founding partner Jose Federico Ustáriz is primarily corporate and finance-focused, but also handles litigation matters. The firm also regularly represents clients in domestic arbitration procedures and has capability in ICC arbitration and NASD dispute resolution.

Practice head(s):


The firm is in charge of a good portfolio of civil litigation and consumer protection. It characterises itself by the opportunity and direct interest of the partners in the success of the processes; it is very likely that a founding partner will go to key audiences. In financial matters, Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico is superior to its peers‘.

It is a highly professional, technologically developed law firm with a highly competitive spirit, excellent professionals and a cutting-edge infrastructure‘.

The have specific knowledge of financial consumer litigation and a global vision of the risks an entity faces. They are experts in the entire litigation field in the financial, insurance and capital markets environment. Luis Humberto Ustáriz shines for his handling of audiences and judges as well as his integrity in handling conflicts‘.

Both Luís Humberto Ustáriz and Federico Ustáriz have extensive experience and extensive knowledge of the financial issues involved in the litigation where they represent the interests of the trustee. Among their skills, I highlight their ability to specify the object of controversy and the different ways of approaching it,  as well as being a benchmark in the field of disputes  before the Financial Superintendency‘.

Key clients

Fiduciaria de Occidente

Banco Agrario de Colombia

Fiduciaria Bogotá

Banco Pichincha

Consorcio Beta Oil – O&P Ingeniería S

Compañía Mundial de Seguros

Cardif Colombia Seguros Generales

Fiduciaria la Previsora

Fiduciaria Colpatria

Scotiabank Colpatria

Attorneys Luis Humberto Ustáriz Gonzalez and Jose Federico Ustáriz Gonzalez, who have significant experience in legal advice to domestic and foreign companies, established Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico in 2006.

The law firm was founded in the belief that a small group of responsible lawyers may provide legal services of the highest quality to customers. Therefore, the law firm provides personalized attention to its customers in order to meet their legal needs in a comprehensive, efficient and confidential manner

The firm’s team of partners and lawyers are graduates from the most prestigious universities in Colombia and many hold postgraduate law degrees on the major legal areas in Colombia and abroad. They have acquired extensive experience to deal competently with the practice areas in which the law firm practices.

The Firm is highly appreciated because of the wide experience of its partners and associates handling financial and capital markets issues as well as financial consumer protection and litigation cases.

Department Name Email Telephone
Partner Luis Humberto Ustáriz +57(1)6108161
Partner Jose Federico Ustáriz +57(1)6108161
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Jose Federico Ustáriz photo Mr Jose Federico Ustáriz Founding Partner
Mr Luis Humberto Ustáriz photo Mr Luis Humberto Ustáriz Founding Partner
Mr Pablo Valencia  photo Mr Pablo Valencia Associate
Partners : 2
Associates : 4