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Brazil > Dispute Resolution: Litigation Tier 7

Based in Mato Grosso do Sul, Ernesto Borges Advogados is equipped to assist clients in individual and collective lawsuits related to insurance, banking, corporate and consumer law. Rodrigues de Oliveira Castro Bernardo focuses on civil litigation and acts for large companies operating in Brazil. Walberto Laurindo de Oliveira Filho, who excels in insurance claims, is highly regarded.

Practice head(s):

Bernardo Rodrigues de Oliveira Castro; Walberto Laurindo de Oliveira Filho


‘I believe that the firm’s portfolio is attractive to companies like us that operate in the energy sector, because of the recognition of professionals in the market,  and the quality of the service provided. Walberto Laurindo de Oliveira Filho is recommended.’

‘Diversified practice in mass litigation, but also assists with strategic disputes.  Walberto Laurindo de Oliveira Filho is great.’

Key clients

Itaú Unibanco

Banco Cetelem


CESP – Comphania Energética de São Paulo

Alphaville Urbanismo

Viação Motta

Via Varejo

Work highlights

  • Acted for Banco Bradesco in a lawsuit seeking the extension of rural credit notes and the decommissioning of the guarantee of the rural property related to fiduciary alienation.
  • Representing Banco Cetelem in a public civil action promoted by the public ministry of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul against the client.
  • Representing Banco Cetelem in an action filed against the client to declare void a payroll loan agreement.

Holding a management model in tune with the latest corporate governance practices, constant investments to enhance its human capital and absorb technological supports adapted to the specificities of its operations, the law firm Ernesto Borges Advogados has been structured as a forefront organization serving all its clients.

In order to meet any requirements which, within the many diversified law branches, get scale and complexity corresponding to the vertiginous business expansions and interconnections, our firm provides at the disposal of individual, corporate and industry clients a team comprised of 250 lawyers and 560 collaborators, whose specific skills are articulated with and complement each other in real time.

The reputational heritage we consolidated throughout almost seven decades, and the projection we accomplished as one of the top-notch law firms in the Midwestern region of Brazil are the result of joining in-depth knowledge of the regional reality, increasing immersion into the domestic legal scenario and continuous qualification of our lawyers.

By responding with straight-forward results to the trust of large Brazilian and transnational companies, and to strategic partnerships with large domestic  law firms, we  progressively confirm our relevance in the States, where the agribusiness industry is driving an impressive modernization in economics and society.

Our range of expertise involving the specificities of the region is translated into important added value for the success of our  operations,  guaranteeing  rights, preserving legal interests of our clients and the elementary legal security of business.

However, our greatest asset is creating and maintaining human relations that go beyond those customary in the corporate environment, by providing its legal services with a high standard of excellence.

Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Borges 67 3389-0123
Chief Risk & Compliance Officer Renato Chagas Correa da 67 3389-0123
Chief Administrative & Finance Officer Cristiana Vasconcelos Borges 67 3389-0123
Chief Operating Officer Bernardo Rodrigues de Oliveira 67 3389-0123
Project Management (KPMG partnership) : 02
Quality Management (KPMG partnership) : 02
People Management (P2B Capital Humano partnership) : 03
Marketing Management : 03
Administrative and Finance Management : 65
Systems and Technology Management : 38

At Ernesto Borges Advogados we are committed to diversity and inclusion by providing our teams and their leadership with a diverse and inclusive ecosystem. This is something we build together and is a long-standing commitment that takes shape in many ways and is present in our organizational culture.

We are responsible for building teams that organize events, conferences and trainings, as well as coaching aimed at developing, engaging and inspiring leaderships within minority groups. The actions are guided and measured by the People Management area indicators.

We’ve adopted a diversity policy in our Offices since April, 2021. The result can be read in our figures. Women are more than 64% of our team. The same percentage can be seen in leadership positions, as 52% of them are leaders. We’ve had three promotions during periods of maternity leave this year. Moreover, black people are 31% of our personnel. Our next developing cornerstone is the LGBTQIA+ community.

Here, we promote inclusion principles in a holistic and constant fashion, because we know that nurturing fertile and diverse soils makes for teams comprising gazes able to find creative, agile and transversal solutions.

Furthermore, we know for a fact that as an organization we are part of an even bigger picture, thus we partake in the United Nations (UN) Global Compact.

Diversity is an integral part of daily business in Ernesto Borges Advogados, in its strategy and operations. Our sights are on the ten universal principles in the Human Rights, Work, Environment and Anti-corruption areas, as well as in affirmative actions that contribute to addressing the social challenges in the modern world.