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Ernesto Borges Advogados

Dispute resolution (including White-collar crime) Tier 7

Based in the Centre-West of Brazil, Ernesto Borges Advogados specialises in mass litigation and has the size and resources to handle high volumes of disputes. Areas of expertise include labour and insurance. Ernesto Borges Neto and Renato Corrêa da Silva are key figures in the sizeable team.

Holding a management model in tune with the latest corporate governance practices, constant investments to enhance its human capital and absorb technological supports adapted to the specificities of its operations, the Law Firm Ernesto Borges Advogados Law Firm has been structured as a forefront organization serving all its clients.

In order to meet any requirements which, within the many diversified Law branches, get scale and complexity corresponding to the vertiginous business expansions and interconnections, our Firm provides at the disposal of individual, corporate and industry clients a team comprised of 250 lawyers and 560 collaborators, whose specific skills are articulated with and complement each other in real time.

The reputational heritage we consolidated throughout almost seven decades, and the projection we accomplished as one of the top-notch Law Firms in the Midwestern region of Brazil are the result of joining in-depth knowledge of the regional reality, increasing immersion into the domestic legal scenario and continuous qualification of our lawyers.

By responding with straight-forward results to the trust of large Brazilian and transnational companies, and to strategic partnerships with large domestic  Law Firms, we  progressively confirm our relevance in the States, where the agribusiness industry is driving an impressive modernization in economics and society.

Our range of expertise involving the specificities of the region is translated into important added value for the success of our  operations,  guaranteeing  rights, preserving legal interests of our clients and the elementary legal security of business.

However, our greatest asset is creating and maintaining human relations that go beyond those customary in the corporate environment, by providing its legal services with a high standard of excellence.

Department Name Email Telephone
Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Borges Neto +55 67 3389-0123
Chief Risk & Compliance Officer Renato Chagas Correa da Silva +55 67 3389-0123
Chief Administrative & Finance Officer Cristiana Vasconcelos Borges Martins +55 67 3389-0123
Chief Operating Officer Bernardo Rodrigues de Oliveira Castro +55 67 3389-0123
Photo Name Position Profile
 Silva Souza Aotory  photo Silva Souza Aotory
 Rodrigues de Oliveira Castro Bernardo  photo Rodrigues de Oliveira Castro Bernardo
 Valente Calepis Edyen  photo Valente Calepis Edyen
 Borges Neto Ernesto  photo Borges Neto Ernesto
 Santanna Benites Flávia  photo Santanna Benites Flávia
 Lehn Schneider Gaya  photo Lehn Schneider Gaya
 F. Cunha Maria Mercedes  photo F. Cunha Maria Mercedes
 Z. Camargo Fernandes Priscila  photo Z. Camargo Fernandes Priscila
 Gonçalves Tognini Favalli Renata  photo Gonçalves Tognini Favalli Renata
 Moares Nicodemos Renata de Cássia  photo Moares Nicodemos Renata de Cássia
 Chagas Correa da Silva Renato  photo Chagas Correa da Silva Renato
 Oliveira Filho Walberto  photo Oliveira Filho Walberto
Project Management (KPMG partnership) : 02
Quality Management (KPMG partnership) : 02
People Management (P2B Capital Humano partnership) : 03
Marketing Management : 03
Administrative and Finance Management : 65
Systems and Technology Management : 38