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France > Media and entertainment: Newspapers Tier 1

Emmanuel Tordjman is the key name at Seattle Avocats, acting as main adviser to online newspaper Mediapart, which generates a significant number of cases. In a recent high-profile highlight, Tordjman represented the paper in a defamation case brought by a former French minister, in relation to the publication of a key witness interview. The team, which also features litigator François de Cambiaire, is retained by public policy makers, business executives, political figures and artists for privacy cases. Private and contract law specialist François Ronget is called on for matters pertaining to reputational damage.

Key clients



Samia Ghali

SOS Homophobie

SOS Méditerranée

Courrier des Balkans



William BLANC and Christophe NAUDIN

France > Media and entertainment: Cinema Tier 2

François Ronget, previously a partner in a production company, is the key name at Seattle Avocats. Ronget advises independent production companies, authors and directors on IP, production and contractual matters relating to feature films. Contentious work is also taken on, with copyright disputes as an area of particular strength.

Practice head(s):

Key clients









France > Environment Tier 3

Practice head(s):

Sébastien Mabile; Emmanuel Tordjman; François de Cambiaire

Key clients

French Office for Biodiversity (OFB)

Calanques National Park

Port-Cros National Park

Ecrins National Park


National Forests Office (ONF)

Government of French Polynesia

WWF-France (NGO)

Guyane Nature Environnement (NGO)

France Nature Environnement (NGO)

Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV)


Colombian and Brasilian Amazon Indigenous representative organisations (COIAB, OPIAC)

Mighty Earth (US NGO)

Notre Affaire à Tous

France > Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 4

Seattle Avocats

Key clients

UCB Pharma


Fondation CEMAVIE (Crédit Mutuel) / Vinci, GTM & GAN

Parti Socialiste (Fédération de Seine Saint Denis)


SEMEC (Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes)

62 investors in ARISTOPHIL

Investors in APOLONIA

Commune de Pontault Combault

Commune de Plaissan

Ecole Miroirs Citoyens

Collective of 150 consumers

SHERPA & Les Amis de la Terre / PERENCO



Paris Contentieux / Fiteco & Mr DENISE











France > Dispute resolution: White-collar crime Tier 4

Seattle Avocats

Key clients


Center for Development and Enterprise (CDE)

62 investors in ARISTOPHIL case

UNADEV (Union national des aveugles et déficients visuels)










BienPré SAS

Photo Name Position Profile
Maitre Sébastien MABILE  photo Maitre Sébastien MABILE
Maitre François RONGET  photo Maitre François RONGET
Maitre Emmanuel TORDJMAN  photo Maitre Emmanuel TORDJMAN
Maitre Maud TOUITOU  photo Maitre Maud TOUITOU
Maitre François de CAMBIAIRE photo Maitre François de CAMBIAIRE

Since its founding in 2015, Seattle Avocats has been committed to universal values of inclusion and defense of the commons.

We chose our name as a tribute to the great Native American leader Seattle who denounced the abuses committed on his people and warned of human responsibility in the destruction of the environment. Historian Murray Morgan wrote that Seattle was exceptional in that he distinguished himself as a warrior, but that he was first and foremost a peacetime tyee.

This choice reflects our commitment to humanist values, integration and diversity.

The firm assists and advises numerous associations and NGOs working for the general interest, diversity and the defense of human rights:

  • we have concluded a sponsorship agreement with the sea rescue association SOS Méditerranée (France and International) which helps migrants in accordance with international law
  • we regularly assist SOS Homophobie during trials against hate speech or homophobic acts
  • we have supported the association Ecole Miroir, an artistic training center for actors open to young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods created by Ms. Catherine Jean-Joseph (now Inclusion & Diversity Programs Manager at Netflix France and former Culture and Audiovisual Expert to the Interministerial Delegate for the Visibility of Overseas France)
  • we assist 5 NGOs (Notre Affaire à Tous, Sherpa, FNE, Eco-maires, ZEA) and 14 public authorities in the first application of the law on corporate duty of care aimed at enjoining a major oil and gas company to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (climate law, environmental law)
  • we assist UNADEV (Union Des Aveugles Et Déficients Visuels), an association of general interest defending blind people, in its reporting against a recognized media group following defamatory remarks made, as well as in defense of acts of violence due to disability;
  • we regularly defend associative or political activists fighting against hate speech and extremists.
  • François de Cambiaire is also a lecturer at ESSEC Business School, with Professor Viviane de Beaufort, a specialist in diversity and women empowerment.

On employment law issues, the firm has been supporting an initiative to facilitate access to employment for excluded populations for several years.

Finally, Seattle Avocats has developed an expertise in the French Duty of Vigilance law (2017) protecting the respect of human rights by multinationals worldwide. In this regard, we have defended Amazonian peoples’ associations in Brazil and Colombia (including Opiac, COIAB, FEPIPA, CPT, FEPOIMT), and we have also sued the oil company Total for climate inaction and non-compliance with the Paris Agreement.

CLIENT: Philippe BAZIN – Director
TESTIMONIAL: Advanced expertise in employment law, business law and criminal law. A real collaborative approach in the law firm that does not limit itself to theory or existing skills in the cases handled. A defence of our interests that results in victories and fully satisfying status quo decisions.

CLIENT: Sophie GRAS – Managing Director
TESTIMONIAL: True partner in challenging situations: guardian of the right path, in touch with reality, and always searching for the right solutions.

CLIENT: Jean-Baptiste SIMON – Owner
COMPANY/FIRM: Galerie Sakura
TESTIMONIAL: Seattle has done outstanding work in media law both on for my company and on a personal level. I am very satisfied with the advices provided, including the setting up of a strategy that has proven to be successful. At last, I recommend Seattle law firm for its drafting quality, availability, and the partners and associates’ listening skills.

CLIENT: Yann PHILIPPIN – Journalist
TESTIMONIAL: Seattle Avocats law firm has very competent and open-minded attorneys, with an impressive track record in press, freedom of speech and privacy law. Seattle Avocats’ lawyers provide both sharp counselling in sensitive situations and a real talent in litigation – they won all my cases. Their counsel is always accurate, and they can tell you when you’re wrong – for your protection. I would recommend Seattle Avocats without any reservation.

CLIENT: Didier LUPFER – President
TESTIMONIAL: Very qualified, multi-skilled, young, proactive law firm, very attentive to its clients and their issues. My main contact partner, François Ronget, does not hesitate to use additional skills within the firm to deal with my requests.
I highly recommend Seattle to other companies.

CLIENT: Ingrid MECA-SERVANT – Head of Legal and Contractual Affairs
TESTIMONIAL: The team is very responsive and provides valuable advice in terms of defence strategy. It also has a great technical expertise. Emmanuel Tordjman shows great dedication, perfect knowledge of the cases, and excels at representing his clients before courts.

CLIENT: Sylvie ROUSSEL – Founder, Producer
COMPANY/FIRM: 15 Production, P.A.T et MR GROUP
TESTIMONIAL: We have appointed François Ronget and Charles Lemoine, Seattle Avocats’ lawyers to defend and advise our three companies.
We are very satisfied with the work done to date. They’ve handled many cases in areas as diverse managing our 1 million euro fund raise, litigation cases, intellectual property advice and management of human resources cases.
We are very pleased with this partnership thanks to a team that is always open for discussion and has a rare multi pluralism.

CLIENT: Michel GOEMANS – Director
TESTIMONIAL: BLUEBELL INVESTMENTS and BLUEBELL Group are regularly assisted by Seattle Avocats and in particular by François RONGET and his team. We appreciate his availability and his expertise in corporate and commercial law. Bluebell is very satisfied with the work done both in advice and in commercial litigation and with the relationship established over the years.

CLIENT: Sophie MEYNIER – Competitiveness Finance Director
TESTIMONIAL: An excellent team with a high-level expertise and experience in legal and procedural compliance, shows strong involvement in matters and works hand-in-hand with clients, has excellent strategic reading of its cases in complex environments. The team is available and adapts itself to clients’ needs and emergencies.

CLIENT: Marie-Catherine REISSZADEH – Head of Legal Affairs – North and Ile de France
COMPANY/FIRM: Electricité de France (EDF SA)
TESTIMONIAL: We have been working with SEATTLE since its creation, particularly in the areas of criminal and environmental law.
We chose this law firm for its professionalism, the relevance of its analyses and its reactivity. SEATTLE assists us in the most sensitive cases, both in counselling and litigation.
We also appreciate the firm’s ability to understand our company’s issues and its specificities, therefore combining pragmatism and legal excellence.
Finally, the fluid communication between my legal team and the members of SEATTLE allows us to work together in a highly efficient way, especially when it comes to complex criminal law cases.

CLIENT: Fabienne LASSALLE – Vice President
TESTIMONIAL: Working with Seattle is above all a human adventure, a chance to meet highly professional lawyers who put their skills at the service of their clients with enthusiasm and determination. Committed, Seattle lawyers have chosen to defend the rights of those who work for solidarity and respect for human values.

CLIENT: Germain GRAC-AUBERT – Managing Partner
TESTIMONIAL: We worked again this year on several issues with Francois De Cambiaire, Emmanuel Tordjman, François Ronget and Sébastien Mabile. We choose Seattle Avocats for issues of environmental law, press law, criminal business law and constitutional law.

CLIENT: Nico Muzi – Europe Director
COMPANY/FIRM: Mighty Earth – Global NGO campaigning to protect forests and oceans.
TESTIMONIAL: Sébastien Mabile and François de Cambiaire of Seattle Avocats are world-class lawyers delivering outstanding legal work for the environmental movement in Europe. Specifically, for Mighty Earth, Seattle Avocats have spearheaded an unprecedented coalition of 11 organizations including Indigenous peoples from the Brazilian and Colombian Amazon and NGOs from France and the US to sue global retail giant Groupe Casino over selling beef products linked to deforestation and land grabbing. This lawsuit is historic because it is the first time a supermarket chain is taken to court over deforestation and human rights violations under the French due diligence law.

CLIENT: Armel JEZEQUEL – Admin Director
TESTIMONIAL: With an experienced team, SeattleAvocatslaw firm is providing a tailored service, with a fast and efficient analysis of situations. The firm is providing a real and human interface. Having especially worked closely with Emmanuel Tordjman on several topics over the last years, I can say that Emmanuel is a true specialist and a fantastic speaker. His view combining with a deep understanding of case-by-case folders, is highly appreciated and valuable in our day-by-day business.

TESTIMONIAL: Our partnership with Seattle law firm enabled to us to succeed in many commercial cases. Together, we have won four cases, particularly before Commercial Courts. This collaboration is one of the key factors of our image and our reputation, and is embodied by the defence of the quality of our work before judicial institutions.

CLIENT: Anne DAUDIER de CASSINI – Vice President and Managing Director
TESTIMONIAL: Our pharmaceutical company works with Seattle law firm in matters involving personal injuries related to exposure to the molecule of one of our products. They collaborate constructively with our insurer’s lawyers, throughout the entire legal proceedings, including working with experts, up to the settlement of damages if necessary. Beyond their legal expertise, working with Seattle law firm means always ensuring that the human dimension is included in our thinking and decision-making. This particularity of Seattle law firm allows us to defend the interests of our company in a way that perfectly matches our moral and ethical values.

CLIENT: Jonathan LEVY – President, co-founder
TESTIMONIAL: François is a great professional, competent, and very involved in his work. Beyond the law, François understands the business issues at stake.

CLIENT: Isabelle BADIE – Head of Legal and Contractual Affairs
COMPANY/FIRM: Veolia Eau – Direction Sud Ouest
TESTIMONIAL: For many years, I have requested Seattle law firm’s services (Emmanuel Tordjman and his partners). Their availability is only equalled by the relevance of their analysis and their customer awareness, which is the DNA of this firm. We have worked together in various areas: environmental law, white collar criminal law, litigation strategy, in private or public law. It has always been efficient, successful and pleasant.
In addition to their real technical expertise, this firm has a multidisciplinary understanding of the issues, and a real capacity to work in collaboration with their client’s legal teams. To sum up, here is what I look for when I work with this firm: daring ideas, rigorous execution, and the strength of a team. I have never been disappointed.

CLIENT: Julien BAYOU – National Secretary
COMPANY/FIRM: Europe Ecologie Les Verts
TESTIMONIAL: I was lucky to be assisted in various cases by Seattle law firm, both in private and public law, to defend EELV when we were attacked or to defend the precautionary principle and the priority to give to health and biodiversity, as well as to advise on elections.
I highly recommend Seattle law firm and its team, which is reactive, professional, fully committed… and talented!

CLIENT: Alexandra PALT – Executive Vice President
TESTIMONIAL: Seattle Avocats, and specifically Sébastien Mabile and François de Cambiaire, have developed cross-disciplinary skills that are particularly useful in the area of duty of vigilance. Their foresight and strategic advice have enabled us to improve our understanding of the issues raised by risk prevention , whether they are related to the protection of the environment or the defence of human rights.

TESTIMONIAL: Our company has been in relationship with SEATTLE and François de Cambiaire for many years, and we have entrusted them with many files, in business or public law. We have a great confidence on their skills for deals, advices, contracts, disputes and we appreciate their professionalism. SEATTLE has really contributed to our company business and legal security. They are responsive, and smart to find the best way and interest for us.

CLIENT: Madame Dominique BERTINOTTI – Former French Minister of Family Affairs, 2012-2014 (co-sponsor of the law “Mariage pour tous”, Member of the “Conseil d’Etat”
TESTIMONIAL: Throughout my case (2012-2020), I was able to appreciate the extent of the skills, the professionalism, the efficiency, the determination and the availability of the lawyers of Seattle law firm which led to a successful outcome in a complex case.

CLIENT: Jean-Philippe MESSERIG , Area Director / Managing Director
TESTIMONIAL: As Area Director for VEOLIA , and also Managing Director of a company owned by VEOLIA in France , I am facing various legal issues mostly related to management of hundreds of staff and all associated liabilities.
I hereby testify that Seattle-Avocats law firm has been of great and valuable support in all cases they had to process on my behalf to the best of my interests. They have demonstrated a very high proficiency and a customer orientated action.

TESTIMONIAL: We contracted with Sébastien MABILE last year and asked him to defend our interests in order to recognize a major environmental prejudice caused to the Guianese tropical forest. His professionalism and his conviction played a key role in the lawsuit and whatever the final verdict will be, we know he has done the best and our case has been pleaded the best way.

CLIENT: Olivier MANDIL – Head of Legal and Contractual Affairs
TESTIMONIAL: Seattle lawyers are valuable in difficult or multi-party litigation, namely in criminal and environmental law. They combine a high level of legal expertise with a strong ability to listen to the client and other parties.

CLIENT: Peter VERPLANCKE – Associate General Counsel
TESTIMONIAL: We’ve been working with Seattle, in particular with François de Cambiaire and Assumpta Nziyumvira, for a couple of years and we’re very satisfied with their services. They have a good understanding of the law and are pragmatic and hands-on. The fact that they go beyond the purely “legal reasoning” and adopt a holistic approach is very much appreciated.

CLIENT: ClientEarth (Keep confidential)
TESTIMONIAL: We retained Seattle Avocats on a French regulatory and administrative law matter to assist us understanding potential angles for legal interventions. Seattle Avocats provided us with high quality work product addressing both the technicalities and the broader context. We appreciated their professionalism, their creativity and their availability.

CLIENT: Jamel KASMI – Director – Cémavie Foundation
COMPANY/FIRM: Cémavie Foundation
TESTIMONIAL: We are very pleased with Seattle Avocats, both for its assistance and expertise and for the human values held by all of the firm’s Partners and associates.

CLIENT: David MALAZOUE – President of SOS Homophobie
COMPANY/FIRM: SOS homophobie
TESTIMONIAL: Working with SEATTLE AVOCATS has always been a pleasure.
Beyond their immense human qualities and the depth of their engagement alongside non-profit organisations, the lawyers from SEATTLE AVOCATS have always displayed a reassuring readiness, a remarkable precision and meticulousness in processing our cases.
Every single time, they do not fail to deliver the most thorough and accomplished work we have ever seen.
With its unique and impressive expertise, notably in the field of press offences, SEATTLE AVOCATS is an invaluable asset for us, and for the whole society to fight and put an end to hate and discrimination.

COMPANY/FIRM: International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)
TESTIMONIAL: Seattle Avocats are a team of passionate lawyers dedicated to providing a comprehensive, multidisciplinary service. Bringing together advocates with a rich expertise in crosscutting areas of law, they are in tune to the diverse and complex needs of their clients.
This set is not afraid to take on pioneering cases and works with tenacity to challenge the boundaries of the law to achieve successful outcomes.
François de Cambiaire is very responsive to the needs of his clients, and goes above and beyond to fulfil requests at short notice and with diligent care, while maintaining an informative and collaborative approach throughout.

CLIENT: Mélinda ALLORENT-JADAULT – Head of Legal (West Central Region)
TESTIMONIAL: Very satisfied with the services of the SEATTLE law firm. Emmanuel TORDJMAN and Sébastien MABILE are excellent lawyers: experts in their areas, attentive, instructive, pragmatic solutions, and pioneers on certain complex issues.

CLIENT: Edwy PLENEL – CEO, Managing Editor
TESTIMONIAL: With Emmanuel Tordjman, one of its partners, the French law firm « Seattle Avocats » assists Mediapart as legal counsel and constantly ensures our defence before the courts.
As an online newspaper, free press that specializes in investigative reporting, Mediapart faces numerous legal proceedings from powerful interests that its revelations disturb. Thanks to the talent and dedication, legal competence and professional soundness of« Seattle Avocats », we have won more than 200 proceedings we have faced, with the exception of five on minor matters.
In addition to its professional effectiveness, Seattle’s team has a high degree of discretion in managing files. Besides its work during defamation trials, Seattle accompanies us on a daily basis on all legal issues related to Mediapart content (response rights, comment management, moderation of blogs, ethical charters, etc.) with efficiency, diligence and competence.
In summary, Mediapart has complete confidence in the work of « Seattle Avocats» and its lawyers. We applaud the work of the firm’s team and warmly recommend it.


SEATTLE AVOCATS has a strong international presence through its clients and cases, and in particular:  

  • Has been collaborating for four years with an American NGO (MIGHTY EARTH) also present in 4 European states (France, UK, Germany and the Netherlands) on issues of deforestation, agriculture and environmental and climate protection. Within the framework of this collaboration, we assist and represent a group of organizations representing the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian and Colombian Amazon and French and American NGOs in order to impose on the CASINO Group measures to stop the deforestation resulting from its activities in Brazil and Colombia; 
  • Advises a large American foundation, created at the initiative of the singer STING, in order to reinforce the representation of the Amerindian populations of French Guyana 
  • Advises the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), based in Montreal and London, in the defense of its interests in France and beyond (United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Italy and United States); 
  • Assists and advises a major Belgian pharmaceutical company (UCB Pharma) and a Swiss environmental company (Norco) on their activities in France; 
  • advises one of the largest groups in luxury distribution (BLUEBELL) on all Asian territory 
  • Assists and advises an English car company (Lotus cars) and an English distribution company (Oxygen) in various commercial disputes;
  • Assists a large French company specialized in environmental services in the context of corruption proceedings for acts committed in the Caucasus region;  
  • Assists and advises journalists who are members of the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) network; 
  • Also assists a large number of individual clients throughout Europe and the world (Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, United States…). 

Our team and networks: 

Our team is composed of 14 lawyers, most of whom have studied abroad (Qatar, Togo, Egypt, Spain, England, Scotland, United States…), mostly fluent in English and Spanish, and we regularly welcome foreign trainees (currently a Brazilian trainee). 

  • Sébastien MABILE is a lecturer in international environmental law for many foreign students of the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) of Sciences Po in Paris, and of the Master 2 of International and European Environmental Law of the University of Aix-Marseille.  
  • François de CAMBIAIRE is a lecturer at ESSEC business school, ranked 3rd in the Financial Times 2020 Masters in Management ranking. 

We regularly collaborate with organizations established abroad:  

  • Me François de CAMBIAIRE with the International Human Rights Committee of the American Bar Association (webinars and book project to be published in 2021 on duty of diligence and corporate accountability; he is also member of the European Center of Economic Law of ESSEC, 
  • Me Sébastien MABILE with the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law. 

Sébastien MABILE, Founding partner

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Seattle Avocats from your competitors?

Our professional practice is much focused on litigation, so that we have a team of lawyers experienced in judicial combat and extra-judicial negotiations. This practice is enriched by the diversity of our professional backgrounds and skills, which we constantly cross-fertilize. Each case is thus followed by several partner lawyers in order to bring innovative solutions to the client.

Our involvement in the training of students at ESSEC, Sciences Po and the University of Aix-en-Provence, as well as our numerous publications in specialized journals, allows us to constantly keep abreast of doctrinal innovations.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

In the field of environmental law, we believe that environmental criminal law will experience a significant increase due to, on the one hand, the very strong sensitivity of public opinion on these subjects and, on the other hand, the creation of specialized jurisdictions resulting from the law of December 24, 2020, to which we have actively contributed.

In the same sense, we believe that the issues of CSR, corporate accountability on social and environmental issues, under the impetus of draft regulations at the European level, will take on an important dimension.

In terms of the press, issues related to freedom of expression, in a context of strong criticism of social networks and business confidentiality, should also experience strong growth.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Due to the strong growth of our activity, the main changes made for the benefit of our clients consisted in renewing and strengthening our team of lawyers. The public interest issues that we defend in our cases attract experienced lawyers from international law firms who wish to give more meaning to their professional practice. Our main strength lies in the quality of our team.

That is why the most important change in the last twelve months has been the recruitment of five new associates, all of whom have solid professional experience and unwavering dedication to the benefit of our clients.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

We create tailor-made solutions. So if we use the latest innovations in terms of case law and legal research, our added value is above all based on the human aspect.

The Covid health crisis has required us to make increasing use of videoconferencing. However, this constraint has turned into a real opportunity.

New communication methods allow us to develop a close personal relationship with our clients, even on the far side of the world. These are major advances for the conduct of strategic and legal cases involving a strong confidence connection and strict confidentiality.

Our clients come to us above all because they share this humanistic and committed vision, whether in counseling or in litigation. We are increasingly seeing large groups looking for a lawyer capable of building a strategy with commitment that can lead them to a horizon of change or to overcome the new challenges that companies face in terms of criminal, reputational or environmental risks.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We could cite many examples, both in the implementation of the legal strategy and in the integration of legal evolution in the company’s business model as a tool for value creation.

I am referring in particular to how we developed for a major French industrial group an innovative method of addressing environmental criminal law issues within their supply chain, in order to avoid criminal prosecution. This is not simply this new movement of negotiated justice; it is a question of getting as close as possible to the company and its partners in order to pre-empt the criminal risk.

In the context of the fight against corruption, we have assisted two clients who wanted to make the moralization of their practices and the strong ethics set up at the heart of the company a real commercial asset.

These issues are particularly central today in the context of bidding or large international contracts.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Our constant concern is to retain our clients and to control the growth of our activity. In this context, we prefer to broaden the fields of activity in which our clients are likely to consult us, rather than multiply our clientele in each of these fields. For example, an environmental NGO with which we work on environmental law issues may be assisted in a defamation suit by another partner specializing in press law.

In three years, we want to remain a firm on a human scale, responsive and accessible to all our clients, with a permanent team of experienced lawyers committed to social and environmental issues.