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Founded in 2000 to specialise in large-scale and complex disputes, Cisternas y Compañía Abogados‘ 12-strong dispute resolution practice covers the gamut of civil, commercial, administrative and criminal litigation. The practice fields several experienced attorneys: commercial litigation expert Gonzalo Cisternas; former head of Chile’s National Intelligence Agency, Luis Masferrer; corporate and civil litigator Katherine Hyde (who was promoted to partner in August 2020); and -at consultant level- Jean Pierre Matus, who designs the legal strategies for highly-complex criminal cases, and Domingo Hernández, a June 2020 hire from the Constitutional Court. Other notable consultants include Alfredo Larreta, a stock market litigation specialist, and Hugo Muñoz, who has over 25 years’ litigation experience.

Practice head(s):

Gonzalo Cisternas; Katherine Hyde; Jean Pierre Matus; Luis Masferrer; Domingo Hernández; Alfredo Larreta; Hugo Muñoz


The experience of this multidisciplinary team stands out.

People with experience and response times that stand out from the competition, and with very good availability to address contingent issues.

The role played by partner Gonzalo Cisternas is exceptional.

Key clients

Universidad Autónoma de Chile

National Association of Professional Football

University of Concepción Corporation

Concepción Lottery

Servicio de Procesamiento de Datos en Línea

Consorcio Tecdra

Virginio Gómez Professional Institute

GyM Chile

Ilustre Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea

Ilustre Municipalidad de Ñuñoa

Concesión Estacionamientos Municipales de Vitacura

Grupo GAC

Work highlights

  • Acted for the Universidad Autónoma de Chile in the litigation of motions appealing the number of years’ accreditation that the National Accreditation Commission granted to it.
  • Defended the board of the National Association of Professional Football against a lawsuit filed by the former coaching team for the Chilean National Football squad, in relation to compliance with contractual terms.
  • Acted for the University of Concepción Corporation in several legal proceedings, which included assistance with procedural, corporate, civil, IP and criminal law matters.

Cisternas y Compañía Abogados is a legal services office founded in 2000 with the aim of contributing to the prevention and resolution of large-scale and complex disputes from the perspective of the law and the parties’ interests. Dispute resolution, including civil, commercial and criminal litigation is its hallmark practice, offering a perspective capable of anticipating scenarios in the development of lawsuits and advising the attorneys involved on the course of action, proposing solutions in line with clients’ interests in the framework of the applicable law and higher court jurisprudence on the matter.

The firm concentrates on the prevention and resolution of disputes, with a team of highly skilled professionals in the prevention of business risks, the design of dispute resolution models and their administration, negotiation and in specialties inherent to business activities.

Cisternas y Compañía Abogados has consolidated a work methodology based on in-depth study of the commission to undertake a full design of the problem and to project all potential scenarios and results arising from different legal courses of action, anticipating the preparation of the briefs, reports and evidence needed to support the legal strategy and engage in daily follow-up of their evolution in court, in addition to the effects that legal proceedings might have on public opinion when they are characterized by certain connotations given the nature of the conflict and the parties’ positions.

Three partners lead the management of the law firm –Gonzalo Cisternas Sobarzo, Juan Pablo Lorenzini Paci and Katherine Hyde. The profile of the Cisternas y Compañía Abogados team members is characterized by their profound knowledge of law, academic excellence and specialization and a track record in the public and private sectors that positions them as references in litigation within their respective practice areas.

The complex cases are faced by the law firm’s partners with an integral and strategic perspective. They assign responsibilities and oversee the execution of the actions of the team of attorneys.

This year, the firm promoted Katherine Hyde to a partner level position. Until now she served as deputy legal director of the office, a position that she will continue to exercise. Hyde specializes in tax reorganization and planning, civil contracting, investment projects, as well as corporate, administrative and compliance law.

The firm also has restructured its team of consultants, who are recognized for their public, private, and academic careers. The lawyers are Domingo Hernández, Hugo Muñoz, Alfredo Larreta and Luis Masferrer, professionals specializing in negotiations and litigation.

The firm, which was established over 20 years ago, focuses on the prevention and resolution of conflicts in business, and on practice areas including corporate counseling, litigation, labor, tax, intellectual property, free competition, and criminal litigation. The firm recently joined the Chilean Institute of Rational Business Administration (Icare) and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile (Asech).

Partners Gonzalo Cisternas and Katherine Hyde, with consultant Jean Pierre Matus Acuña and attorneys Luis Masferrer Farias, Alfredo Larreta Granger, Iván Alcayaga Jara, Mauricio Cisternas López, and María José Prieto Mallet, are part of the dispute resolution team.

Dispute Resolution Gonzalo 2 24255000
Dispute Resolution, Corporate Katherine 2 24255000
Competition and Antitrust, Energy and Natural Resources Juan Pablo 2 24255000
Dispute Resolution, Banking and Finance Alfredo 2 24255000
Tax Mauricio 2 24255000
Labour Law Iván 2 24255000
Partners : 3
Consultant : 4
Total staff : 15