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3 Bolt Court Chambers
3 Bolt Court, Third Floor
Fleet Street

3 Bolt Court Chambers ‘3BC’ is a  modern, diverse and a dynamic set of chambers  comprising of over 30 dedicated barristers who specialise in immigration, civil law, commercial, bankruptcy, housing/ possessions, professional negligence, shipping/marine law, intellectual property, arbitration, mediation, employment, family and criminal law.

Barristers at 3 Bolt Court are experts in their chosen areas of practice delivering skilled advocacy in Courts and Tribunals across the country as well as providing clients with sound legal advice.

Advice provided by the barristers is done either face to face, by video, by telephone and/or in written form.

The chambers also takes on court cases from members of the public directly via the Direct Public Access Scheme.

Chambers is based in Fleet Street, Central London with conference facilities also based in Stratford, East of London.

Barristers at 3 Bolt Court
Farah Ramzan (2003) (Joint Head of Chambers) – crime, family, immigration and civil

Jacqueline Victor- Mazeli (1997) (Joint Head of Chambers) – immigration, family (children matters), civil, crime and mediation

Sylvester Emefiona Unigwe – immigration and family (children)

Owusu Abebrese (1985) – immigration, civil and property

Hilda Adejumo (1989) – civil and commercial mediator, housing, immigration, commecial, family and employment (discrimination)

Jonathan Reynold (1992) – immigration

Andrei Vasilescu (1993) – civil, commercial, bankruptcy, landlord and tenant

Saamir Mahmud (1996) – immigration and family

Sorour Bassiri (1996) – immigration and family

Mehtab Malhotra (1996) – immigration and family

S Rahman (1996) – Employment, Commercial, Civil & Family Law

Christina Nicholas (1997) – immigration, civil and commercial

Rajinder Claire (1998) – immigration, family and crime

Paul Turner (1998) – immigration, housing and family

Babar Khan (1999) – immigration, civil, crime and employment

Khadija Rahman (2000) immigration and family

Shahid Chaudhry (2006) -civil, commercial, family and immigration

Claire Litchfield (2007) – family – children and non- molestations

Dr Mehedi Rahim (2007) – civil, commercial, personal Injury, arbitration and intellectual property

Chowdhury Sultan (2009) – immigration, family, crime, civil and employment

Arman Alam (2009) – immigration, family and civil

Anjulika Vatish (2009) – immigration, family, civil and social security 

Sana Mushtaq (2011) – family, crime and civil 

Cherreem Lindsay (2011) – immigration, family, civil, commercial and family mediation

Saravanak Kumar (2012) – crime, civil, family, immigration and employment

Emil Lixandru (2012) – civil, crime, immigration, social security, family and employment

Dr Rakhi Rashmi (2013) – immigration and family

Kareesha Turner (2013) – immigration, family and commercial

Devendra Shrestha (2014) – immigration, family and crime

Jay Gajjar (2014) – immigration, civil, family and employment

Stephanie Heijdra (2014) – family, civil, commercial, immigration and employment

Sajid Mustafa (2016) – immigration

Kashmala Khan (2017) – family, immigration, civil, crime and employment

Dr Mazhar Ilahi (2017) – immigration and family

Mustapha Rashid (2017) – crime, family and civil

Jam Gazzain (2018) – civil, commercial, education, immigration, family and crime

Faisal Mehmood (2018) – family and immigration

Muhammad Navid Hamid (2019) – Crime, Civil , Family & Immigration

Esther Godwins (employment advocate)

Abou Bakarr Kamara (employment advocate)

Practice areas
Court hearings and advice on:

  • UK and EEA immigration law
  • Student visas, work permits, highly skilled migrant visas
  • Business/corporate immigration including Tier 1 and 2 visas
  • Point based system including indefinite leave to remain
  • Family settlement (ie dependent parents)
  • Overseas adoption
  • Marriage applications
  • Unlawful detention
  • Sponsor licences
  • Refusal of asylum
  • Deportation
  • Urgent injunction

Family: Court hearings and advice on:

  • Dispute resolution appointments
  • Financial dispute resolutions
  • Child arrangement orders/ child care proceedings
  • Ancillary relief/ financial provision (divorce, cohabitation and death)
  • Property disputes
  • Care/adoption
  • Child abduction
  • Incapacity/Court of Protection welfare issues
  • Final and fact- finding hearings

Civil: Court hearings and advice on:

  • Landlord and tenant
  • Personal injury and clinical negligence
  • Contractual disputes
  • Product liability
  • Defamation
  • Probates
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration matters
  • Professional negligence
  • Small claims, fast track and multi track

Commercial: Court hearings and advice on:

  • Injunctions
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency matters
  • Contractual disputes
  • Issues of jurisdiction
  • Conflict of laws / private international law
  • Chancery matters

Crime: Court appearances on :

  • Kidnapping
  • False imprisonment
  • Robbery
  • Sexual offences
  • Violent crime
  • Possession of drugs and drug trafficking
  • Possession of firearms
  • Fraud
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft and handling stolen goods
  • Burglary
  • Possession of firearm
  • Possession of false documentation
  • Road traffic offences

Employment: Tribunal attendance and advice on :

  • Breach of contract
  • Contract of employment
  • All forms of discrimination; disability, race, sex, age, sexual orientation and religious
  • Wrongful and unfair dismissal
  • Pay disputes/ equal pay
  • Harassment
  • Redundancies
Department Name Email Telephone
Chambers Director Eustace Forjour eustace@3boltcourt.com 07783904770
Barrister Arman Alam a.alam@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Saamir Mahmud s.mahmud@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Sorour Bassiri s.bassiri-dezfouli@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Rajinder Claire r.claire@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Jay Gajjar j.gajjar@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Advocate Esther Godwins e.godwins@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Mazhar IIahi m.ilahi@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Nawab Babar Khan clerks@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Claire Litchfield c.litchfield@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Sana Mushtaq s.mushtaq@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Christina Nicholas c.nicholas@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Khadija Rahman clerks@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Farah Ramzan f.ramzan@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Mustapha Rashid m.rashid@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Jonathan Reynold clerks@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Devendra Shrestha clerks@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Chowdhury Sultan c.sultan@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Kareesha Turner clerks@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Paul Turner clerks@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Andrei Vasilescu a.vasilescu@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Anjulika Vatish a.vatish@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Emil Lixandru e.lixandru@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Shahid Chaudhry s.chaudhry@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Jam Gazzain j.gazzain@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Advocate Abou-Bakkar Kamara a.kamara@3boltcourt.com 0203 745 3150
Barrister Jacqueline Victor-Mazeli j.victor-mazeli@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Mehedi Rahim m.rahim@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Hilda Adejumo h.adejumo@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Cherreem Lindsay c.lindsay@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Sajid Mustafa s.mustafa@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Stephanie Heijdra s.heijdra@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Rakhi Rashmi r.rashmi@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Owusu Abebrese o.abebrese@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Saravanak Kumar sk.kumar@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Navid Hamid n.hamid@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Barrister Mehtab Malhotra m.malthotra@3boltcourt.com 020 3745 3150
Gujarati and Bengali
Tamil and other local languages
Several Nigerian local languages
General Council of the Bar of England and Wales
Association of the Bar
Website : www.3boltcourt.com
Email : clerks@3boltcourt.com
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/3boltcourt/

TESTIMONIAL: Sana Mushtaq was amazing. She won my case for me. She has been very supportive throughout and helpful. Such a relief for me as its been a very stressful time but she took the stress away. I am thankful to her and all her team. I would recommend them to everyone.

TESTIMONIAL: Barrister Ms Kashmala Khan was fantastic help today and I and my partner will definitely Put her forward to people we know.

TESTIMONIAL: Excellent barister miss kashmala khan. Represnted my case.. excellent work highly recommended.

TESTIMONIAL: We are happy to inform you that Ms. Khan is a very brilliant Barrister, she presented our client cases excellently well and our clients were extremely happy about all her help and assistance via her excellent advocacy skills. We hope to use her wonderful services in the foreseeable future as we had positive feedback from our clients. Once again many thanks.

TESTIMONIAL: Kashmala presented very confidently and expressed her arguments clearly in Court . She also showed excellent interpersonal skills. I would recommend other solicitors to instruct her.

TESTIMONIAL: I am grateful to Christina Nicholas from Law Lane Chambers (now 3Bolt Court Chambers) for her legal advice and presentation of my case in the immigration court.  She persuaded me to disclose all the background facts which had been disregarded and ignored by my previous legal representatives in other legal proceedings. It seemed that these facts were not relevant in my immigration case but she insisted that full disclosure would improve my prospects. She was right, my appeal was allowed.  I am grateful to the Chambers for choosing her as my barrister.

TESTIMONIAL: I wish to express my gratitude to barrister Christina Nicholas for her great work in the matter of my asylum. My file was large and complicated in facts and evidence but she quickly organised the file, prepared me for the hearing very thoroughly during two conferences and well presented my case in court. My spirit sunk when the HO was attacking and berating my case but it was quickly restored and elevated when I heard the submission on my behalf, it was so impressive that I had no doubt in success. I shall be recommending her to all my compatriotes who need legal work.

TESTIMONIAL: I would like to thank Barrister Andrei with handling my court case the way he did, This has been a stressful ordeal and Andrei has kept me well informed in every step of the way. As a Barrister he gave me the scope of the situation bad and good and what it meant for me in legal terms. I was made aware of the consequences and the best advice to counter each action I took. This breaking down of information in legal format enabled me to make an informed decision that subsequently contributed to the withdrawal of this case that had me on the ropes for so long. Another important factor to mention was Andreis desire to accommodate me after hours and weekends as I work throughout the day. He insisted he would go out of his way if need be. He accommodated me and made himself readily available after hours and weekends keeping his word which hence relieved the pressure and stress. I appreciate it and would recommend him to be anyone’s advocate throughout any legal battle or matter. May God bless him.

TESTIMONIAL: We are pleased to inform you, the counsel Ms Kashmala Khan handled the matter in excellent manner, The young  Barrister tackled the aggressive   respondent in proper manner after several repeated sessions in the court meeting room. Finally the matter has been concluded today. The Consent  Order has been  passed by the Deputy Judge Mr Pathak.   Really I appreciate  the Counsel, she is very good at Family Financial proceedings matter

TESTIMONIAL:This is a brief note just to inform you how I was satisfied with my barrister Emil Mihai Lixandru for the 4 days court hearing 9th March 2020 to 12th March 2020 which I had him for. I appreciate the advice and help he gave me throughout this court case.

TESTIMONIAL: I can definitely confirm that Mrs Khan has been  exceptionally performed well in my case and managed to express my concerns to the court. She is available to speak to the client any time and is ready to listen to the client which is very important for a barrister who is going to represent client in the court. Moreover she has been very professional and gave me advise from her experience and helped me in my case. I would definitely suggest her to anyone especially in family matters. I am really happy with her professional approach and thankful to her for her support.

TESTIMONIAL: I am writing to thank you for making arrangements for my court case. I really appreciate all your help. I would like to especially mention Mrs. Khan (barrister) for giving great support. She did a very good job and explained everything to me. Please can you book her for the next hearing on 12th October at 11am.

TESTIMONIAL: Further to yesterday hearing in family court  Reading. The hearing was conducted through telephonic and  attended by our client Miss Mahwish Jabeen and Barrister Kashmila Khan. Our client and we are very thankful to Miss K Khan who did fabolous work. Our client is very very happy and satisfied  with Miss Khan’s job. We are also very satisfied with Miss Khan and appreciate what she did yesterday. In the past whenever we  instructed  Miss Khan for any matter she did an excellent job. Further we also inform some other  solicitors firms also  that they can instruct Miss Khan for family and immigration matters.

TESTIMONIAL: I instructed Farah Ramazan late evening on the 17th August 2020, when my hearing was the following morning. I sent Farah the hearing bundle and within an hour Farah called me and was fully aware of my case details and position. Farah provides a professional, efficient guidance and service. Farah is continuing to support me even after the hearing! I would highly recommend Farah’s services to anyone requiring a barrister.

TESTIMONIAL: Cherreem was excellent She has a wonderful grasp of the matter. She is very well grounded in Housing / landlord and tenant issues. We are very grateful for her service.


Diversity in Chambers

In a Shakespearean English-speaking legal arena where gown and wigs are dominated historically, by white, blue eyed and Oxbridge accented male, it can be rather intimidating to break the barriers and stand out and shine even when one has the right armour to compete in the same battlefield against the then deemed “superior”. But the law is changing this, and the new generation of legal professionals are in full provision to ensure that on we move forward. Diversity is borne.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are arguably relatively new in the legal profession, but it is an utmost necessity that should have been genetically imprinted within the legal profession as the law represents equality and fairness. It is this adage that 3 Bolt Court Chambers believe in hence the diversity in their chamber is befittingly observed. Since its birth in 2015, 3 Bolt Court Chambers has been committed to surmount the old practice where it can be seen as Jardynce v Jardynce imaginary and to support this statement, a statistic has been put together. The 2018/2019 LLC Pupillage Interview Statistic shows a staggering 71% Female and 29% Male in attendance for the Interviews. Other factors such as age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and ethnicity which showed more numbers which has other ethnic background has also dominated the numbers against white male.

At 3 Bolt Court Chambers we’re passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity. Companies that are diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective are proven to create a stronger and creative work environment that delivers better results, More importantly, creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work is the right thing to do.

We have a global, multicultural following. In our recent pupillage application process this was demonstrated amongst ethnicity, sex, age and religion.