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Aigner Lehner Zuschin Rechtsanwälte stands out for its expertise in investor protection law and associated disputes, which was further underlined by Maximilian Weiser‘s promotion to the partnership in spring 2021, and the group is routinely called upon by institutional and private investors. Founding partner Lukas Aigner is another key contact for this, while also handling disputes pertaining to financial derivatives and hedge fund structures. He jointly heads the practice with construction and real estate expert Johannes Lehner. Nathalie Steidl has left the firm.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


In-depth knowledge of the market, the ability to quickly build networks – also internationally – and to use them, great flexibility to adapt to changing situations, pragmatic access to new challenges, flat hierarchies.

The practice is highly specialised; they are not trying to cover everything/ not trying to pretend to be experts in everything – if some additional knowledge is needed, it will be brought in from external experts and will be integrated. I very much appreciate this approach!

Lukas Aigner is so passionate and committed to what he is doing! His exceptional and wide-ranging legal expertise and economic knowledge makes him outstanding. With his customer-orientated and solution-driven work style, it is a great pleasure to work with him.’

The firm has extensive experience in resolving disputes before ordinary courts as well as arbitral tribunals.

Due to its vast litigating experience, the firm’s competence in developing efficient strategies to enforce or defend claims is especially noteworthy. Consequently, the economic aspects are always given great consideration in the decision-making process and strategy, which is naturally of great importance from the client’s point of view.

The team is very quick in responding and attorneys are very easily accessible, which stands out to me. Further, the team is in constant consultation with us to find the best solution and they go the extra mile in this regard.

Complete honesty, even when they don’t instantly know the answer, they tell you so and get to work to figure out the case as soon as possible. Also, when they aren’t experts in a specific field, they refer you to colleagues who are.

The matters of our firm are mainly handled by Lukas Aigner and Johannes Lehner. Lukas Aigner has profound experience concerning the enforcement of contentious claims, especially in capital market law cases. Johannes Lehner has a broad background in commercial law, so that both stand out as a team with remarkable assertiveness in litigation proceedings.

Key clients

CA Immobilien Anlagen AG

Magistrat der Landeshauptstadt Linz

Federal State of Upper Austria

Linzer Athletik-Sport-Klub / LASK GmbH

Metahof Errichtungsgesellschaft mbH & Nikolaiplatz 5 Verwaltung GmbH

Work highlights

  • Acted for CA Immobilien Anlagen AG in asserting civil law claims in connection with the potential partial influence of the best bidder process concerning the privatisation of the federal cooperative property companies (BUWOG) in 2004.
  • Representing the City of Linz in litigation against the Austrian bank BAWAG P.S.K over a failed OTC swap-transaction linked to foreign currency, causing a €640m loss to the City of Linz.
  • Representing a group of Wienwert investors following Wienwert’s bankruptcy in January 2018.

Based in Vienna and Linz, with two head offices and two additional regional offices, Aigner Lehner Zuschin Rechtsanwälte serves clients throughout Austria and specialises in the areas of investor protection law, capital markets, banking and finance, insurance and litigation, real estate, construction law, real estate litigation and real estate dispute resolution.

Aigner Lehner Zuschin Rechtsanwälte has proven specialists with market-leading expertise, which enables the team to understand their clients’ concerns with a detailed industry perspective and to develop clear and efficient solutions for even the most complex problems. An international network enables tailored solutions for cross-border cases and transactions.

Investor protection law:

Aigner Lehner Zuschin is well known as a team of specialists for complex litigation, especially investor lawsuits. Aigner Lehner Zuschin represent institutional as well as private investors including communities and state near companies. The special expertise of the law firm lies in the fact, that knowledge is derived from the financial markets industry and a strong international network of experts and financial engineers in cooperation.

Large volume civil disputes:

Due to a strong academic background Aigner Lehner Zuschin are highly recognised for their outstanding legal due diligence with the scope of developing enforceable claims. As an example Aigner Lehner Zuschin are in the lead of the litigation between the City of Linz and BAWAG PSK. The lawsuit is one of the largest ever brought to an Austrian Court, dispute amount is EUR 640 million; Since the lawsuit was filed to court, the case has been covered strongly by Austrian as well as international media.

Furthermore Aigner Lehner Zuschin are assigned by CA Immobilien Anlagen AG to enforce civil claims in context to the bid process around the 2004 privatisation of state run undertakings (BUWOG flats) worth EUR 960 million. Aigner Lehner Zuschin also represent CA Immo as a victim in the criminal proceeding against former Austrian Minister of Finance Karl-Heinz Grasser among other defendants. The 1.9 billion claim filed in May 2020 against the Republic of Austria and the state of Carinthia represents the largest civil law claims ever pursued in Austria.

Vienna Mag. Lukas
Linz Dr. Johannes
Mag Lukas Aigner photo Mag Lukas AignerFounder and naming partner
Dr Johannes Lehner photo Dr Johannes LehnerNaming partner
Maximilian Weiser, LL.M. (WU) photo Maximilian Weiser, LL.M. (WU)Attorney at Law at since 2021 in cooperation with Aigner Lehner Zuschin…
Dr Georg Zuschin, MBA photo Dr Georg Zuschin, MBANaming partner
Number of lawyers : 4

TESTIMONIAL: Aigner Lehner Zuschin Rechtsanwälte have impressed me in the past as a law firm that has used particularly sophisticated litigation strategies to enforce claims for damages even against numerous major litigants. Lukas Aigner has particularly profound experience concerning the enforcement of contentious claims, especially in capital market law cases. Johannes Lehner has a broad background in commercial law, so that both stand out as a team with remarkable assertiveness in contentious litigation proceedings. I consider Aigner Lehner Zuschin Rechtsanwälte to be one of the leading law firms in the field of dispute resolution and litigation. The firm has succeeded in implementing an innovative litigation strategy to keep the cost risk in the proceedings low and is able to implement economically even highly complex matters in court and to cut through them in every respect.

TESTIMONIAL: I always appreciate the friendly and efficient responsiveness of the Aigner team to my requests. Over the last twelve years I had in several cases – some of them in court – the opportunity to evaluate and assess their strengths in supporting me.

TESTIMONIAL: I highly appreciate Aigner Lehner Zuschin for its great professional competence, goal-oriented approach and many years of experience in the field of commercial litigation. The latest developments in case law and the status of other pending proceedings are presented comprehensively but understandably, strengths and weaknesses of the legal position are shown in a very clear manner. Prudent legal caution is applied, also with regard to the client’s litigation risk. I also liked the initiative in processing and reviewing the facts of the case. As a result of this not only the legal thinking but also the professional understanding of the subject matter of the case is excellent.

TESTIMONIAL: All team members I worked with are very dedicated to their clients. Johannes Lehner combines his outstanding litigation expertise with strong knowledge in real estate law and strong government know-how. He takes personal care of the cases in all aspects. Lukas Aigner is well known in Austria and the firm has a number of other attorneys and associates, so that the personnel requirements are always in place to handle even very resource-intensive disputes. The personal involvement of the partners in the cases should be emphasized. The matters under dispute are handled in a leading manner by the responsible partners themselves in order to ensure best quality, which of course has a positive effect on direct communication and knowledge of the facts.

TESTIMONIAL: The coordination between the two branches of Aigner Lehner Zuschin Rechtsanwälte functions absolutely smoothly, so that from the client’s perspective the entire law firm operates as a well-rehearsed unit. The team members are very focused on each client and they are always looking for special solutions. I was impressed by the perseverance in each case, in addition a short answer time has also proved to be very agreeable.

TESTIMONIAL: Lukas Aigner is the founder of the law-firm but still accessible for every customer and very well informed about the cases. Johannes Lehner is very competent and helpful but also digs deep when handling cases and has an outstanding innovative approach for litigation.