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AQUILAW is a leading full service law firm working at the intersection of corporates, governments, technology and business, and having offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. Its office in  Kolkata comprises a robust team of five partners, one executive director and 21 lawyers being a blend of junior, senior and principal associates and four consultants (including chartered accountants).

AQUILAW combines years of specialised experience with sound legal advice, and offers customised solutions to suit business challenges. We believe that understanding the business environment and overall objective of the client is pivotal towards providing effective legal services. We care about the quality of our services, the strategic interests of our clients, the eventual success of transactional objectives and above all, the lasting relationships that are forged through such successes.

AQUILAW specialises in industry sectors, as well as in corresponding practice areas for optimal utilisation of resources to design bespoke resolution packages driven towards long term goals of its clients. Our main practice areas include real estate, infrastructure, corporate and commercial, mergers and acquisition, capital markets, banking and finance, data privacy, mining laws, oil and gas laws, environmental laws, public policy and legislative affairs, international trade laws, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, civil, criminal and general litigation, insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy, taxation, securities law, technology, media and telecommunications, succession and trust law, consumer law, government and regulatory, intellectual property rights, administrative law, admiralty laws, competition laws, labour, industrial and employment laws, election laws, electricity laws and transactional and allied services.

AQUILAW’s mission and vision:

  • To provide our clients with a focused approach to effectively resolve their issues in a timely manner to ensure more value for the clients as well as the business
  • To keep ourselves acquainted with legal, commercial and technological developments for delivering efficient solutions
  • To stay ahead with an innovative outlook to problem-solving for providing personalized and valuable service to our clients
  • To strive to contribute and make ourselves accessible to the society, beyond our business
  • To remain committed to our ideology of providing quality, world-class legal and client services
  • To hire and retain exceptionally talented lawyers who possess outstanding academic and personal achievements
  • To continually imbibe within ourselves the principles of strongest integrity, discipline, professionalism and respect for our work and our clients
Corporate and Commercial Sucharita Basusucharita.basu@aquilaw.com90073 88229
Mergers and Acquisition Sucharita Basusucharita.basu@aquilaw.com90073 88229
Capital Markets Sucharita Basusucharita.basu@aquilaw.com90073 88229
Data Privacy Sucharita Basusucharita.basu@aquilaw.com90073 88229
International Trade Laws Sucharita Basusucharita.basu@aquilaw.com90073 88229
Mining Laws Sucharita Basusucharita.basu@aquilaw.com90073 88229
Oil and Gas Laws Sucharita Basusucharita.basu@aquilaw.com90073 88229
Securities Law Sucharita Basusucharita.basu@aquilaw.com90073 88229
Real Estate Soumya Banerjeesoumya.banerjee@aquilaw.com98301 22493
Infrastructure Soumya Banerjeesoumya.banerjee@aquilaw.com98301 22493
Transactional and Allied Services Soumya Banerjeesoumya.banerjee@aquilaw.com98301 22493
Banking and Finance Soumya Banerjeesoumya.banerjee@aquilaw.com98301 22493
Succession and Trust Law Soumya Banerjeesoumya.banerjee@aquilaw.com98301 22493
Technology, Media and Telecommunications Suman Mukhopadhyaysuman.mukhopadhyay@aquilaw.com98300 34966
Consumer, Government and Regulatory, Government Contracts Suman Mukhopadhyaysuman.mukhopadhyay@aquilaw.com98300 34966
Intellectual Property Rights Suman Mukhopadhyaysuman.mukhopadhyay@aquilaw.com98300 34966
Administrative Law Suman Mukhopadhyaysuman.mukhopadhyay@aquilaw.com98300 34966
Public Policy and Legislative Affairs Sanjay Basusanjay.basu@aquilaw.com98315 70335
Election Laws Sanjay Basusanjay.basu@aquilaw.com98315 70335
Environmental Laws Sanjay Basusanjay.basu@aquilaw.com98315 70335
Civil and Criminal Litigation Sanjay Basusanjay.basu@aquilaw.com98315 70335
Insolvency, Restructuring and Bankruptcy Sanjay Basusanjay.basu@aquilaw.com98315 70335
Competition Law Sanjay Basusanjay.basu@aquilaw.com98315 70335
General Litigation Amit Kumar Nagamit.nag@aquilaw.com98309 51404
Electricity Laws Amit Kumar Nagamit.nag@aquilaw.com98309 51404
Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Amit Kumar Nagamit.nag@aquilaw.com98309 51404
Labour, Industrial & Employment Laws Amit Kumar Nagamit.nag@aquilaw.com98309 51404
Admiralty Law Amit Kumar Nagmit.nag@aquilaw.com98309 51404
GST/Indirect Tax/GCC VAT Rajarshi Dasguptarajarshi.dasgupta@aquilaw.com98300 14233
Soumya Banerjee photoMr Soumya BanerjeeSoumya Banerjee is a Partner at AQUILAW, Kolkata.
Sanjay Basu photoMr Sanjay BasuSanjay Basu is a Partner at AQUILAW, Kolkata.
Sucharita Basu photoMs Sucharita BasuSucharita Basu is a Partner at AQUILAW, Kolkata and Mumbai.
Suman Mukhopadhyay photoMr Suman MukhopadhyaySuman Mukhopadyay is a Partner at AQUILAW, Kolkata.
Lawyers : 18
Consultants : 4
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