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Souza Araujo Butzer Zanchim Advogados – SABZ Advogados

Insurance Tier 4

Acting for both insurance companies and policyholders, Souza Araujo Butzer Zanchim Advogados – SABZ Advogados has a broad view of the insurance market, where its work encompasses strategic consulting and litigation. On the insurer-side, Pedro Guilherme de Souza and associate Rodolfo Mazzini Silveira recently assisted BTG Pactual Seguradora in drafting its E&O insurance policy.

Bankruptcy and restructuring Tier 5

Established in 2006, Souza Araujo Butzer Zanchim Advogados – SABZ Advogados has experience in numerous sectors, including financial services, agriculture and real estate. Litigation and insolvency expert Paulo Doron Rehder Araujo recently acted for Braskem in the judicial reorganization filed by Sintex Laminados Sintéticos. Kleber Luiz Zanchim is another contact.

Founded in 2006, SABZ Advogados has always focused in understanding the clients’ daily needs, creating solid links with legal departments and corporate executives. Our team of 50 professionals is trained in a multidisciplinary fashion. Such approach is responsible for a unique way of work based on offering intelligent and business oriented legal solutions, including in litigation. We are committed to make a difference to our clients’ business.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Renato Butzer +551131112233
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 Anna Albuquerque  photo Anna Albuquerque
 Paulo Doron Araujo  photo Paulo Doron Araujo
 Alberto Barbosa Jr.  photo Alberto Barbosa Jr.
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IBA (International Bar Association)
IFA (International Fiscal Association)