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L&B Partners Avvocati Associati
Via Turati 6, 20121 - Milano

Industry focus: Energy Tier 5

A wide range of clients, among them investors, private equity funds, energy operators and financial institutions, instruct the team at L&B Partners Avvocati Associati. Acting in close collaboration with its associated financial advisory arm, the practice has a key focus on assisting with large investments into renewables, energy efficiency and infrastructure. The firm is headed by Michele De Terlizzi, who regularly advises on M&A transactions and provides administrative assistance, as well as working on financing matters within the energy sector. Also notable is Bartolomeo Cozzoli, who has extensive experience of administrative law and public utilities.


Strong ability to combine excellent legal assistance with great commercial sensitivity, due to a deep knowledge of the sector and of its relevant economic aspects.

Deep legal/financial expertise, tailor-made solutions, perfect cohesion between financial and legal teams.

Michele Di Terlizzi is very commercially minded and deal-oriented.

The partners actively participate in the structuring of any transaction and follow any single phase with attention and diligence.

Key clients

Tozzi Group S.p.A.

WindFarm Deliceto

ACE Renewables Holding S.A.

Tolve Windfarm Holding


L&B Capital SpA


Swisspower AG

Unicredit S.p.A

Natixis S.A.

L&B Partners is an independent law firm entirely dedicated to the energy and infrastructure industries, with a specific focus on renewables. We advise energy companies, investors, investment funds, financial institutions and public utilities in the field of complex transactions in the areas of corporate M&A, private equity, banking and project finance, joint-ventures, compliance and administrative law.   

L&B Partners is a brand created in 2004 by Michele Di Terlizzi and his brother Flavio, a former investment banker, with the purpose to offer a multi-disciplinary, integrated platform able to meet the ever-changing needs of any player involved with energy and infrastructures. L&B today means L&B Partners Avvocati Associati (law firm), L&B Partners (Financial Advisory firm), and L&B Capital, an investment vehicle dedicated to large investment in renewable and energy efficiency. 

Thanks to this innovative approach, our clients may benefit from a diverse expertise that cannot be granted by any other law firm in Italy and possibly worldwide. Depending upon circumstances, and thanks to their colleagues in the financial arms, our lawyers are able to advise far beyond the legal aspects of a transaction taking care of steps which are usually not covered by a traditional law firm.

L&B Partners has literally redefined the concept of assistance in the energy sector with numbers that are impressive having advised, since its foundation and for the legal arm only, in deals for a total amount € 1.018 Mio. in financing, € 2.098 Mio. in M&A transactions and for up to 1.491 MW. in administrative assistance In terms of overall headcount, L&B Partners is today a powerhouse fully dedicated to the energy sector with 7 partners and a team of 26.

Department Name Email Telephone
Energy Michele Di Terlizzi +39 02 89694011
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