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Employment Tier 1

'Very knowledgeable about Luxembourg laws and how to apply them to actual business issues', PwC Legal Luxembourg' eight-strong team provides 'thorough, practical and commercial advice' to domestic and international companies across the gamut of contentious and non-contentious employment matters. Praised for her ability to 'structure the best legal options even under significant time constraints', co-head Marielle Stevenot's 'broad experience enables her to effectively deal with cross-border matters'.  'Flexible, committed and reactive' co-head Cindy Arces regularly assists international clients on staffing and day-to-day employment law compliance issues. Clients include Northern Trust, Delphi and Aviva.

Dispute resolution Tier 2

Led by two dedicated litigation partners and also able to draw upon the expertise of lawyers with substantive knowledge across areas including employment, finance and IP/IT, PwC Legal Luxembourg is well-placed to provide an 'excellent service' to institutional clients of the firm, as well as those instructing it on a standalone basis. Cindy Arces is appreciated by clients for her 'flexible, committed and creative approach', as well as her 'willingness to find alternative dispute resolution solutions before deciding to move forward with legal proceedings'. The 'excellent and skilled', Marielle Stevenot's broad-ranging expertise encompasses a significant amount of employment litigation, as does 'excellent' senior associate Mona-Lisa Pierre.

IP and IT Tier 2

Appreciated by clients for its 'solution-oriented mindset', PwC Legal Luxembourg has a 'deep knowledge of IP and IT matters, from both an international and domestic perspective'. Spearheaded by the 'responsive and practicalAudrey Rustichelli, the team is, however, best-known for its 'strong data protection knowledge' and has been involved in a raft of GDPR-related projects.

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 3

PwC Legal Luxembourg' 'responsive' two-partner team displays an 'in-depth knowledge of financial law' on behalf of lenders and borrowers, particularly as it relates to secured lending and structured finance transactions. Clients include KKR, Scotiabank and Ineos.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Headed by Catherine BaflastPwC Legal Luxembourg' three-partner team provides expertise across the gamut of corporate and commercial matters, and is seen as a 'reliable alternative to the established big law firms'. The 'responsive and business-orientedSaskia Myners excels in private equity-led M&A, and is a key member of the team that also includes the 'excellentKatia Scheidecker, whose client base includes US e-commerce and telecoms businesses.

The firm

PwC Legal (previously MNKS) is an independent law firm registered to the Luxembourg Bar and member of the PwC network since December 1st, 2018.

The firm is one of the most recognized business law firms in Luxembourg, providing both local and international clients with legal services. In order to best meet its clients’ expectations, the firm focuses on seven core practices.

To deliver high value to its clients, the firm also relies on its support tax practice.

The firm also provides to its client a multi- disciplinary approach on files involving lawyers from various practice areas working collaboratively to provide an integrated and complete service and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions.

Furthermore, our network of international contacts enables us to meet the full-service business needs of our clients and to handle large, complex local, national or cross-border cases.

Our promise to clients


We particularly value our ability to deliver consistent services to our clients, on time and on budget.

Technical expertise

PwC Legal is proud to have a team of lawyers with exceptional technical and human qualities. Our highly specialized and multilingual lawyers have mainly gained their experience in international networks or leading local law firms and are experienced in handling complex national and cross-border legal issues.

Acting as a business partner

When advising clients, the lead partner will not only take into account the legal aspects of a client’s needs, but also ensure to have a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business and requirements. PwC Legal uses a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach between various departments and expertise. Our lawyers consider themselves as being not only legal advisors, but also true business partners.


We have managed to forge special relationships with our clients by making sure each client has a dedicated contact person in our firm, and by the ability of our lawyers to quickly answer and react to their clients’ needs, and in a pragmatic way.

We are proud to be recognized for our key strengths which are a unique amalgam of the recognized qualities of international network law firms, and the traditionally recognized strengths of independent law firms.

This is why we believe that PwC Legal truly is a different law firm in Luxembourg.




The type of corporate structures implemented varies greatly from one project to another and may for instance imply:

  • Setting up various types of companies (Luxembourg and foreign companies (limited liability, public limited and others), partnerships and branches, dual nationality companies)
  • Migration of entities to and from Luxembourg
  • Implementation of intra-group financing structures
  • International mergers.


Catherine Baflast –

Jean-Yves Lhommel –

Saskia Myners –



Our Mergers & Acquisition team advises and assists Buyers, Sellers and Management teams on:

  • Due diligence on Luxembourg companies and coordination of due diligence abroad ;
  • Negotiation and drafting of letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, term sheets, shareholders agreements, articles of incorporation and mergers corporate documentation, shared and asset purchase agreements and any other corporate or contractual documentation necessary;
  • Regulatory aspects; particularly for our Private Equity clients;
  • Financing structures such as negotiation of loan documentation, security package, legal opinions;
  • Employment aspects including transfers of undertakings, stock options and other incentive plans.

We have experience in numerous sectors: holding companies, operational companies and professionals of the financial sector.


Catherine Baflast –

Saskia Myners –

Jean-Philippe Smeets –



Our expertise covers:

  • Banking: Secured lending, Leveraged finance, Acquisition finance, Asset finance, Real estate finance, Restructuring and insolvency, Regulatory matters relating to the financial services industry)
  • Debt and equity capital markets: Bond issues and debt issuance programs, Listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Clearing and settlement, Regulatory matters relating to the financial markets)
  • Securitization and structured finance: Conventional and synthetic securitization, Asset-backed securities, Repackaging, Derivatives, Securities lending)


Catherine Baflast, Head of Corporate & M&A –



Our expertise covers:

  • Day-to-day employment Law: employment and consultancy agreements, restrictive covenants, disciplinary procedures, dismissals and negotiation of settlements
  • Employee incentive and pension scheme: stock option plans, share option and any other incentive schemes with a multidisciplinary approach involving tax, corporate and regulatory aspects
  • Corporate reorganisation and restructuring operations: transfer of undertaking, collective dismissal procedures and negotiation of social plan
  • International Mobility: expatriations, secondments and other cross-border employment situations


Cindy Arces –

Marielle Stevenot –



Our investment funds team advises and assists fund managers, depositary banks, central administrations, board of directors and any fund industry stakeholders:

  • Product life cycle management: from initial structuring, to day-to-day maintenance of the fund documentation up until special events that may impact the funds, such as restructurings or liquidations, covering the entire range of liquidity (from UCITS to exotic assets), whether the funds are regulated or not;
  • Regulatory queries impacting the asset management industry: be it related to the AIFMD, UCITS Directive, SFTR, Benchmark Regulation, PRIIPS…;
  • Depositary banks: impact assessment and implementation of new regulations;
  • Set-up and strategic or regulatory restructurings of depositary banks and management companies;
  • Regulatory investigations and sanctions for Luxembourg regulated entities and their service providers abroad.

Contact:          Mathieu Scodellaro –


Technologies & IP

Our expertise covers:

  • Data Protection: Personal Data Processing, Data Transfer, Focus on the New General Data Protection Regulation
  • Information Technology: Contractual Assistance, Protection and Licensing, Outsourcing, Security, Regulatory
  • Internet & e-Commerce: Web sites, Internet service providers, Use of Internet and e-mail
  • Intellectual Property: Protection of IP rights, Exploitation of IP rights, Enforcement of IP rights
  • Media & Communications: Telecom, , Media, Advertising
  • IP/IT Litigation: IP-related litigation, IP-related amicable settlements

Contact:          Audrey Rustichelli –



Our expertise covers:

  • Corporate: shareholders and partnership disputes, director liabilities;
  • Commercial: contract law and disputes on contractual liability torts, breach of contracts, unfair competition, insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, debt recovery and enforcement proceedings
  • Finance: Regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings including negotiations with actors of the financial sector, Bank’s liability including professional secrecy
  • Employment: unfair dismissals, competition, discrimination and harassment disputes
  • Technologies & IP: Contractual and licensing disputes


Cindy Arces –

Marielle Stevenot –


Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and capital markets, securitisation Catherine Baflast, Head of Corporate & M&A
Corporate, structuring Catherine Baflast
Corporate, structuring Saskia Myners
Corporate, structuring Jean-Yves Lhommel
Corporate, structuring Jean-Philippe Smeets
Dispute resolution and litigation Cindy Arces
Dispute resolution and litigation Marielle Stevenot
Employment, incentive schemes and pensions Marielle Stevenot
Employment, incentive schemes and pensions Cindy Arces
IP tech, data protection Audrey Rustichelli
M&A, private equity, real estate Catherine Baflast
M&A, private equity, real estate Saskia Myners
M&A, private equity, real estate Jean-Philippe Smeets
Investments Funds Mathieu Scodellaro
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Cindy Arces  photo Mrs Cindy Arces
Mrs Catherine Baflast  photo Mrs Catherine Baflast
 Jean-Yves Lhommel  photo Jean-Yves Lhommel
Mrs Saskia Myners  photo Mrs Saskia Myners
Mrs Audrey Rustichelli  photo Mrs Audrey Rustichelli
 Mathieu Scodellaro  photo Mathieu Scodellaro
Mr Jean-Philippe Smeets  photo Mr Jean-Philippe Smeets
Mrs Marielle Stevenot  photo Mrs Marielle Stevenot
Number of lawyers : 45
Contacts : Cindy Arces
Contacts : Catherine Baflast
Contacts : Saskia Myners
Contacts : Jean-Yves Lhommel
Contact : Audrey Rustichelli
Contacts : Jean-Philippe Smeets
Contacts : Marielle Stevenot

PwC Legal Declaration of diversity

Today’s world is subject to constant changes – primarily due to the ongoing globalization and development of technology. Such evolution brings new chances and opportunities, but also the challenges and difficulties, that our organization is facing.

What is Diversity for us?

Diversity is the understanding that each of us represents unrepeatable set of innate and acquired features, which make us unique. It is respect for features and experiences, that are different from our own. It is building bridges of understanding among people, based on the differences between them. In this way, we can fight with discrimination in PwC Legal together, and strive to achieve common goals.

Why do we talk about Diversity?

Diversity of the community means, that together we can achieve more. However, we need to find answers to the questions, that bother us, about how to implement the principles of gender equality, age, race, religion and other factors, that make us differ from each other. That’s why we need Diversity Management – by taking action to promote greater inclusion of our people from different backgrounds into the organization structure. Thanks to Diversity, we want to do everything, what we can, to enable our people to fully use their potential – for the welfare of PwC Legal and our clients. Promoting Diversity, we hope to strengthen trust in our local community – to the organization, but above all – to trust people in each other.

How do we care for Diversity?

Bearing in mind the above, PwC Legal undertakes to take care of the atmosphere and organizational culture and manage diversity within the organization, in particular through:

  • increasing our people’s awareness of diversity and its level within PwC Poland structures;
  • support for future parents and people bringing up children;
  • promoting the voice of women in the organization and consideration of female perspective on matters relevant to the organization;
  • enabling employees to actively participate in the life and activities of the organization regardless of their position;
  • considerate the position of minorities in the organization – in particular in terms of age, nationality and culture, religion, sexual orientation and disability;
  • equal treatment of individual social groups;

Short version:

Info Connect

Cezary Zelaznicki – partner responsible for Diversity & Inclusion.

What do we understand by Diversity & Inclusion? We understand Diversity as the differences between each and every one of us, not only in terms of gender, but also such aspects as nationality, world-view or age. In addition to perceiving

An internal project for discussion – 22 March 2019

diversity, we want to support it and work together to create a workplace that addresses the needs of all of us – this is what we mean by Inclusion.

What topics are we going to address first?

  • Parental Support Programme – aimed at supporting parents working at PwC before, during and after their parental leave, to give them more flexibility in combining their professional and private lives
  • PwC for Women – a programme that inspires women working at our company, in such areas as building an effective personal brand, planning a career and balancing life roles We are working on the launch of an internal Diversity & Inclusion platform, which we will use to share knowledge and experiences. The launch is planned for May 2019 and will be accompanied by an information campaign

Cindy Arces, Managing partner

What do you see as the main points that differentiate PwC Legal from your competitors?

By joining PwC, our objective was to continue to provide comprehensive and consistent quality service to our clients looking for a multi-territorial expertise and an interdisciplinary approach.

Our adhesion to the network means that not only will we continue to serve our local and international clientele through our extensive expertise in business law, including funds, banking capital markets, M&A, employment, IP tech etc. It also means that we are now stronger in our offering thanks to PwC’s in-depth and time-tested industry knowledge, be it in real estate, hedge funds or private equity.

This membership will help create synergies that will benefit our customers by giving them access to a wider range of professional services, at the same time providing them with the assurance of recognised standards of quality, ethics and independence.

With qualities coming from being part of an international network and those that have made MNKS’ reputation in the market, PwC Legal considers itself more than ever to be “a different law firm in Luxembourg”.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months?

What are the drivers behind?

While maintaining our high standards of quality and market shares in our traditional core practices (Corporate, Employment and Litigation), we made specific investments to structure and significantly reinforce some of them.

We will continue, more than ever, to focus our service offering on a limited number of practices while aiming to build in 2019 a solid Investment Fund practice led by newly hired Mathieu Scodellaro to serve this critical market in Luxembourg.

We are confident about the future when it comes to our fast-growing practices (M&A, IP Tech) and we will continue to develop a team of recognised experts led by newly promoted partners, Jean-Philippe Smeets and Audrey Rustichelli.

We are going through considerable changes from an economic and regulatory point of view. In addition to this, Brexit has also led to major uncertainties. These changes are clear sources of business opportunities and we could expect an increase in cross-border transactions and legal issues across multiple jurisdictions.

In this evolving environment, we believe that Luxembourg is well positioned in Europe to benefit from the various developments and that PwC Legal has the right set of skills to serve demanding clients.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Without a doubt, our adhesion to the PwC network has been a massive change, this year. Thanks to our close relationships with PwC offices around the world, we can offer an indisputable set of services to a global clientele. PwC’s global legal services network of firms is the largest in the world by geographic coverage and it’s a clear advantage and source of value-added to tie-up with a firm that offers support in all services necessary to improve business performance.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Of course, it is. The extensive use of advanced digital tools is a constant goal. To support our business and delivering best-in class legal services, we clearly need the most up-to-date legal database, the most powerful management system etc. We will need to offer our clients shared tools and platforms to make our collaboration more efficient and more secure. While “digital society” is gaining speed, we will build trust in this new environment for the full benefit of our clients.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Our firm, as part of an international network, can offer clients a wide range of services in addition to a broad geographic reach. We will grow, we will recruit young talents and we will work hard to strengthen our solid position in the marketplace. Our aim is to help our clients to make best-informed decisions in an increasingly complex world.

PwC Legal strengthens its footprint with the nomination of two new partners and a principal

PwC Legal strengthens its footprint with the nomination of two new partners and a principal