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Italy > Industry focus: Food Tier 1

Studio Legale Corte has a solid position at the top of the market. The practice is a first port of call for food law and is particularly noted for its expertise in food criminal law. Paola Corte specialises in advice concerning the production, distribution and administration of food and beverages while also having an ‘outstanding knowledge’ of European and Italian food law and civil, criminal, administrative and procedural law. Elena Corte focuses on crimes related to the production, marketing, distribution and administration of food products.

Practice head(s):

Paola Corte; Elena Corte


‘Corte provides extremely specific advice in the food sector. The high level of competence is always accompanied by attention to the human relationship and the specific needs of the customer. This makes the advice of a very high and unique level.’

‘High level of specialization, excellent level of in-depth knowledge.’

‘Corte stands out from other law firms for its ability to combine professionalism with the ability to proactively resolve the issues raised by clients in more than satisfactory turnaround times.’

‘Paola Corte has, among other qualities, the ability to intercept the needs of the client and help and support business activities using a language that is clear and understandable even for non-professionals.’

‘Deeply rooted and very well-connected in the Italian food market. All lawyers are very easy to work with, smart with in-depth knowledge of food law and achieve fantastic results for their clients. Always ahead of others in terms of identifying new and relevant topics in the market.’

‘Paola Corte – smart, diligent, knowledgeable, ambitious, great personality, top class food lawyer.’

‘Paola Corte is very competent and reactive.’

‘Expertise in food criminal law makes the firm absolutely unique in the Italian market.’

Work highlights

  • Advised multiple producers, large-scale retailers and mass caterers on food composition and labelling issues, and revised their HACCP manuals.
  • Assisted multiple mass caterers in reorganising their business models.
  • Assisted multiple large-scale retailers and producers in numerous criminal proceedings concerning the sampling of food products which were found to have parasites, harmful bacteria, or plant protection products exceeding allowed limits.

Studio Legale Corte is an Italian boutique law firm specialized in food law and related matters.  
Founded in 1921, the firm has been dealing with food legislation for over 100 years.
The partners of Studio Legale Corte are all extremely experienced food lawyers.
Studio Legale Corte assists food producers, importers, large-scale retailers, mass caterers, and trade associations in the food sector.
The legal advice is carried out at EU level, and the defensive activity throughout the national territory.
Studio Legale Corte has its own network of experts in the various sectors related to food law (food chemistry, microbiology, commodities, etc.), who collaborate with the firm on a regular basis in preparing the clients’ defense.

Elena Corte photoAvv Elena CorteElena Corte is a highly specialized food lawyer. Her activity concentrates on…
Paola Corte photoAvv Paola CortePaola Corte is a highly specialized food lawyer. Her activity concentrates on…