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Private equity: PRC firms Tier 4

Merits & Tree Law Offices further strengthened its position in the market with the opening of its Shanghai office in 2018. The group has solid experience in fund formation, fund raising and fund compliance, private equity investment and financing as well as red-chip return and equity incentive transactions. Founding partner Youyuan Jin heads the group from Beijing office, and acts for investment institutions and financing enterprises in a large number of investment, financing and M&A projects at different stages and rounds. Jin advised Riverhead Capital on its RMB1bn financing forShiqiao Group. Yueping Zhong and Shanghai-based Jiang Tao are also recommended.


Both the senior lawyers and the young lawyers, without exception, show extremely responsible dedication and excellent professionalism, which means on any given project, no matter which lawyer we deal with, the team can maintain its high-quality and high-efficiency consistently‘.

Key clients

Blue Mobile Capital

Dragon Cloud


Zhihan (Shanghai) Investment Center

Sequoia Capital

Shanghai Hui Arena Capital Investment Centre

Shanghai Jing Arena Capital Investment centre

Sinovation Ventures

XVC Venture Capital

IDG Capital

Tsinghua Holdings Capital

Riverhead Capital

Merits & Tree Law Offices was established in 2006 under the name of Beijing Hawkhigh Law Offices by a group of experienced professionals with a strong mission and professional drive. It was renamed “Merits & Tree Law Offices” in 2017. The partners of Merits & Tree endeavor to build Merits & Tree as a law firm that is characterized as “honorable, professional, cooperative, enterprising  and friendly”, a law firm that reacts to the evolving and innovating market’s demand for an innovative legal service provider, and provides “professional, full-range and one-stop” legal solutions to meet the increasingly complex and highly creative business requirements of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Merits & Tree’s partners are top-tier experts in the PRC legal services industry, having each practiced in their respective areas of specialization over 10 years in leading international and PRC law firms prior to joining Merits & Tree. They are highly seasoned in project management, organization and execution, and capable of representing complex, challenging and/or ground-breaking transactions or cases. Merits & Tree applies high standards to recruit and train its lawyers with focused on expertise in their respective specialized areas as well as strong commercial mindset and judgment, which enable them to provide professional, adaptive and creative high-level legal services to our clients.

Merits & Tree is organized and managed internally as a corporation, which transcends the boundaries and limitations of traditional “solo practitioners”, leverages the collective wisdom, expertise and experience of all partners and attorneys, and aggregates each attorney’s resources, knowledge and expertise. This corporate and integrated structure and management provide institutional safeguards that enable us to provide “professional, full-range and one-stop” legal solutions to our clients, making an obvious comparative advantages for Merits and Tree in resolving large, complex and cross-border legal service.

  1. Our Positioning

Merits & Tree implements an “integrated” management and operation system. It enables us to gather the most professional strength of the firm to provide legal services at each of “investment(issue-end)”, “transaction(asset-end)” and “exit(dispute-end)” stages along the industry chain to our domestic and foreign clients in corporates, finance and capital markets.

Leveraging its market-leading legal service values, “corporate and integrated” structural foundation and dedicated professionals, Merits & Tree is able to provide professional, differentiated, delicate and innovative legal services to the market and our clients.  We believe that Merits & Tree will prove to be an innovative and trustworthy brand in the legal services industry, providing diversified and individually tailored legal services to our clients.

Department Name Email Telephone
Marketing Department Jacqueline Zhao 86-10-56500906
PE/VC Youyuan Jin 86-10-56500986
Partners : 38
Associates : 80
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