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Paul Richmond - Richmond Chambers Immigration Barristers ‘Efficient, expert, passionate about what he does, focused, thorough, professional, and trustworthy.

Ranked: Tier 4
Alexis Slatter - Richmond Chambers Immigration BarristersAlexis demonstrated an impressive ability to grasp extensive information within a very short time, delivering excellent Judicial Review grounds and went on to secure permission to Judicial Review at oral renewal hearing. His unassuming manner belies insightfulness and an incisive mind.
Ranked: Tier 4

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Richmond Chambers LLP is a practice that, while regulated by the SRA and structured as an LLP, comprises primarily immigration barristers including producing its own via pupillage.



I have found all the clerks that I have dealt with at the chambers very helpful and eager to ensure that the strengths of their chambers and individual barristers are marketed in a fair and effective manner.


Richmond Chambers were the only immigration firm that could bring joy and happiness into my life. They provided me with such an outstanding professional premium service. My personal immigration matters were handled with utmost care indeed. My life has changed for the better ever since I came across Richmond Chambers. We are very grateful for their exceptional service. I cannot speak more highly of them. They are simply THE BEST.

The chambers are of the highest calibre. Very professional and always available to any queries. The regular immigration news update are also very informative and useful, especially when one’s immigration rules is constantly subject to changes.

They do not take any short-cuts. They follow all the right procedures, and they work systematically while collaborating with the client to ensure objectives are met. They are client focussed and they aim to accomplish what they set out to do. They certainly accomplish their goals.

All the team members I have ever dealt with are competent, considerate, independent and cooperative.

Caring and dedicated team.

Chambers are practical legal experts that are extremely professional and friendly.

Great team working here at Richmond Chambers – everyone is so lovely and helpful! Nothing is too much trouble and they always go out of their way to help solve any issues/questions.

Richmond Chambers are very organised. They are very effective in their communications: telephone conservations, emails and letters. They treat their clients with respect as well as handle every case with utmost confidentiality. They are friendly and very professional.

Richmond Chambers consists of dedicated, supportive, highly qualified professionals that go the extra mile to provide high class service. Without a doubt, this set is by far the best.

Very helpful, reliable set, helpful webinars and approachable counsel.

The comprehensiveness of service provided is a key strength is that takes all the stress off of the client’s shoulders: the chamber is responsible for preparing and submitting your entire application pack and assists the client to collect all the required documentation and information in an organised manner.

Based in the heart of Covent Garden, Richmond Chambers Immigration Barristers is a multi-award winning partnership of specialist immigration barristers.

Established in 2013 as the first barrister-only immigration law firm to be authorised in the UK, their immigration barristers have been helping foreign nationals and their families to live, work and study in the UK since the late-nineties.

The firm, widely regarded as the UK’s leading barrister immigration law firm, specialises in providing expert legal advice and representation, directly to individuals and businesses, in relation to all aspects of UK immigration law.

Every client receives advice and representation directly from a specialist immigration barrister, combined with the level of service expected from a trusted law firm.

Personal immigration: Richmond Chambers assists individuals with the full range of personal immigration matters, from preparing visa applications to enter and remain in the UK, to providing representation at appeals before the immigration tribunal and higher courts.

Areas of expertise include Investor Visas, Entrepreneur Visas, Partner & Family Visas, EEA Nationals & Family, Work Visas, Business Visas, Short Stay Visas, Student Visas, Settlement in the UK, British Citizenship and Human Rights.

Business immigration: The firm also provides business decision makers with a range of business immigration services, from preparing sponsor licence applications, to visa applications for employees and advice on compliance.

Areas of expertise include Sponsor Licence Applications, Sponsor Licence Renewals, Sponsor Licence Refusals, Sponsor Licence Suspensions, Sponsor Licence Revocations, Compliance & Civil Penalties.

Business immigration sector specialisms include Private Wealth, Artists and Entertainers, Tech Startups and Digital Talent, Small and Medium Businesses, Research and Innovation, Sportspersons and Journalists and Media Professionals.

The immigration team: The Richmond Chambers immigration team, consisting of 15 immigration barristers and 2 pupil barristers, supported by 10 legal associates and 4 administrators, is one of the most experienced immigration law teams in the UK.

Paul Richmond has over 20 years experience practising UK immigration law.  He is ranked in Legal 500 as a leading immigration barrister, where he is described as “a text-book example of what a responsible and knowledgeable lawyer should be”.

Sarah Giddens was called to the Bar in 1999 and has practised successfully as a barrister for over 17 years. Sarah is one of the founding partners of Richmond Chambers and a key member of the Management Team.

Alexandra Pease has over 16 years experience in UK immigration law specialising in personal migration and is the head of Richmond Chambers’ personal immigration team.

Geraldine Peterson has specialised in immigration law since 1999. With 20 years experience, she has an established reputation for preparing high quality visa and immigration applications for business people, students, and family members seeking leave to enter/remain.

Alexis Slatter has specialised in immigration law for over 18 years. He is ranked in Legal 500 as a leading immigration barrister, where it is noted that: “His unassuming character belies his great strength and exceptional intellect in fighting your case.

Simon Canter specialises in all aspects of appeals related Immigration and Asylum law and is regularly instructed to challenge Home Office immigration decisions at courts ranging from the First Tier Immigration Tribunal to the Court of Appeal.

Jacinta Jones has practised successfully as a barrister for over 10 years in both the domestic and international spheres.  She has expertise in all aspects of immigration and nationality law, with a particular emphasis on human rights issues.

Tanya Murshed has worked in the field of immigration law for over 10 years.  She specialises in all aspects of immigration and nationality law, including cases involving the Points Based System, Family Migration, EEA free movement, Settlement, Citizenship and Human Rights.

Emma Greenwood is an experienced barrister who has been practising immigration law for over 7 years. She has significant expertise across all areas of immigration law, including cases involving the points-based system, family migration, EEA free movement, nationality, asylum and human rights.

Voratida Sangchant was called to the Bar in 2010 and has practised successfully as a barrister for over 7 years.  She has considerable experience as a court advocate and has developed an in-depth understanding of family and private life human rights-based claims.

Gillian McCall has experience assisting individual and business clients with their applications, appeals, judicial reviews and administrative reviews.  Gillian’s wide scope of knowledge of the Immigration Rules and case law allow her to advise clients on all aspects of their immigration cases and suggest suitable options for a successful outcome.

Dr. Catherine Taroni assists both business and individual clients across a broad range of immigration law, including the points-based system, family migration, EEA free movement, nationality, asylum and human rights.

Zarina Rahman works on a broad range of immigration applications and appeals including points-based system, family migration under Appendix FM and outside the Rules, settlement and EEA applications.

Alex Papasotiriou focuses on deprivation of citizenship appeals involving issues of British and international nationality law, judicial review claims against revocation of ILR, human rights applications and appeals involving overstayers, victims of domestic violence and children and EEA and deportation appeals.

Zoe Bantleman has a busy practise covering all aspects of UK immigration law, including the points-based system, family migration, free movement, nationality, deportation, asylum and human rights.

Knowledge Centre: Richmond Chambers’ Knowledge Centre (available in English, Russian, Chinese and Arabic) has an extensive amount of free information on immigration law issues facing both individuals and businesses.  Barristers and legal associates publish several new articles every week, including how-to guides, FAQs, updates on changes in the immigration rules and case-law updates. The articles cover all areas of immigration law and are accessible via a searchable database.

Why choose Richmond Chambers?
Paul Richmond, management partner at Richmond Chambers, says:

“Our immigration barristers have helped scores of individuals and businesses obtain visas for the UK or challenge Home Office immigration decisions, bringing years of knowledge and experience to the table.

We work hard to understand our clients’ plans and objectives. Then we put together the right team, with the right mix of skills, languages and experience, to help our clients get to where they want to be as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

We’re obsessed with excellence and clear communication is vital to what we do. Our barristers work closely with our clients, to make sure that they always know what’s going on and that everything is delivered on time.

Our barristers are passionate about immigration law and bring enthusiasm and commitment to every case they work on. We care about our clients and always go the extra mile to ensure that everything is ‘just right’.”

Department Name Email Telephone
Immigration Barrister Paul Richmond +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Sarah Giddens +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Alexandra Pease +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Geraldine Peterson +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Alexis Slatter +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Simon Canter +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Jacinta Jones +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Tanya Murshed +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Emma Greenwood +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Voratida Sangchant +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Gillian McCall +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Dr. Catherine Taroni +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Zarina Rahman +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Alex Papasotiriou +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Immigration Barrister Zoe Bantleman +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Pupil Barrister Georgina Griggs +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Pupil Barrister Jasmine Theilgaard +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Senior Legal Associate Annie Ee +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Nadine McGarry +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Stefania Patuto +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Wendy Barnes +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Bernard Wood +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Caspar Latham +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Olivia Waddell +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Marianne Schonle +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Plamena Andreeva +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Legal Associate Robin Pickard +44 (0) 203 617 9173
HR & Wellbeing Manager Nancy Holland +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Chambers Administrator Daria Cyc +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Chambers Administrator James Watts +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Chambers Administrator Summer Robson +44 (0) 203 617 9173
Photo Name Position Profile
 Zoe Bantleman  photo Zoe Bantleman Immigration Barrister
 Simon Canter  photo Simon Canter Immigration Barrister
 Sarah Giddens  photo Sarah Giddens Immigration Barrister
 Emma Greenwood  photo Emma Greenwood Immigration Barrister
 Georgina Griggs  photo Georgina Griggs Pupil Barrister
 Jacinta Jones  photo Jacinta Jones Immigration Barrister
 Gillian McCall  photo Gillian McCall Immigration Barrister
 Tanya Murshed  photo Tanya Murshed Immigration Barrister
 Alex Papasotiriou  photo Alex Papasotiriou Immigration Barrister
 Alexandra Pease  photo Alexandra Pease Immigration Barrister
 Geraldine Peterson  photo Geraldine Peterson Immigration Barrister
 Zarina Rahman  photo Zarina Rahman Immigration Barrister
 Paul Richmond  photo Paul Richmond Immigration Barrister
 Voratida Sangchant  photo Voratida Sangchant Immigration Barrister
 Alexis Slatter  photo Alexis Slatter Immigration Barrister
Dr Catherine Taroni  photo Dr Catherine Taroni Immigration Barrister
 Jasmine Theilgaard  photo Jasmine Theilgaard Pupil Barrister
Immigration Barristers : 15
Pupil Barristers : 2
Legal Associates : 10
Administrators : 4
Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)
Twi (Ghanaian)
Bar Association of England and Wales

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity

At Richmond Chambers we put inclusion and diversity at the heart of the way we work, think and run our barrister-only law firm. We are committed to promoting inclusion and believe that a diverse legal team is a more powerful legal team.

What we believe

We’re committed to championing a culture of equality. We understand that equality inspires creativity, drives innovation and leads to a sense of belonging. We believe in empowering our people to be their best, both professionally and personally.

Our diversity helps us bring unique perspectives and skills to the table. And our inclusive culture ensures we can all leverage these unique contributions to the benefit of our clients. As equals, anything is possible.

Our commitments

Gender equality: We are committed to a gender balanced legal team

Persons with disabilities: We embrace best practices for including more persons with disabilities in our legal team

Supporting our LGBTQ+ community: We embrace authenticity at work—including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

CLIENT: Andrea Lewis – Granted leave to remain as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur
TESTIMONIAL: Superb knowledge and professional service – simply excellent. Richmond Chambers provides outstanding service and their knowledge of the UK immigration process and law is unmatched. I recommend Richmond Chambers highly.

CLIENT: John Rogerson – Granted entry clearance as a spouse
TESTIMONIAL: What a fantastic team. After one failed self application we phoned many immigration specialists and … Richmond Chambers came out head and shoulders above the rest. We were carefully guided through the whole settlement visa procedure and no stone was left unturned which resulted in the spouse visa finally being granted by UK immigration. We cannot praise this organisation enough and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing the best professional advice on UK immigration and visas.

CLIENT: James Zhang – Granted a Tier 1 Investor visa
TESTIMONIAL: Richmond Chambers is professional, honest, reputable and experienced. If you would like to prepare a strong UK visa application, you are strongly recommended to contact Richmond Chambers!

CLIENT: Care4U Pharmacy Limited – Employee granted leave to remain as a Tier 2 General migrant
TESTIMONIAL: As an employer, I decided to use Richmond Chamber’s services to apply for a visa extension for one of our key employees – working to a fairly tight deadline. I found their approach to be consistently confident and unflappable, responding to queries and acknowledging receipt of documents quickly and efficiently. If only all businesses were as easy to work with!

CLIENT: Ayodeji Ogundip and Olubukola Ogundipe – Granted entry clearance as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur team
TESTIMONIAL: Professional and detailed. Richmond Chambers has a way of making you feel at ease and confident about your immigration status. Their thoroughness and professionalism is compared to none. I will definitely use Richmond Chambers’ services again and refer them to friends and family.

CLIENT: Tom Gaydon – Granted a UK spouse visa
TESTIMONIAL: Throughout the process the quality of advice we received was excellent … We found everyone in the team to be polite, professional and conscientious, and ultimately they helped the application to be successful which we are extremely grateful for. As and when a further application is required there is nowhere else we would turn for assistance.

English Language Requirement for Spouse Visas

The English language requirement for partner and parent visas was introduced on 29 November 2010 by then Home Secretary Theresa May, who stated at the time that ‘the new English requirement for spouses will help promote integration, remove cultural barriers and protect public services’. This requirement is equally relevant for partner and parent visa applications.

Excessive Absences in an Application for Naturalisation

The British Nationality Act (BNA 1981) allows individuals to naturalise under either section 6(1) or 6(2) of the Act. Section 6(2) applies where an individual is married to a British citizen. An Applicant will need to demonstrate their commitment and future intentions to have their principal home in the UK before they can naturalise as a British citizen. They will also need to satisfy an absence requirement.

Good Character Requirement in Citizenship Applications

The British Nationality Act (BNA 1981) contains a good character requirement, which applies to certain applications for registration and naturalisation for those over 10 years old at the date of application. The good character requirement previously only applied for naturalisation applications, but in 2010 this was extended to other routes to citizenship.

Adequate Maintenance Requirement – Appendix FM

In July 2012, the Immigration Rules were changed to implement new requirements for non-EEA nationals applying to enter or remain in the UK under the family migration route. Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules was subsequently introduced, incorporating an adequate maintenance requirement.

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