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Aliénor Avocats’ primary focus is major construction, industrial projects, and civil engineering works, both in France and abroad. ‘Highly specialised in complex litigation’, the firm is a go-to for contentious construction matters. The team has been working on highly technical matters such as nuclear plant infrastructures and hospital facilities, requiring an in-depth understanding of complex and highly regulated areas. Hélène Bourgine and Anne-Sophie Goapper are the names to note and are highly respected for ‘systematically offering adapted solutions’ and ‘demonstrating great rigour‘. 


‘Aliénor has a team that is highly specialised in complex litigation, while remaining accessible and available.’

‘We had the opportunity to work with Héléne Bourgine and Anne-Sophie Goapper. In addition to their skills, their listening and their availability at all times have enabled us to manage our operations with quality and responsiveness which have given us a head start compared to our opponents.’

‘Aliénor acts, produces and responds as a homogeneous entity, where we perceive a fluidity of exchanges, knowledge, data which, for the client, avoids repetition or reformulation. Aliénor also has experience in the field, but at any time, is ready to go further in new areas, and maintains a high level of research and creativity.’

‘Availability, expertise in our construction trades, correct and to the point assessments are the great qualities of this firm and in particular of Anne-Sophie Goapper. More than just advice, all of our exchanges are very rich and uplift me both professionally and personally.’

‘Above all, great availability, great listening, and in fact a very good understanding of our needs and our problems. Advice that is always judicious, adapted, balanced, and deeply relevant. Everything you would expect from a counsel. Perfect mastery of legal matters with great expertise in construction and public procurement. In short, great professionals with whom I have great pleasure in discussing and working.’

‘Aliénor Avocats is a niche firm specialising in the field of construction and public procurement. It supports its clients in France and abroad on large construction projects both in the call for tenders and execution phases, and during litigation.’

‘Good negotiators, listening to employees to define the best strategy together.’

‘Beyond their undeniable, remarkable skills in public and private markets, in France and internationally, in major construction projects, Hélène Bourgine and Anne-Sophie Goapper are available, responsive and creative. They systematically offer adapted solutions and demonstrate great rigour. Saturnin Champetier de Ribes also has remarkable qualities and great potential. The structure of the firm allows great agility while ensuring a high level of availability and commitment. Strong dynamism of the firm and extremely professional associates.’

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Aliénor Avocats ( is a French Law firm whose primary focus is major construction, industrial projects and civil engineering works, in France and abroad.

In close cooperation with French and international clients, Aliénor Avocats offers creative solutions to assist them and solve the legal issues that may arise throughout the life of a construction project: from the inception of the project, by advising on the legal structure of complex projects, analyzing and drafting contracts, until the delivery of the works and the expiry of the warranty periods.

Aliénor Avocats further represents its clients in the resolution of their disputes, by amicable means to reach effective settlement by Conciliation/ Mediation, Dispute boards, Court ordered and private expert proceedings or by litigation before national courts or international arbitral tribunals.

Over the last years, Aliénor Avocats has successfully assisted major construction companies in the settlement of their disputes pending before arbitral tribunal or national courts by way of amicable settlement in France and abroad.

Aliénor Avocats practice also covers the professional training of project directors and teams of major construction groups on construction contracts and risk management with respect to complex projects.

Aliénor Avocats has developed in-depth knowledge of the corporate world and maintain a worldwide operational network of lawyers and experts to ensure optimal legal assistance for its clients’ national and international multidisciplinary activities.

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