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Slovakia > Dispute resolution Tier 2

The sizeable dispute resolution practice at RELEVANS Law Firm is regularly instructed on a number of high-value matters including post-acquisition arbitrations, shareholder disputes and damages claims for an array of domestic and international clients in sectors such as logistics, real estate, energy, infrastructure, life sciences, transport and media. The highly regarded team has experience acting at various courts and authorities including the European Court of Human Rights. Insolvency proceedings and title claims also feature in its recent caseload. litigators Alexander Kadela and Tomáš Bardelčík jointly lead the practice.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Kadela; Tomáš Bardelčík


‘The quality of their work is outstanding in the market. For many years now, the team has been known for handling large, high-profile legal proceedings. As a client, I would like to work with a firm that has such enormous resources and experience. Compared to other law firms, the enormous experience and depth of the team is certainly outstanding. They are always extremely prepared and competent. Their legal support is efficient and professional, leaving the customer always updated and properly informed at every stage. Always one step ahead. ’

‘The managing partner, Alexander Kadela, is an exceptional lawyer with the highest sense of strategy and visionary approach. He is simply the best when it comes to litigation.’

‘I would like to mention specially the following lawyers: Alexander Kadela, Tomáš Bardelčík. Mr. Kadela is an incredible lawyer with extraordinary strategic thinking. His strong knowledge and expertise as well as great negotiating skills provide best possible outcomes. Mr. Bardelčík is also an experienced lawyer. I appreciate his negotiating skills, expertise and professionalism.’

‘I consider them the best lawyers to know and to rely on. Partners are engaged in our cases and I hear from them often; which makes me feel well-supported and comforted, knowing there is a senior set of eyes following progress.’

‘I would like to highlight Alexander Kadela and Tomáš Bardelčík.’

‘Alexander Kadela is a great lawyer. Moreover, he is a remarkable leader.’

‘I appreciate the professional approach of lawyers, their above-average commitment, and their dedication. They go far beyond what is common. They pay attention to every detail.’

‘I consider their approach, professionalism and overall quality of their output as highly positive.’

‘Mr. Alexander Kadela has a high level of expertise and experience. and he is the lawyer we can rely on in any complex and difficult matter. Moreover, positive outcomes in many individual cases were achieved under his management.’ 

‘A very experienced litigation team. They are very well oriented in tactics and also the whole procedures in front of the court. They are always perfectly prepared.’

‘Mr. Alexander Kadela is a managing partner who is also very well oriented in litigation procedures. He personally puts a lot of effort and experience in the case, which is not always the case for managing partners.’ 

Key clients

Poštová banka, a.s.

Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s.

Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s.

Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska

Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s.

Slovakia > Real estate and construction Tier 2

RELEVANS Law Firm’s experience with large-scale projects makes it a popular choice for major real estate developers operating in the local market. The team advises on a significant number of complex municipal and mixed-use commercial and residential developments, drawing on its varied expertise in permitting, zoning, construction contracting and infrastructure. Real estate financing, leasing and operations matters also feature in its recent mandates, which the firm regularly advises leading facility services providers, retail networks and investment funds. Practice head Marián Masarik and senior associate Pavol Solár are the key names to note.

Practice head(s):

Marián Masarik

Other key lawyers:


‘The firm provides complex legal services to our company, not only in real estate law, but also on our corporate agenda, represents our company in disputes, etc. They work in specialised departments and teams which leads to better organisation and acquisition of deep knowledge and experience in their key areas. They are very easy to communicate with. Their team is stable and very strong. We really value the level of experience and their knowledge.’

‘RELEVANS employs and works with many outstanding and knowledgeable lawyers. I would like to mention Petra Začková Vojtášová and Eduard Pajdlhauser for real estate agenda, Marián Masarik and Martina Martáková for corporate law and transaction, Alexander Kadela and Tomáš Bardelčík for litigation. All of them are exceptional lawyers .’

‘In my opinion, RELEVANS is unique in its open, collaborative work approach with clients and in its approach to support legal solutions that are practical and rational.’

‘Pavol Solár always provides clear and pragmatic advice. He was able to focus on the key issues in a manner distinct from others with whom I have worked.’

‘I can say they are simply trustworthy. After years of cooperation we have created a great business relationship, where both parties know what to expect and what to do without big explanations. Knowing the quality of their work makes our dealings easygoing. ’

‘Pavol Solár, Eduard Pajdlhauser and Petra Začková Vojtášová are the lawyers to be mentioned and recommended in real estate agenda. They are very effective and detail-oriented, with strong technical knowledge.’

‘I strongly recommend Alexander Kadela, who I believe is the leading lawyer in Slovakia in the litigation area. Alexander combines a visionary approach with high commercial awareness and he is able to provide practical advice within challenging timescales.’

‘In M&A transactions, we cooperate mostly with Marián Masarik and Martina Martakova. I consider these lawyers to be very skilled, very professional and reliable.’

Key clients




Danube Facility Services

Terno Slovensko


Zuckermandel Byty

VSV Consulting

Slovakia > Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 3

RELEVANS Law Firm provides end-to-end advice on a variety of financing transactions, securities matters and financial regulatory issues. The team is particularly noted for advising domestic banks, asset managers and commercial borrowers on real estate, telecoms and IT project financing and loan negotiations. Founding partner Marián Masarik heads up the practice group and specialises in project finance.

Practice head(s):

Marián Masarik


‘I would like to specially mention the following lawyers: Alexander Kadela and Tomas Bardelcik. Mr. Alexander Kadela is an incredible lawyer with extraordinary strategic thinking. His strong knowledge and expertise as well as great negotiating skills provide best possible work guarantee. Mr. Tomas Bardelcik is also experienced lawyer. I appreciate his negotiating skills, expertise and professionalism.’

‘Marian Masarik is an outstanding negotiator. He is a great diplomat, but he can also push when needed.’

‘Relevans frequently provides us with complex legal advice at every stage of the transaction. They are problem solvers who take a sincere and personal interest. I like the most that they provide comprehensive services and facilitation of administrative processes. They are never caught off guard, they are always prepared. Even in unpredictable circumstances with strange results, they are ready to address each and every situation professionally. We appreciate their keen commercial awareness of our business, which is dynamic and constantly changing. They are really flexible and able to adapt and adopt changing commercial acumen. They are always up-to-date on the latest deals, transactions, legislative changes and other relevant developments such that they are able to understand and appreciate both the big picture as well as contemplate micro-level analysis.’

‘I honestly like to work with RELEVANS. First of all, because of the excellent services they provide (we can definitely rely on their advisory skill) and secondly, because of our special relationship with the lawyers in the team.’

‘I have known Marian Masarik for a long period of time. He is clear, professional, smart and strategic. He knows how to push even the most stubborn counter-parties. His knowledge of the legal field is stand-out. I can always rely on him in any difficult and complex legal situation. I would also like to mention Martina Martakova, a very knowledgeable, effective and reliable lawyer.’

Key clients


Poštová banka, a.s.




SWAN a.s.

Slovakia > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

RELEVANS Law Firm stands out for its 'responsiveness, analytical skills and personal attitude and commitment from each individual lawyer'. Clients benefit from its interdisciplinary approach, with the firm advising on a range of transactional matters for various Slovak banks, financial groups, real estate developers and commercial clients in agriculture, IT, infrastructure, healthcare and retail. Founding partner and transactional specialist Marián Masarik leads the team.

Practice head(s):

Marián Masarik


‘Great help, determination, analytical skills, and hard work. I appreciate that always resolve matters quickly.’

‘Marián Masarik always made the effort to understand the finer details and the bigger picture, and never missed the deadline: ace lawyer!’

‘Relevans deserve praise for the complexity of the services and areas covered, dealing with each topic in detail and thinking about all possible alternatives and problems. This was a unique experience in comparison with previous experiences with law firms. ’

‘Knowledge and know-how, experiences and personal attitude and commitment from each individual. Special thanks to Marián Masarik for the complexity of his legal advice, including understanding the business side and risks associated.’

Key clients

Sandberg Capital, správ. spol., a.s.

Zuckermandel Byty, s.r.o.

Sanagro a.s.


Poštová banka, a.s.

City Arena, a.s.

RELEVANS Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Slovakia established in 2011. RELEVANS provides clients with comprehensive legal services in every field of their professional and private lives. The firm represents top clients in various industries and business sectors — private clients as well as corporations. For instance, three Slovak mayor banks, TV broadcasters, energy companies, railway companies, finance groups, IT companies and many more. RELEVANS is a reliable and well-known business partner, to whom clients can turn in confidence at any time, because they know the firm will help them solve everyday issues, as well as the most difficult legal problems.

In 2020 RELEVANS was named the second largest law firm in Slovakia based on the annual Slovak Spectator Report. The legal team is comprised of outstanding professionals in all areas of the firm’s expertise, with long lasting experience gained through solving the most diverse legal cases. Thanks to its experienced legal professionals, the firm has become one of leading law firms in litigation, real estate and the development industry, as well as in M&A and corporate law.

Based in Bratislava, the firm has the advantage of a uniquely strategic accessibility to provide its legal services not only to Slovak clients, but also to entrepreneurs and international companies seeking to protect their rights and interests within the whole CEE region.

RELEVANS offers:

  • excellent knowledge of the Slovak legal system and business environment,
  • strategic thinking and innovative solutions,
  • high workload,
  • dynamic and pro-client business approach,
  • deep engagement and effective communication with both, client and counterparty,
  • compliance with the highest standards of professionalism and ethical standards.

Main areas of practice
Dispute resolution: The litigation agenda is one of the key practice areas of RELEVANS, with a strong team of experienced procedural lawyers. The specialized team represents both domestic and foreign clients before general courts, the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, the European Court of Human Rights, and in arbitration proceedings as well.

The disputes in which RELEVANS represents its clients cover many areas of law. However, the law firm has gained most of its experience mainly in the areas of ​​damages litigation, litigation relating to the protection of competition, the protection of intellectual property, banking law, tax law, financial law, the protection of personality rights and the reputation of legal entities, constitutional law and administrative law.

Our legal services include

  • a thorough analysis of facts and evidence
  • assessment of risks of the client’s legal status
  • procedural strategy development
  • consultations during the preparatory phase of the dispute resolution as well as during the ongoing proceedings
  • negotiation and representation of the client in out-of-court dispute resolution
  • drafting of all types of filings, including pre-trial notices, actions, proposals, statements, and ordinary as well as extraordinary remedies
  • representation in proceedings before general courts, the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, the European Court of Human Rights, as well as in arbitration proceedings
  • assistance in enforcement of decisions

Selected reference cases:

  • Defendant representation in a dispute on invalidity of legal acts exceeding the value of 584m EUR
  • Representation of Mr MGrund, Mr R Hrubý, companies ADS Property and Carlton Property in numerous disputes publicly known as the Carlton Case (together more than 30 civil, administrative and criminal proceedings with the approximate value of the major ones approx 200m EUR)
  • Representation of Poštová banka in a dispute on identification of claim authenticity exceeding the value of 166m EUR
  • Defendant representation of Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia and Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko in a dispute on payment of damages including appurtenances exceeding the value of 90m EUR
  • Representing MEDICAL CARE HOLDING LIMITED in a dispute over damages of more than 50m EUR due to profit payment restrictions to shareholders of private health insurance company

Key clients: ZSSK Cargo, Poštová banka, Carlton Property
Contact: Alexander Kadela
Tel: +421 323 54 610

Real estate: RELEVANS has a leading position in the Slovak legal services market in real estate, development, and construction. Comprehensive professional advice is delivered to our clients through extensive team of lawyers with years of experience with all kinds of transactions and development, construction, and retail projects.

The renowned quality of our services is guaranteed by the involvement of our lawyers starting from the transaction structuring, corporate setup of project companies, project financing and securing, and down to the permitting and approval phases, sales, leases and management of individual real properties or contractual relationships with suppliers.

Our legal services include

  • legal due diligence of real estate and projects
  • legal advice on zoning, building and final inspection permit procedures
  • legal support and advice in development, planning, and construction of real estate properties
  • advice in purchase / sale and lease of real estate, mostly residential, non-residential, wholesale and retail premises, office, and industrial premises
  • advice on and drafting of contractual documentation in accordance with the FIDIC international standards
  • drafting of all associated contractual documentation according to the client’s needs and project (acquisition contracts, lease and sub-lease relations, pledge contracts and in-rem property rights contracts, drafts of documentation required for the execution of decisions on registration and many others

Selected reference projects:

  • Legal advisory to buyer in relation to the purchase of three shopping centers in Spain (approx 500m EUR)
  • Legal advisory to a Slovak real estate developer in relation to creation of Eurovea City in Bratislava (new city district)
  • Legal advisory to a buyer on the acquisition of a premium parcel in London South in cooperation with British law firm (approx 450m  EUR)
  • City Center Nové Lido in Bratislava – legal advice on approval process and preparation for construction of city centre on Petržalka side of Danube and related infrastructure, including drafting of all contractual documentation and representation before third parties
  • Sale of Logistic Parks – legal services provided to a number of sellers on sale of logistic parks portfolio in Devínska Nová Ves in Bratislava, Nitra and Trnava to a significant foreign investor – CTP group

Key clients: J&T REAL ESTATE, Eurovea
Contact: Alexander Kadela
Tel: +421 323 54 610

Corporate and M&A: RELEVANS provides legal advice on the implementation of investment projects of domestic and foreign investors in the most diverse market segments, whether in share deals, asset deals, transfers of undertakings or any part thereof, implementation of mergers, joint ventures or other forms of M&A setups. Among its clients are strategic investors, banks, financial groups, domestic and foreign trading companies, as well as private individuals.

Regarding corporate law, we take care of all areas of corporate law for a company, as well as its corporate governance (over 250 active companies).

Regarding competition law, we cover not only legal disputes in this field, but also the competition law from the business and corporate perspective.

The issues covered by this practice area arise not only in connection with the intended or implemented transactions, representation of clients before the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic and in related court proceedings, but also when providing legal support to clients in relation to the correct set-up of internal relations and their business activities.

Selected reference projects:

  • Legal advisory in creation of joint enterprise of shareholders of Benestra and SWAN, which created the fourth biggest operator in Slovakia
  • Legal advisory to seller related to the sale of majority package of shares in EPH (approx 3bn EUR)
  • Legal advice provided to a potential buyer on acquisition of 100% share in a Slovak bank
  • Representation of buyer in acquisition of ownership interests in leading webhosting companies WY Group and Webglobe – Yegon
  • Legal advice provided toan important holding company operating in agricultural manufacturing sector on acquisition of entrepreneur of agricultural products and plant commodities.

Key clients: SWAN, Sandberg Capital, J&T FINANCE GROUP SE
Contact: Marián Masarik
Tel: +421 323 54 620

Banking and finance: Regarding our services, we represent banks, financial institutions as well as private individuals. We provide advice to debtors in project´ financing, to issuers of bonds with the respective procedure of bonds issuance, to owners (subscribers) of the issued bonds with their rights and obligations fulfilment. We also provide complex legal advice to a branch of a foreign bank from the perspective of its day-to-day agenda, ie advice for performance of the bank´s business activities.

In addition to the renowned transaction lawyers, there is also a highly specialized group of lawyers engaged in banking and finance, who have acquired their experience during their previous jobs in banks and financial groups, as well as studying banking and financial law. They use their knowledge and experience to advice banks, financial institutions, companies regulated on financial markets as well as other entities when financing various projects and transactions.

Selected legal advisory:

  • Representation of debtor in syndicated bank financing of construction of the 1st residential skyscraper in Slovakia, forming part of Eurovea II Complex
  • Legal advisory to sole subscriber in relation to issuance of bonds with a transaction volume of 120,5m EUR
  • Legal advisory to debtor in relation to the financing of construction of the Zuckermandel project by Československá obchodná banka and a syndicate of banks led by Poštová banka
  • Legal advice provided to an owner of bonds of value of 135m EUR in connection with claiming its rights under the terms of their issue, representation in negotiations and before representatives of the issuer, as well as in analyzing of the issuer’s requests
  • Performance of a legal audit of a bank, including the assessment of providing loans and consumer credits, deposits and other banking transactions, and issues associated with the supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia

Key clients: Poštová banka, J&T BANKA
Contact: Marián Masarik
Tel: +421 323 54 620

Managing partner: Alexander Kadela
Number of partners: 5
Number of lawyers: 38
Languages: Slovak, English, German, French

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation and arbitration Alexander Kadela +421 2 323 54 610
Real estate / development / construction industry Alexander Kadela +421 2 323 54 610
Mergers and acquisitions Marián Masarik +421 2 323 54 620
Banking / securities / finance Marián Masarik +421 2 323 54 620
PR, HR, Marketing, Corporate Culture Lucia Baranová +421 2 323 54 608
Office management Office +421 2 323 54 602
Photo Name Position Profile
JUDr Lucia Baranová  photo JUDr Lucia Baranová Partner
JUDr Tomáš Bardelčík  photo JUDr Tomáš Bardelčík Partner
JUDr Alexander Kadela  photo JUDr Alexander Kadela Managing Partner
Mgr Marián Masarik photo Mgr Marián Masarik Partner
Lucia Baranová :
Slovak Bar Association

CLIENT: Martin Bahurinský, General Director at Legal Section

COMPANY/FIRM: Železnicná spolocnost Slovensko

TESTIMONIAL: Undoubtedly, RELEVANS is one of the great counsels in litigation matters.

I especially appreciate the professional approach of its lawyers to the conduct of proceedings, their superior commitment and soundness. By the quality of their legal services, they far exceed the quality of what, in Slovak law firms, is considered to be normal and customary. I know that I can rely on their excellent performance

CLIENT: Igor Nagy, Ex – CEO


TESTIMONIAL: Alexander Kadela is an outstanding litigator with extraordinary strategic thinking, who is capable of anticipating every move of the opposing party and is always one step ahead. He has an eye for detail and an unbelievably great working attitude

CLIENT: Michal Rybovic, Executive


TESTIMONIAL: We appreciate the RELEVANS Law Firm M&A team mainly because of their high professionalism, reliability, flexibility and ability to comprehensively address even the most demanding transactions and cases

CLIENT: Radoslav Mokrý, Member of the Board


TESTIMONIAL: When the need to address transaction advising occurs, with confidence I always turn to Marián Masarik. I especially appreciate his negotiation skills, his high quality, highly efficient work and, last but not least, his client and human approach. Thanks to his wide transactional experience and understanding of our business, he always helps find the most appropriate setting and structure of the transaction. During our several years of collaboration, Marian has never failed to comply with any agreed date

CLIENT: Lea Bezáková, Director of Legal Services

COMPANY/FIRM: Poštová banka

TESTIMONIAL: RELEVANS Law Firm provides its clients with legal services at a high professional level and with a massive degree of humanity and loyalty. The combination of these attributes makes RELEVANS Law Firm a unique and reliable partner.

CLIENT: Peter Remenár, CFO


TESTIMONIAL: Precise in details, efficient with work. It is clearly a team to work with.

CLIENT: Alena Meszárošová, Director of Legal & Claims Recovery

COMPANY/FIRM: Slovenská zárucná a rozvojová banka

TESTIMONIAL: RELEVANS Law Firm is professionally ready to respond to the needs of legal support in a timely manner and to provide legal advice to the bank in the whole range of banking and related activities, including representation in dispute proceedings. We use the services of this law firm when we need to resolve issues that are of key importance for us.

CLIENT: Pavel Pelikán, CEO


TESTIMONIAL: RELEVANS is clearly No. 1 in provision of legal advising for real estate, construction and development. J & T REAL ESTATE have used the legal services of RELEVANS many times, and every time we experienced maximum quality and satisfaction with their legal services, their approach to their work, efficiency, flexibility and the speed of the delivered services.