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Ahlawat & Associates (A&A)  is one of the leading law firms in India delivering the legal and business solutions to domestic and international clients from diverse sectors. Apart from having a large presence in India, A&A is also well established in U.K, Japan and Korea. The firm has dedicated desks for these territories which are headed by specialists who are foreign residents. A&A is perhaps the only Law Firm in India to offer end to end solutions to clients which help them eliminate the difficulties faced by clients when they enter India. A&A has over a period helped numerous clients in foreign direct investments and also assisted them in setting up their business in India.

A&A was established in Delhi in the year 1978 by the Founding Partner Mrs. Avnish Ahlawat and within a short duration became a leading litigation Law Firms in Delhi.

With the arrival of Uday S. Ahlawat and Tania Ahlawat, A&A started its journey towards becoming a full service law firm with the unique ability to not only understand the nuances of large businesses but also take care of Start-ups and advice them form the time of setting till such time they raise funding.

Over the years A&A has been recognised and awarded by various forums as one of the leading law firms in India in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions, Foreign Direct Investment Corporate Advisory and Dispute Resolution.

Apart from the above the partners have individually also been recognised as the top lawyers in India in their respective practice areas.


A&A currently advices clients from over 20 jurisdictions across the globe. Our approach to legal services enables us to simplify the most complicated processes of setting up which has been the biggest roadblock for companies/businesses when they come into India. Once they are in India A&A also takes care of the day to day legal issues of the client by acting as their in-house legal counsel, this ability is quite unique to A&A and is one of the practice areas the international client rely very heavily on. Moreover with country specific teams with language and business expertise, A&A clients have been given the comfort they need to operate in the Indian market.

U.K. Desk

Our U.K. desk is co-led by Nisha Karavadra, who is a U.K. qualified solicitor. Before joining hands with A&A, Nisha was associated with the Department of International Trade (previously known as U.K. Trade & Investment – UKTI), the trade-arm of the U.K. Government. During her tenure with the UKTI, Nisha worked closely with industrialists and High Net-worth Individuals and assisted them with their FDI related issued, market entry and immigration. With Nisha, the firm has now developed the unique ability to advise clients who are doing business in India and U.K.

Japanese Desk

We have engaged the services of Japanese Nationals residing in India who use their professional educational experience to both address amanuensis requirements coupled with sharp astute skills to develop business relationships while maintaining the social and native ethnicities required to sustain the association. We believe that our practice has earned us not only an expansive Japanese clientele but also laid a base for ensuring a long-term relationship for constant engagement.

Korea Desk

South Korea is a special strategic partner of India and the strengthening of economic relations between the two nations has led to a major expansion in investments, especially in the technology sector.

A&A has collaborated with Wevio Korea Inc. (“Wevio”), one of the leading Korean Company to act as a catalyst to those Korean Companies who are looking to enter the Indian market either directly or through joint ventures, mergers, technology transfer arrangements, etc. Wevio has been providing one of the leading Business Development Company for the last 20 years and has a proven track record of assisting Korean companies with their strategy to enter into various markets. Wevio is also working very closely with KIAT (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology) to assist technology companies to enter the Indian market.

With their combined capability A&A and Wevio are providing a one-stop solution to their clients and offering services extend across diverse sectors of industry and assisting Korean companies in foreign direct investments, business setup, technology transfer arrangements, IP strategy

With this collaboration, A&A not only has the knowledge and experience but also the Korean language skills which help us understand the requirement of the client better and enables us to fulfill all their requirements.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate Commercial Practice Uday Singh Ahlawat +91-11- 41023400
General Corporate, Employment, Corporate Compliance Tania Walia Ahlawat +91-11- 41023400
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Ms Tania Ahlawat, Co- Managing Partner  photo Ms Tania Ahlawat, Co- Managing Partner

Co- Managing Partner

Mrs Avnish Ahlawat, Founding Partner  photo Mrs Avnish Ahlawat, Founding Partner

Founding Partner

Mr Uday Singh Ahlawat, Managing Partner  photo Mr Uday Singh Ahlawat, Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Ms Nisha Karavadra, Co- Lead UK-India Practice  photo Ms Nisha Karavadra, Co- Lead UK-India Practice

Co- Lead UK-India Practice

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