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Intellectual property Tier 1

Anand and Anand is a full-service IP boutique fielding experts in all litigation and prosecution services. Managing partner Pravin Anand represents multinational pharmaceuticals companies in high-stakes patent litigation, including novel High Court proceedings concerning genus and species patents. Vaishali Mittal is a leading name in patented technology litigation, specifically regarding standard essential patents in the telecoms sector. Patent attorney Arpita Kulshretha regularly assists with prosecutions, revocations before the IPAB and oppositions before the Indian Patent Office. Trade mark filing and oppositions and copyright licensing services are also handled by the team which includes Dhruv Anand and associate Siddhant Chamola.

Anand and Anand is a full-service IP law firm established in 1923 with offices in New Delhi, Noida, Chennai and Mumbai.

Ranked as a topmost Tier 1 law firm in Asia, Anand and Anand is recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise, credibility and matchless innovative and creative solutions.

The firm is professionally managed by a partnership board comprising 32 partners and directors, supported by a management team comprising CEO, CFO and CIO. It currently employs over 400 professionals, including over 130 qualified attorneys / engineers, paralegals and researchers.

Anand and Anand handles copyright, trade mark and patent protection, licensing, enforcement and commercialisation ventures for a wide array of clients, from leading industries to brand owners in both the domestic and global markets, earning it a position of pride amongst Tier 1 law firms. The firm’s litigation arm handles infringement, passing off and counterfeiting disputes, domain name enforcement, and trade mark dilution and has decades of experience in dispute resolution.

From leading luxury brands, pharmaceutical to technology majors, consumer goods manufacturers to policymakers and from art to entertainment, the firm represents the world’s most famous brand owners, leading industries and eminent personalities who rely on its rich experience for protection of their intellectual property.

The firm derives its strength from its vision which has evolved over the years from ‘360 Degrees IP’ to expand into new directions, some of which are appurtenant to IP while others are merely tethered to IP.

Anand and Anand is committed to pushing the boundaries when it comes to change in substantive and procedural law. A host of cases over time have modified the law towards stronger IP protection at the firm’s instance and the law reports are rife with cases to support this claim. It is on account of these efforts that, despite being a specialist firm, Anand and Anand is ranked in the top 10 law firms in India along with all other general law firms according to well reputed surveys over many years.

With its innovative foresight to develop IP jurisprudence, the firm has not just protected the intellectual property of its clients but has also demystified complex legal issues and addressed various legal lacunas facing innovators.

A name to reckon with when speaking of IP landmarks, the firm has created many firsts since its inception. Be it the order on software patenting or India’s first post-trial SEP judgment or  single-colour trademark, DNA testing in case of disputes IPR in plant variety or issues concerning species-genus patent, the firm has expanded the scope of IP protection.

The firm’s out of the box strategies for successful enforcement of IPR has created an atmosphere of deterrence through punitive and exemplary damages and also aggravated damages, as against conventional compensatory damages, for repeat IP infringers operating as international syndicates. A unique trend heralded by the firm is that of social damages in case of trademark infringement where our clients have, on our advice, given up hefty monetary damages for the sake of the larger public good and welfare of the underprivileged.

It also believes in expanding India’s IP index by constantly educating various stakeholders including our attorneys, engineers, clients and enforcement agencies about IP rights and protection through Continuous Legal Education (CLE) programmes.

Anand and Anand’s innovative approach towards IP is reflected in pioneering initiatives the firm has taken in order to develop unique IP concepts and products including an ‘IP Board Game’, India’s first IP themed play ‘Brainchild’, IP comic- Adventures of Mr. IP, compilation of legendary IP matters in the form of a coffee table book “IPONOMICS” and digital newspaper ‘IP Thinker’.

Key partners in the firm hold leadership positions in industry associations like FDCI, INTA, FICCI and ASSOCHAM who rely on our thought leadership in avant garde areas such as Brand Valuation.

Areas of practice: Committed to 360 Degrees IP and beyond, the firm’s key practice areas include: Patents and Designs, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Trademarks, Copyrights, Plant Variety and Bio-Diversity, Media and Entertainment, Advertising and Product Liability, Packaging and Labelling, Art Law, Fashion Law, Essentiality evaluation, Franchising, Sports Law, Brand Strategy, Geographical Indications, Competition Law, Contractual and Commercial IP, Trade Secret, Licencing, Customs and White-Collar and IP Crimes.


  • MIP Firm of the Year 2020, 2019 for Patent Contentious
  • MIP – IP Stars 2020 – Tier 1 law firm – Trademark contentious & Trademark Prosecution
  • Asia IP – Trademark 2019
  • IBLJ India Law Firm Award – IP Enforcement and Protection, Litigation, Media & Entertainment
  • The Indian Law Firm Awards 2019-Firm of the Year – Media and Entertainment – Anand and Anand & Khimani
  • FT- Most Innovative Lawyers Asia Pacific Awards 2019- FT 25- Ranked amongst Most Innovative Law Firms in Asia Pacific (A position the firm has maintained for last five years);
  • Most Innovative Lawyers Asia Pacific Awards 2019- Standout- Philips first SEP Litigation Judgement;
  • Most Innovative Lawyers Asia Pacific Awards 2019- Highly Commended- CRT
  • Most Innovative Lawyers Asia Pacific Awards 2019-Commended- Monsanto and
  • Most Innovative Lawyers Asia Pacific Awards 2019-Commended-Leveraging the Value of Intangibles
  • IAM 1000- Firm of the Year- Prosecution and Strategy; Enforcement and Litigation
  • WTR 1000 – Firm of The Year- Prosecution and Strategy; Enforcement and Litigation
  • Asia IP – Tier 1 Recommended firm – Copyright, Patent Prosecution, Patent Contentious, Trademark Prosecution and Contentious
  • IAM- Global IP Awards 2019- India Patent Firm of the Year 2019
  • ALB-Intellectual Property Law Firm of the year
  • Asia Law Profile Rankings- Notable Firm Dispute Resolution
  • IDEX legal Awards – IP Law firm of the year
  • Legal Era Awards – IP Law firm and Patent Litigation firm of the year
Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation and dispute resolution Pravin Anand
Patents & Design Archana Shanker
Trademark & Contractual & Commercial IP Safir Anand
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Safir Anand photo Mr Safir Anand Senior Partner and Head of Department (Trademarks, Contractual and Commercial IP) 
Mr Pravin Anand photo Mr Pravin Anand Managing Partner. Intellectual Property, Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Mr M.S. Bharath  photo Mr M.S. Bharath Senior Partner – Practice Lead
Ms Vaishali Mittal photo Ms Vaishali Mittal Partner & Strategist
Miss Archana Shanker photo Miss Archana Shanker Senior Partner and Head of Department – Patents and Designs
Number of lawyers : 111
Managing Partner : Pravin Anand
Senior Partner and Head of Department : Safir Anand
Senior Partner and Head of Department : Archana Shanker
Senior Partner, Practice Lead : M.S. Bharath
Partner & Strategist : Vaishali Mittal

The Constitution of India guarantees every individual right to equality. Just like ‘Unity in Diversity’ is one of India’s most powerful characteristics, we at Anand and Anand celebrate plurality and promote a culture of equity and inclusion.

We abide by our Constitutional Ethics and all our individual and collective activities are a manifestation of our solemn resolve to perform our Fundamental Duties.

Diversity at Workplace
The firm is deeply committed to recruiting, mentoring and promoting professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our idea of distribution of meaningful opportunities and leadership roles transcends all barriers of caste, creed, sex, region or religion and any other prejudices and stereotypes.

Diversity has been the cornerstone of Anand and Anand since its inception in the 1920s. We have one of the most diverse gene pool comprising professionals with different talents, background, experiences and cultures. Though diversity comes with different personalities, the firm promotes brotherhood which in turn enables us to think innovatively and serve our clients better.

The firm is also unique in the number of women in managerial and leadership roles which stands at 52 as against 57 men while the women in executive role outnumber male counterparts.

Community Involvement
Much like our tireless advocacy to our clients, our commitment to the communities is determined and our actions are ever mindful of larger public good.

Promoting Scientific Temper and Humanism
Our attorneys are consistently engaged in educating different sections of society – from school students and college-goers to enforcement agencies about various facets of IPR. All these engagements are pro bono. This is besides the firm always being open to training young IP enthusiasts through physical and virtual internships.

Protecting and Improving Environment & Compassion for all lives
Our knowledge legacy is rife with cases where the firm has married IPR and social damages to help the underprivileged or those suffering – be it man, animal or environment.

In Aktiebolaget Volvo vs Vineet Kumar, the first civil suit to be filed during the Lockdown, the cost paid by the defendant went towards treatment of a COVID-19 patient. In another case of trade mark infringement, the cost went to Friendicoes Animal Centre for distressed stray animals.

Ensuring a better future for our less fortunate children and youth and alive to the menace of malnutrition, we gave up monetary damages in the Hermes case in lieu of the repeat trade mark infringer supplying mid-day meals to 10 government schools and an NGO called “Bachhiyon Ka Ghar” and sanitary napkins for underprivileged girl students.

This resonates with our earlier matter where an infringer of Ray-Ban glasses donated 500 sunglasses to Blind Relief Association.
We do not hesitate to go beyond IP when it comes to serving mankind as proved by a recent case where our Litigation Partner secured free medical aid for children with rare genetic disorders after a five-year long legal battle fought pro bono.

Speaking of our ecological commitments, Anand and Anand is innovating ways to cut its use of paper. Used paper is handed over to an NGO engaging poor artisans in making papier-mâché products. In the Merck patent matter, we gave up hefty damages in lieu of the infringer planting 1,40,000 trees in Delhi.

With Diversity as our backbone and our commitment to reforms, Anand and Anand is made “Of the People, By the People, For the People”.


Mr Pravin Anand, Managing Partner

What has been your greatest achievement, in a professional and personal capability?

In my view, my greatest achievement has been to remain focussed in the field of Intellectual Property despite distractions of other branches of law which at times appeared far more lucrative. 

Maintaining focus also called for protecting the creative interests of Intellectual Property innovators and right holders at the cost of losing major work from the other side. 

Speaking of greatest achievements, one which always comes to my mind is the ability to spread awareness about importance of Intellectual Property in our lives. I have been able to do this through a vast network of co-professionals, Judges, Academicians, students, government officials and journalists over the past 40 years. It feels great to have been able to inculcate in thousands of individuals the love and passion for IP. 

This process of fostering love for IP has led to creation of some pioneering IP knowledge exchange platforms and knowledge material including the Raj Anand Moot Court Competition; plays on Intellectual Property; a Board Game ‘Anaryst’ to teach intellectual property; essay competitions; smart trials; a first day cover design for the government; ‘IP Man’- a Comic Book on Intellectual Property, Digital Newspaper ‘IP Thinker’ and assignment-based virtual internship program which was launched during COVID-19 induced lockdown to provide a platform to law students to learn while stranded at home and explore the wonderful world of IPR. 

What do you do differently from your peers in the industry?

In my view, I started off by thinking of not only the interests of the clients that we represent, but also the development of the law. Though this approach often called for some reasonable compromises, it turned out to be beneficial in the long run.  I believe my peers would think differently. 

Another thing that I do a little differently is to focus on training as many people – whether from the Firm or outside – so that a deep admiration for Intellectual Property spreads to every nook and corner of the country. Thinking of larger interests, much beyond the firm, is somewhat different from the approach of others.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

A piece of advice I would give to my younger self would be an important lesson I have learnt from my own experience.  It is to have an honest approach before the Judges as I firmly believe that building trust within the system – with clients, Judges and amongst your colleagues, juniors and peers is an extremely important component of success. 

Can you give me a practical example of how you helped a client add value to the business?

Advice to clients ranges from: 

(a) Helping them reach a clear decision such as defining the scope of their invention or deciding the terms of a license for assessing damages; 

(b) Giving them an honest opinion, in a bad case, to settle and get out of the death trap; 

(c) Strategizing complex Intellectual Property matters such as mega patent litigation. 

Within your sector, what do you think will be the biggest challenge for clients over the next 12 months?

It is unlikely that there would be one singular challenge which will dwarf the others and pose itself as the “biggest” faced by clients and IP right holders over the next twelve months. Covid-19 is a classic black swan event, which has upset the established order (in every nation) at each level. It is the combination of myriad difficulties arising out of the shock to the established order, which will pose as a great challenge over the next year or till balance is restored, whichever is earlier.  Though it is difficult to speculate obstacles on a yearlong road, a few difficulties which can be reasonably estimated are: 

(i) Easy access to the justice system – Pre-Covid, the burdening of courts was one of the greatest challenges before our judicial system. However, this also was an indicator of the large number of cases being litigated, which in-turn indicated that a large number of people did come to Court looking for redressal of their disputes.  Post-Covid, courts will be cautious in entertaining every grievance of litigants, and will prioritize matters which require urgent attention.  Though the Supreme Court and leading High Courts of the country have been quick to adopt video conferencing, it certainly has its limitations when en masse adjudication of disputes is concerned. Therefore, while explaining urgency was not so much of a requirement previously, now one will have to demonstrate that her/ his grievance cannot wait to be redressed (before that of others), which will be comparatively an uphill task. Also, there are cases which are of importance to litigants (for instance, monetary damages in cases where injunctions have been granted a while ago). These cases will be pushed back since the Courts are unlikely to see questions such as damages, or even those which deal with purely academic questions (which are important of course) of law and its interpretation in future cases; 

(ii) Enforcement in counterfeiting cases- Counterfeiting requires the old school boots on the ground approach. There are no two ways about it.  Injunctions have to be followed with raids and seizures of goods to ensure that they do not leak in the market and cause a second wave of infringement. With movement of people being restricted in the near future, surprise raids, seizures and following through on destruction of infringing evidence will be cumbersome; 

(iii) Slow disposal of cases and budget- Pending cases which were listed during the complete lockdown will obviously see some lag in their adjudication. Further difficult times for smaller organizations which may be cash strapped and will find it difficult to litigate, since money is tight. 

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Most clients are looking for strategic directions and above all, flexible billing arrangements to keep their Intellectual Property protected despite financial difficulties. Between heavy discounts and deferred payments, law firms are going to financially suffer unless they think of newer models to create fresh sources of revenue. The newer models will be centered around the digital environment and the Internet, as physical models will recede to a certain extent.