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Employment Tier 3

Franklin 's was drastically reorganised through 2019 and 2020.  The practice added several new experienced members: original founding partner Patrick Thiébart, who went to Jeantet for several years, returned to the firm in 2020 and Myriam de Gaudusson arrived in 2019 from De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés. Conversely, original team members Claire Fougea and former of counsel Marion Briere Segala both left in April 2020 to join Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP as partners.


‘Patrick Thiébart is fantastic. He is a great professional, always willing to help.’

Industry focus: Energy Tier 3


Practice head(s):

Key clients

Apex Energies

Arkolia Energies

Banque CIC

Caisse d’Epargne



Groupe Engie

Groupe Valeco


Helia Conseil

Natixis Energeco

Prime Capital

Reden Solar



RGreen Invest


IDIA Capital Investissement


Groupe Danone

Administrative and public law Tier 4

Headed by Jérôme MichelFranklin's team focuses on tackling regulatory work, while increasingly advising on public sector contracts and litigation arising from them. The team also assists clients with public domain, urban planning and environment law, especially clients from the real estate and renewables sectors. The practice advises public and private sector companies, including international ones. It is representing French electricity grid operator Enedis in a series of disputes. Former of counsel Jean-Pierre Delvigne joined Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP as partner.

Practice head(s):


‘Jérôme Michel is involved, responsive and very proficient.’

Key clients



SFR Group


BPI France


Banking and finance: transactional work Tier 4


Practice head(s):


‘The team demonstrates great reactivity and full support all along the transaction.

David Blondel and Olivier Borenstejn have great knowledge of financing transactions and they form a great team to work with.

Nice and professional.

Key clients

Credit Agricole d’Aquitaine / Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne

Credit Lyonnais


Caisse d’Epargne CEPAC

Helia Conseil (Caisse d’Epargne Group)


Caisse d’Epargne Midi-Pyrénées (CEMP)

Banco Sabadell


Crédit Agricole CIB

Real estate Tier 4


Practice head(s):


‘The team has great knowledge of the property market and of its various stakeholders. It demonstrates fine litigation expertise in the field of commercial leases.’

François Verdot shows great professional skills, is sharp, creative, curious and flexible. He has a broad knowledge of his practice in the field of commercial leases, both from a user and an asset manager’s perspectives. He provides fine and constructive analysis.’

The firm: Franklin offers an independent alternative to the Paris offices of major international network firms. Its lawyers advise to a global best practice standard, offering clients the expertise of more than 60 lawyers in all core areas of commercial law.

The firm has built its practice around the needs of French and international companies, public entities and financial institutions. It is:

Independent: the firm is staunchly independent, with a light operating structure, which enables it to be cost-effective, flexible and, in cross-border deals, truly free to choose the overseas counsel best suited to the specific needs of each project.

International: the firm’s lawyers are not only comfortable working in English, but many of them – including all the partners – have deep experience outside France and are thus able to respond effectively to the needs of international clientele.

Expert: every department in the firm is ranked among the leaders in France in its area of expertise.

With strong partner presence: a critical factor for many of the firm’s clients – its lawyers are highly reactive, working in small teams with active partner involvement and reporting throughout the life of each matter.

And deep knowledge of your business: while many firms pay lip service to this idea, Franklin takes the time to create stable, multi-practice teams that offer commercially viable solutions based on a deep understanding of your business needs.

A tried and tested ability to handle cross-border work is fundamental to the firm’s success. Most of its activities have a global dimension. It works with overseas entities in relation to their French operations and French and global clients on their major cross-border mandates. Franklin often leads global teams of lawyers from a number of firms.

The vast majority of the firm’s lawyers have worked or studied outside France in addition to their French qualifications. All of its partners have always worked in globally focused law firms. Many of its partners are dual-qualified, typically Paris and New York, and all of the firm’s lawyers work comfortably in English.

Franklin has often been solicited as a merger partner by leading global players in its market, yet the firm has chosen to remain independent. This choice is key to its ability to best develop its global offering for clients by selecting freely, based only on the expertise required for each matter, the most competent lawyers in the relevant countries.

Areas of practice: In over 20 years of practice, Franklin has built its reputation around its recognised expertise in the main areas of business law. It leverages these skills, some of them very specific, such as structuring major projects in the energy sector, through its 15 practice areas and 15 sectors. The firm’s practice areas include Antitrust, Banking & Finance, Banking – Investment services – Insurance / Regulatory & Compliance, Compliance, Corporate Finance/M&A, Data Protection,  Employment law, Environment, Health & Safety Hazards, Intellectual Property, Litigation/Arbitration,  Private Equity, Public law/Regulatory, Real Estate, Restructuring/Corporate Recovery/Distressed M&A.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking & Finance Stéphan Alamowitch
Corporate/M&A and Private Equity Yam Atallah
Real estate Philippe Bouillon
Real estate Jérémy Chiche
Litigation & Arbitration Yann Colin
Banking, Investment Services, Insurance – Regulatory & Compliance Serge Durox
Data Protection Hélène Lebon
Antitrust, Corporate/M&A and Private Equity Lionel Lesur
Health & Safety Hazards Xavier Marchand
Corporate/M&A and Private Equity Alexandre Marque
Employment Law Myriam de Gaudusson
Real estate Jérémy Goldblum
Public law and regulatory -Environment - Energy Jérôme Michel
Restructuring - Corporate Recovery - Distressed M&A Numa Rengot
Intellectual Property Sandra Strittmatter
Employment Law Patrick Thiébart
Real estate François Verdot
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Stéphan Alamowitch  photo Mr Stéphan Alamowitch Partner
Mr Yam Atallah  photo Mr Yam Atallah Partner
 Philippe Bouillon  photo Philippe Bouillon Partner
Mr Jérémy Chiche  photo Mr Jérémy Chiche Partner
Mr Yann Colin  photo Mr Yann Colin Partner
Mr Serge Durox  photo Mr Serge Durox Partner
Mr Jérémy Goldblum  photo Mr Jérémy Goldblum Partner
Mrs Hélène Lebon  photo Mrs Hélène Lebon Partner
Mr Lionel Lesur  photo Mr Lionel Lesur Partner
Mr Xavier Marchand  photo Mr Xavier Marchand Partner
Mr Alexandre Marque  photo Mr Alexandre Marque Partner
 Jérôme Michel photo Jérôme Michel Partner
Mr Numa Rengot  photo Mr Numa Rengot Partner
Mrs Sandra Strittmatter  photo Mrs Sandra Strittmatter Partner
Mr Patrick Thiébart  photo Mr Patrick Thiébart Partner
 François Verdot photo François Verdot Partner
Mrs Myriam de Gaudusson  photo Mrs Myriam de Gaudusson Partner
Number of lawyers : 60