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'Its unique partner-led model provides top-quality advice at affordable rates with excellent client management,' says a client of Cambridge Family Law Practice. Despite the retirement of Sue Varty, the firm still has five highly experienced partners - Simon Bethel, Gail Marchant-Daisley, Adam MoghadasTricia Ashton and Jeremy Ford. All have strong track records in complex and high-value divorce matters, and long experience in mediation and collaborative law. Ford's practice includes surrogacy law, child abduction and medical treatment of children disputes.


CFLP’s unique partner-led model provides top-quality advice at affordable rates with excellent client management.

Tricia Ashton has great depth and breadth of legal knowledge and experience, as well as fantastic client care skills.

They all seem to be of a similar mindset and work as one for a common goal.

Simon Bethel is intelligent, reliable, knowledgeable and cool under pressure. Absolutely focused on doing the right thing.

I would recommend each and every partner. They are all approachable, reliable and easy to work with. The addition of Danielle Hainsby as a more junior solicitor is also a welcome addition.

Easy to approach, reliable and efficient. They get what clients need and approach matters with the sensitivity required.

The team works well together. All have exceptional knowledge and are able to give realistic, clear advice.

Simon Bethel provided extremely high-quality advice throughout. He remained firmly child-focused and was able to robustly and fairly put forward the necessary points to ensure a good outcome for them. He is kind and compassionate, and able to defuse situations extremely well. He clearly understood the complexities and needs of the family. Having had seven years of high conflict prior to Simon Bethel’s wise advocacy, I was impressed with how he managed to make the process so much easier. He was clear throughout with all parties. He managed to take the stress and pressure away, defuse the conflict, and get a final outcome that was fantastic for the children. I thoroughly recommend him and Cambridge Family Law Practice.

Cambridge Family Law Practice specialises exclusively in private family law matters. Partners Gail Marchant-Daisley, Adam Moghadas, Simon Bethel, Sue Varty , Tricia Ashton and Jeremy Ford provide exceptional depth and breadth of expertise and are all highly regarded in the region and nationally. CFLP has one of the largest family law teams in East Anglia and has established itself as a leader in the field with highly regarded mediators, collaborative lawyers and arbitrators.

The firm: As a multi-partner firm specialising exclusively in family law, Cambridge Family Law Practice is both unique and innovative in the region. The firm has gone from strength to strength since opening in February 2007 and has a vibrant client base in East Anglia and London, but also draws clients from throughout the UK, Europe, US and the rest of the world on recommendation and by reputation. CFLP’s historic city-centre offices overlooking Parker’s Piece in Cambridge are a pleasure to visit, with parking available for clients.

Cambridge Family Law Practice is a different sort of family law firm. Its partner-only make-up means that every client gets the personal, expert service they deserve. There is no drop in service levels when a solicitor is away as clients will always be assisted by someone of the same level of experience and equally committed to the case. The partners work separately or together depending on the demands of the client and the individual case. As a partnership, CFLP has over 90 years of family law experience.

Cambridge Family Law Practice has particular expertise in cases involving substantial assets, often including high-value or overseas trusts, pensions and family businesses. The partners are highly experienced in dealing with private law children matters, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, and CFLP is one of the most experienced firms in the country in the law where it applies to same-gender relationships. Newly appointed partner Jeremy Ford brings a wealth of experience from his background in CAFCASS Legal and is renowned for his work in complex children work including assisted reproduction, medical treatment, child abduction and surrogacy cases.

The firm is proud to offer a full choice of dispute resolution options for clients. All partners are adept both at court advocacy and in collaborative practice. The firm offers a private mediation service which is highly regarded by other specialist family lawyers, including direct consultation with children in mediation. Simon Bethel and Jeremy Ford were the first qualified arbitrators in the country in private children matters, and both sit on Resolution’s national Children Committee (Simon Bethel as Chair of the Committee).

The majority of Cambridge Family Law Practice€’s clients are recommended to the firm because of its expertise, ability to resolve disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and exacting standards of client care. Referrals come regularly from members of the judiciary, other solicitors and barristers, although former clients are CFLP’s most regular referrers of work. Clients and referring professionals alike know that CFLP’s partners act decisively, give clear and practical advice, and pride themselves on the tailored service they are able to provide for each client.

Types of work undertaken: Cambridge Family Law Practice has an excellent reputation for dealing with financial, property and children issues for high-value and professional clients in complicated divorce and separation matters, often involving business assets or international aspects. CFLP is able to provide an expert service to all its clients, whether through negotiation, conventional litigation, mediation or collaborative law, on the full range of family issues.

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Family/Matrimonial Simon Bethel 01223443334
Family/Matrimonial Gail Marchant-Daisley 01223443331
Family/Matrimonial Sue Varty 01223443335
Family/Matrimonial Adam Moghadas 01223443338
Family/Matrimonial Tricia Ashton 01223443332
Family/Matrimonial Jeremy Ford 01223443388
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Ms Gail Marchant-Daisley  photo Ms Gail Marchant-Daisley Partner
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Number of UK partners : 6
Number of other fee earners : 2