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The regions Tier 1

Based in Paris and Lyon, employment boutique Fromont Briens ranks among the best in its field at national level. The practice can draw on large resources with a workforce of some 300 lawyers and professionals.

Employment Tier 2

Based in Lyon and Paris and member of Littler’s international network, Fromont Briens houses some 180 lawyers who advise leading French and international companies, banks and insurers. The firm is able to assist its clients with the full range of employment issues, spanning M&A, restructuring, criminal employment law and litigation matters. It recently advised on high-profile strategic restructuring and mass employee transfer projects. The firm is also a leading name in the field of pensions, benefits and social security. Key names among the 42-partner team include: Jean-Sébastien Capisano, Sophie Pelicier-Leovenbruck, Cédric Guillon, Guillaume Desmoulin, Jean-Martial Buisson, Jean-Jacques Fournier, Sabrina Dougados, Cyrille Franco, Nicolas Chavrier, David Calvayrac and Marie-Laurence Boulanger. Also recommended are compensation and benefits expert Julie Jacotot and health and accident specialist Julie Beot-Rabiot. Olivier Thibault, Audrey Lancon and Ludovic Gentif were promoted to partners in 2019, while Mohamed Materi, Coralie Jamois and Jacques de Tonquédec made partner in 2020. 2019 also saw the departure of a team led by several of the firm’s top partners, namely Grégory Chastagnol, Benjamin Desaint, Leslie Nicolaï and Alexandre Roumieu, who all left to create FACTORHY.


‘Highly recommended.’

‘The practice has a deep knowledge of labour and employment-related matters. Its professionals are highly committed and have a very flexible approach.’

‘Advice is accurate, complete and of great assistance. Files are always handled in a very professional and efficient way.’

‘The team is able to perfectly master last-minute submitted complex issues.’

‘Jean-Sébastien Capisano shows great business acumen and expertise. He is dedicated.’

‘Sophie Pelicier-Leovenbruck is an excellent lawyer. She has a steely determination.’

‘Cyrille Franco is very responsive and practical. He is an excellent lawyer.’

‘Julie Jacotot has excellent knowledge of compensation and benefits issues.’

‘Cédric Guillon is highly available and responsive. He understands the matters at stake and is flexible.’

Key clients

Groupe HSBC


Groupe Pierre Fabre

Groupe ENGIE



Agence France Presse


The firm: Founded in 1993, Fromont Briens is the biggest specialised civil law partnership in France and one of the largest labour and employment law firms in Europe. With offices in Paris and Lyon, the team has grown to 180 lawyers, including 40 partners.

During the last 25 years, Fromont Briens has been in constant development, driven by an active policy of promoting ‘entrepreneurial’ lawyers to the rank of partner.

Fromont Briens represents multinational companies based in France, Europe and in the United States in a wide variety of industries, including energy, technology, retail, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The client base includes CAC 40, SBF 120 companies, VSEs and SMEs and start-ups. The firm also advises leading public sector institutions, state agencies and social security networks.

Fromont Briens mainly intervenes with an original partnership approach. This support is reflected in four key values: proximity, creativity, responsiveness and turnkey solutions.

The firm is certified ISO 9001 for developing a strong quality management system.

In October 2016, Fromont Briens became the exclusive French partner of Littler, the world’s largest organisation dedicated to labour and employment composed of the most recommended international law firms. The American giant Littler and Fromont Briens have joined forces to deepen their global footprints and enhance services to multinational employers.

Fromont Briens has accelerated its international development and guides foreign companies based in France as well as its French clients on international markets.

Areas of practice: The firm’s attorneys counsel and defend employers on a wide range of global labour and employment law.

Fromont Briens’ fields of expertise are organised into three departments:

1) Employment: with more than 150 lawyers, among whom 33 are partners, the firm’s team is the biggest in the French market within a specialised civil law partnership. Its lawyers deal with French labour law matters and international cases regarding: individual relations; collective relationship; collective bargaining; social conflicts; working hours; redundancies; restructuring; cost reduction; social regulation in the public sector; criminal labour law; international mobility; social legal secretarial work; and safety and health at work

2) Social protection and additional remuneration: the department led by five partners provides guidance regarding: employee savings plans; employee shareholding plans; company pension plans; remuneration policy; and URSSAF audit and litigation.

The pension and benefit team, originally founded by Gilles Briens, serves as a reference in the French market and is considered as such by the government, the MP, the client, the scholars and other law firms.

3) Right to vocational training: launched in 2012, Fromont Briens was the first firm dedicating a specific department to vocational training. The department led by two partners advises training organisations and collective organisations, as well as user companies.

Strong experience allows the firm to offer advice as well as assistance in pre-litigious situations. The firm offers a unique know-how regarding Direccte controls of companies and training organisations.

3) Criminal Labour Law: With more than 20 years’ experience in criminal labour law, our lawyers specialised in this area operate on a daily basis, providing sound counsel to ensure that both the procedure and the criminal risk are under control.

This special area of law, which includes both labour and criminal law, deals with breaches committed in both individual and collective labour relations.

Our firm assists companies at all stages of their social life. Our criminal labour law department, combined with our expertise in social compliance, enables a to offer an innovative social crisis management service.

4) Corporate M&A: An effective securing of mergers and acquisitions transactions requires a labour law partner with technical expertise but also a strategic vision of the entire procedure.

Thanks to our independent dimension and our undeniable expertise in labour law, we are able to coordinate and secure all social components of an operation.

5) Restructuring:  Whether it is to respond to a specific need for rationalisation, to support a transformation, to define the tools of a recovery strategy or to ensure the implementation of the social aspect of collective procedures, the field of intervention of our teams is very wide.

6) Social Compliance: From ethics to social risk management: Fromont Briens assists you in complying with corporate regulations and practices. 

Department Name Email Telephone 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Cécilia ARANDEL
Labour and employment law Christine ARANDA
Labour and employment law Julie BEOT RABIOT
Pension and benefits/ executive compensation Charlotte BERTRAND
Pension and benefits/ executive compensation Gilles BRIENS
Labour and employment law Jean-Martial BUISSON
Labour and employment law David CALVAYRAC
Labour and employment law Jean-Sébastien CAPISANO
Pension and benefits/ executive compensation Laurence CHREBOR
Labour and employment law Guillaume DESMOULIN
Vocational training law Sabrina DOUGADOS
Labour and employment law Cyrille FRANCO
Labour and employment law Mathilde GAGEY
Labour and employment law Cédric GUILLON
Pension and benefits/ executive compensation Julie JACOTOT
Labour and employment law Coralie JAMOIS
Labour and employment law Anne LE QUINQUIS
Labour and employment law Mohamed MATERI
Labour and employment law Sophie PELICIER-LOEVENBRUCK
Labour and employment law Olivier THIBAUD
Labour and employment law Jacques de TONQUEDEC
Labour and employment law Zora VILLALARD
Photo Name Position Profile
 Christine ARANDA  photo Christine ARANDA Partner – Fromont Briens
 Cécilia ARANDEL  photo Cécilia ARANDEL Partner – Fromont Briens
 Julie BEOT-RABIOT  photo Julie BEOT-RABIOT Partner – Fromont Briens
 Charlotte BERTRAND  photo Charlotte BERTRAND Partner – Fromont Briens
 Gilles BRIENS  photo Gilles BRIENS Founding Partner – Fromont Briens
 Jean-Martial BUISSON  photo Jean-Martial BUISSON Partner – Fromont Briens
 David CALVAYRAC  photo David CALVAYRAC Managing Partner – Fromont Briens
 Jean-Sébastien CAPISANO  photo Jean-Sébastien CAPISANO Partner – Fromont Briens
 Grégory CHASTAGNOL  photo Grégory CHASTAGNOL Managing Partner – Fromont Briens
 Laurence CHREBOR  photo Laurence CHREBOR Partner – Fromont Briens
 Benjamin DESAINT  photo Benjamin DESAINT Partner – Fromont Briens
 Guillaume DESMOULIN  photo Guillaume DESMOULIN Partner – Fromont Briens
 Sabrina DOUGADOS  photo Sabrina DOUGADOS Partner – Fromont Briens
 Cyrille FRANCO  photo Cyrille FRANCO Partner – Fromont Briens
 Mathilde GAGEY  photo Mathilde GAGEY Partner – Fromont Briens
 Cédric GUILLON  photo Cédric GUILLON Managing Partner – Fromont Briens
 Julie JACOTOT  photo Julie JACOTOT Partner – Fromont Briens
 Anne LE QUINQUIS  photo Anne LE QUINQUIS Partner – Fromont Briens
 Leslie NICOLAÏ  photo Leslie NICOLAÏ Partner – Fromont Briens
 Sophie PELICIER-LOEVENBRUCK  photo Sophie PELICIER-LOEVENBRUCK Partner – Fromont Briens
 Alexandre ROUMIEU  photo Alexandre ROUMIEU Partner – Fromont Briens
 Zora VILLALARD  photo Zora VILLALARD Partner – Fromont Briens
Number of lawyers : 180
at this office : 110
Littler Global
Other offices : Lyon



TESTIMONIAL: “We know we can count on your advice, always accurate, fast and effective, and so appreciated in all our adventures! A major asset for this beautiful year…”



TESTIMONIAL: “Many thanks for this excellent training which will be very useful to me, and for your availability.”



TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you for this excellent news, and again well done for your success in litigation (…) I renew our thanks for the quality of your work and your arguments.”



TESTIMONIAL: “I wanted to thank you all for the work you have done, for your responsiveness, your availability, your kindness, and your moral support. I greatly appreciated all this, you are definitely a killer team!”



TESTIMONIAL: “Specialized knowledge of the subject. Appreciation “excellent”. Strong point “The exchanges””



TESTIMONIAL: “Congratulations to the entire team for contributing to this great achievement. We are very proud to have you for Council.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Nous nous félicitons de cette décision et vous remercions pour l’accompagnement apporté dans la constitution de ce dossier.”

“We welcome this decision and thank you for the support provided in the creation of this file.”

TESTIMONIAL: “J’associe bien entendu nos partenaires d’Alixio et de Fromont Briens, pour la qualité de leurs Conseils et la production de toute cette documentation. Il est claire que nous n’aurions pas réussi sans vous.”

“Of course I associate our partners from Alixio and Fromont Briens, for the quality of their advice and the production of all this documentation. It is clear that we would not have succeeded without you.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Je me réjouis de la motivation détaillée, fidèle aux efforts que nous avions fournis. Félicitations pour l’obtention de cette décision!”

“I am delighted with the detailed motivation, faithful to the efforts that we had provided. Congratulations on getting this decision!”

TESTIMONIAL: “Je vous remercie pour votre projet de requête très bien structuré et argumenté.”

“Thank you for your very well structured and well-argued request project.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Je profite d’un moment de répit pour vous remercier pour le travail accompli au quotidien avec vos équipes. Vos mémos sont de très grande qualité et arrivent avec beaucoup de rapidité – c’est vraiment très appréciable en cette période si particulière.”

“I would like to take a break to thank you for the daily work accomplished with your teams. Your memos are of very high quality and arrive very quickly – it’s really appreciated in this very special time.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Je voulais également vous remercier pour votre accompagnement, et la réactivité avec laquelle vous avez produit les notes d’argumentaires qui nous ont été bien utiles durant les instance.”

I also wanted to thank you for your support, and the reactivity with which you produced the pitch notes which were very useful to us during the proceedings.”

TESTIMONIAL: Merci de m’avoir défendu dans cette affaire, qui se solde par une victoire.

“Thank you for defending me in this case, which ended in victory”