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The regions Tier 1

Based in Paris and Lyon, employment law boutique Fromont Briens ranks among the best in its field at national level. The practice can draw on large resources. Among firms founded in the region, the firm is one of the few that have attained a truly leading national reputation.

Employment Tier 2

Fromont Briens is one of France’s most established employment and benefits law boutiques. Based in Lyon and Paris and member of Littler’s international network, the firm is home to a substantial bench that assists a leading client base of blue-chip French and international companies specialising in various sectors. The firm is able to provide the full range of expertise, from day-to-day assistance to complex projects. Lately, the firm advised on major transformation and reorganisation projects and guided several companies through the set-up of social and economic committees and European work councils. The firm also assisted leading pharmaceutical and energy companies with large-scale downsizing and site closure projects. The team also handles several mass litigations, notably dealing with payment issues of overtime work. Pension-, benefits- and social security-related work are other areas of expertise. The partnership includes notably the following recommended names: Gilles BriensJean-Sébastien CapisanoMarie-Laurence BoulangerSophie Pelicier-LeovenbruckCédric GuillonSabrina Dougados, Jean-Martial BuissonJulie Beot-Rabiot, Guillaume Desmoulin and  Julie Jacotot. They all co-head the practice alongside: Cécilia Arandel, David Blanc and Carole Codaccioni.

Practice head(s):

Cécilia Arandel; Julie Beot-Rabiot; David Blanc; Jean-Martial Buisson; Carole Codaccioni; Guillaume Desmoulin; Sabrina Dougados


The practice is unique in that the whole team knows how to adapt to the culture and the capacities of a company.’

‘Great professional qualities; availability, interpersonal skills and empathy. Lawyers share their vision with us. Jean-Martial Buisson and his entire team are always available; we are always their priority. More than just a great client service.’

Key clients







The firm: Founded in 1993, Fromont Briens is the biggest specialised civil law partnership in France and one of the largest labour and employment law firms in Europe. With offices in Paris and Lyon, the team has grown to 180 lawyers, including 40 partners.

During the last 25 years, Fromont Briens has been in constant development, driven by an active policy of promoting ‘entrepreneurial’ lawyers to the rank of partner.

Fromont Briens represents multinational companies based in France, Europe and in the United States in a wide variety of industries, including energy, technology, retail, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The client base includes CAC 40, SBF 120 companies, VSEs and SMEs and start-ups. The firm also advises leading public sector institutions, state agencies and social security networks.

Fromont Briens mainly intervenes with an original partnership approach. This support is reflected in four key values: proximity, creativity, responsiveness and turnkey solutions.

The firm is certified ISO 9001 for developing a strong quality management system.

In October 2016, Fromont Briens became the exclusive French partner of Littler, the world’s largest organisation dedicated to labour and employment composed of the most recommended international law firms. The American giant Littler and Fromont Briens have joined forces to deepen their global footprints and enhance services to multinational employers.

Fromont Briens has accelerated its international development and guides foreign companies based in France as well as its French clients on international markets.

Areas of practice: The firm’s attorneys counsel and defend employers on a wide range of global labour and employment law.

Fromont Briens’ fields of expertise are organised into three departments:

1) Employment: with more than 150 lawyers, among whom 33 are partners, the firm’s team is the biggest in the French market within a specialised civil law partnership. Its lawyers deal with French labour law matters and international cases regarding: individual relations; collective relationship; collective bargaining; social conflicts; working hours; redundancies; restructuring; cost reduction; social regulation in the public sector; criminal labour law; international mobility; social legal secretarial work; and safety and health at work

2) Social protection and additional remuneration: the department led by five partners provides guidance regarding: employee savings plans; employee shareholding plans; company pension plans; remuneration policy; and URSSAF audit and litigation.

The pension and benefit team, originally founded by Gilles Briens, serves as a reference in the French market and is considered as such by the government, the MP, the client, the scholars and other law firms.

3) Right to vocational training: launched in 2012, Fromont Briens was the first firm dedicating a specific department to vocational training. The department led by two partners advises training organisations and collective organisations, as well as user companies.

Strong experience allows the firm to offer advice as well as assistance in pre-litigious situations. The firm offers a unique know-how regarding Direccte controls of companies and training organisations.

3) Criminal Labour Law: With more than 20 years’ experience in criminal labour law, our lawyers specialised in this area operate on a daily basis, providing sound counsel to ensure that both the procedure and the criminal risk are under control.

This special area of law, which includes both labour and criminal law, deals with breaches committed in both individual and collective labour relations.

Our firm assists companies at all stages of their social life. Our criminal labour law department, combined with our expertise in social compliance, enables a to offer an innovative social crisis management service.

4) Corporate M&A: An effective securing of mergers and acquisitions transactions requires a labour law partner with technical expertise but also a strategic vision of the entire procedure.

Thanks to our independent dimension and our undeniable expertise in labour law, we are able to coordinate and secure all social components of an operation.

5) Restructuring:  Whether it is to respond to a specific need for rationalisation, to support a transformation, to define the tools of a recovery strategy or to ensure the implementation of the social aspect of collective procedures, the field of intervention of our teams is very wide.

6) Social Compliance: From ethics to social risk management: Fromont Briens assists you in complying with corporate regulations and practices. 

Department Name Email Telephone
Communication 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Cécilia ARANDEL 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Christine ARANDA 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Julie BEOT RABIOT 01 44 51 63 80
Pension and benefits/ executive compensation Charlotte BERTRAND 01 44 51 63 80
Pension and benefits/ executive compensation Gilles BRIENS 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Jean-Martial BUISSON 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law David CALVAYRAC 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Jean-Sébastien CAPISANO 01 44 51 63 80
Pension and benefits/ executive compensation Laurence CHREBOR 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Vivia CORREIA 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Jacques de TONQUEDEC 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Guillaume DESMOULIN 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Camille-Antoine DONZEL 01 44 51 63 80
Vocational training law Sabrina DOUGADOS 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Cyrille FRANCO 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Mathilde GAGEY 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Cédric GUILLON 01 44 51 63 80
Pension and benefits/ executive compensation Julie JACOTOT 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Coralie JAMOIS 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Laura JOUSSELIN 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Anne LE QUINQUIS 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Mohamed MATERI 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Barbara MOLLET 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Sophie PELICIER-LOEVENBRUCK 01 44 51 63 80
Vocational training law Léa RAMEAU 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Olivier THIBAUD 01 44 51 63 80
Labour and employment law Zora VILLALARD 01 44 51 63 80
Photo Name Position Profile
 Christine ARANDA  photo Christine ARANDA Partner – Fromont Briens
 Cécilia ARANDEL  photo Cécilia ARANDEL Partner – Fromont Briens
 Julie BEOT-RABIOT  photo Julie BEOT-RABIOT Partner – Fromont Briens
 Charlotte BERTRAND  photo Charlotte BERTRAND Partner – Fromont Briens
 Gilles BRIENS  photo Gilles BRIENS Founding Partner – Fromont Briens
 Jean-Martial BUISSON  photo Jean-Martial BUISSON Partner – Fromont Briens
 David CALVAYRAC  photo David CALVAYRAC Partner – Fromont Briens
 Jean-Sébastien CAPISANO  photo Jean-Sébastien CAPISANO Partner – Fromont Briens
 Laurence CHREBOR  photo Laurence CHREBOR Partner – Fromont Briens
 Vivia CORREIA  photo Vivia CORREIA Partner – Fromont Briens
 Guillaume DESMOULIN  photo Guillaume DESMOULIN Partner – Fromont Briens
 Camille-Antoine DONZEL  photo Camille-Antoine DONZEL Partner – Fromont Briens
 Sabrina DOUGADOS  photo Sabrina DOUGADOS Partner – Fromont Briens
 Cyrille FRANCO  photo Cyrille FRANCO Partner – Fromont Briens
 Mathilde GAGEY  photo Mathilde GAGEY Partner – Fromont Briens
 Cédric GUILLON  photo Cédric GUILLON Managing Partner – Fromont Briens
 Julie JACOTOT  photo Julie JACOTOT Partner – Fromont Briens
 Coralie JAMOIS  photo Coralie JAMOIS Partner – Fromont Briens
 Laura JOUSSELIN  photo Laura JOUSSELIN Partner – Fromont Briens
 Anne LE QUINQUIS  photo Anne LE QUINQUIS Partner – Fromont Briens
 Mohamed MATERI  photo Mohamed MATERI Partner – Fromont Briens
 Barbara MOLLET  photo Barbara MOLLET Partner – Fromont Briens
 Sophie PELICIER-LOEVENBRUCK  photo Sophie PELICIER-LOEVENBRUCK Partner – Fromont Briens
 Léa RAMEAU  photo Léa RAMEAU Partner – Fromont Briens
 Olivier THIBAUD  photo Olivier THIBAUD Partner – Fromont Briens
 Zora VILLALARD  photo Zora VILLALARD Partner – Fromont Briens
 Jacques de TONQUEDEC  photo Jacques de TONQUEDEC Partner – Fromont Briens
Number of lawyers : 160
at this office : 110
Littler Global
Other offices : Lyon

COMPANY/FIRM: MCDONALD’S (a long-term client)
TESTIMONIAL: “Congratulations on your work and many thanks for this very nice decision.”

TESTIMONIAL: “You have largely contributed to this happy outcome.

Thank you for your support and availability during this long journey!”

TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you for having channelled our HR “ardour”, with active listening, responsiveness, and clear and precise legal answers. Our HR issues are often diverse, sometimes disconcerting, but working in confidence with legal assistance such as you have provided is very rewarding!”

TESTIMONIAL: “Working with you over the last few months has been a real pleasure, both for my direct team and for myself. Not only do you always give good advice, but you always put yourself in your client’s shoes to find the best solutions, with an unparalleled sense of service and responsiveness. Thank you once again for your valuable support.”

TESTIMONIAL: “1) A big thank you to our councils for their continued commitment to this long-running case and for their professionalism. This victory is primarily theirs.

2) A big thank you to our counsels who did not give up despite the adversity”

TESTIMONIAL: “I join Christine in thanking you and your team… the quality of the exchanges, their depth and your immense availability…”

TESTIMONIAL: “I would like to thank you for the great amount of work you have done in a collaborative spirit and the kindness you have shown to the entire HR team, the CODIR and also to me, because I know that your entire team, in its own way, has tried to find the best way to help me in this first stage of the reorganisation.

Thank you to you and your team, for your attentiveness, availability, professionalism, ability to be Boiron and Fromont at the same time, but above all to embody a social law where situational intelligence and the human element predominate; “

TESTIMONIAL: “This is excellent news indeed. Well done for this perfectly approached step.”

CLIENT: Jean-Philippe SEVENO
TESTIMONIAL: “I would personally like to thank you for the precious help you give to our teams.

This strategic project for our group is particularly complicated in its legal/tactical dimension and consumes a lot of energy!

Your professionalism, practicality and responsiveness are much appreciated by all.

Yours sincerely”

As one of the leaders on the French market, Fromont Briens – Littler has always been a reference for international companies with operations in France. The Firm assists multinational employers to move their employees across borders, comply with local employee relations laws, and assist with such international issues as overseas privacy laws and applying company policies worldwide. 

The approach of Fromont Briens – Littler is to understand unique needs and objectives of our clients and propose a taylor made assistance, while giving a clear view of French law requirements. 

The clients 

The client base of Fromont Briens – Littler includes several international groups as well as high growth companies (VSEs-SMEs) operating in various business areas: 

  • Banking 
  • Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Food and beverage 
  • IT 
  • Private equity 
  • Energy 

The team 

In order to provide international clients with the highest quality of service, Fromont Briens has set a dedicated task force represented by a range of lawyers with a very solid international experience. Such experience includes obviously language skills but also a very good understanding of foreign clients expectations and a pragmatic approach of legal assistance. 

The network 

Littler is the largest law practice in the world exclusively devoted to representing management in every aspect of labor and employment law.  

With more than 1,600 attorneys in 90 offices, Littler serves as the single source solution provider to the global employer community. Through an integrated worldwide strategy, Littler brings together practitioners experienced in local and cross-border labor and employment matters to provide seamless client service across national boundaries.  

The French office 

In France, 170 attorneys in Paris and Lyon assist a wide range of employers on all labour and employment related issues such as individual and collective working relationships, restructuring, remuneration policy, pension plans and employee savings plans.  


As a firm specialising in employment law, we have set up numerous training courses for companies in order to train human resources in diversity and inclusion. The legal dimensions of diversity are defended daily by our lawyers, who are assisting our clients in the implementation and improvement of gender equality indexes and inclusions protocols for many years. Nevertheless, Fromont Briens is particularly proud to be one of the French law firms with the most factual situation of gender equality among its teams – as a result of simple discernement, without any specific positive policy. We naturally apply these principles on a daily basis in our recruitment and internal promotion methods. Currently, 60% of our partners are women, demonstrating that the glass ceiling does not exist at Fromont Briens. The French magazine Décideurs, a well-regarded specialized publications on added-value professional populations, rated our firm 16th best law firm for gender equality in France (nota bene: the paradox is that our ranking was hindered by the exaggerated score of women in our teams).



At Fromont Briens, we are aware of our responsibilities as a law firm and the need to act to preserve the environment. Many little actions contribute to a general positive attitude towards sustainable office life, from paper collection to consumable supplies, reusable dishware, ban of plastic badges etc. Many of our teams cycle to work and for many years, we have set up visioconferences between our Lyon and Paris offices to avoid transportation.


Pro Bono

Our lawyers are involved in a variety of initiatives aimed at helping associations and organisations with their social law issues through advice and training. These issues may concern the unequal treatment of women and men in the public service, but also priority questions of constitutionality, among others for the ANDRH (French Association of Human Ressources Directors) on health and QWL issues, or for the FNOGEC (national federation of private schools) regarding labour law in Prud’hommes hearings.

Many lawyers, partners as well as associates, teach pro bono in universities or at the EFB and HEDAC (two Paris Law Schools) and have been part of the sponsorship operation for law school students organised by the Lyon Bar Association since 2020. Some of our lawyers also assist student associations such as the Sorbonne Paris Nord (AJSPN) in their Legal Clinic and the JURISNAUTE association in mock trials organised every year to anticipate tomorrow’s legal problems. Several projects are developing towards broader university matters, to bring legal insights to other academic fields.