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Boutique litigation firm Evers Soerjatin stands out for its strength in corporate disputes, handling high-stakes litigation for a wide variety of clients. The team frequently appears before the Enterprise Chamber, with both practice heads Marcel Evers and Stein van Thiel appointed as investigators, mediators or administrators of shares. Evers is active in corporate and commercial disputes, while van Thiel focuses on shareholder disputes, director’s liability cases, and complex post-closing litigation. Corporate litigator Jonas Verheul and collective actions specialist Jessica de Rooij are names to note, along with Ellen Soerjatin, who brings her corporate governance expertise to bear in litigation.

Practice head(s):

Marcel Evers; Stein van Thiel

Other key lawyers:

Jonas Verheul; Jessica de Rooij; Ellen Soerjatin; Jasper Wonders; Rosanne van Dekken


‘Marcel Evers is one of the best litigators in the Netherlands. Extremely sharp, committed, and highly experienced. Moreover, he is highly appreciated by his peers.’

‘Jessica de Rooij is a skilled professional, a clear communicator, and is very diligent. Jonas Verheul is firm when needed.’

‘A skilled team that can adapt to and advise on very specific company structure cases and create engagement with the client on a long-term and structured basis. They show effective and swift communication with the client, expertise, skilled drafting and the ability to keep in mind the client’s preferences.’

‘Its very strong experience in dispute resolution and Enterprise Chamber proceedings ensures prefect strategy from the beginning of the conflict. The firm is very strong in reading the evolution of the case or the responses of other lawyers, which ensures that they are one step ahead of most other firms.’

‘Stein van Thiel has exceptional experience in dispute resolution and strategy, and also has excellent knowledge of caselaw.’

‘The depth and breadth of the Evers Soerjatin team is truly unparalleled. Their ability to navigate cases of extreme complexity, which include issues involving non-profit foundations, commercial entities, political implications, media coverage, healthcare and historical crises, is nothing short of extraordinary.’

‘Marcel Evers has full command of corporate litigation and liability matters, mastering the details of the file and working two steps ahead of the case while guiding and empowering his team like they are one.’

‘The standout lawyer is Marcel Evers. I have come across many other lawyers but no one compares to him. He is sharp, pragmatic, versatile (also adept in tax and finance matters) and a pleasure to work with.’

Key clients

Van Caem Klerks Group

Blue Phoenix Group

Merle Wood & Associates Inc.

University Utrecht Holding and University Medical Center Utrecht Holding



Burford capital


Gilde Equity Management

Asiana Airlines Inc.

All Dutch Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche dealers and service partners

Work highlights

  • Successfully represented seven interested parties of Stichting Hulptroepen Alliantie in a high-profile case before the District Court of Amsterdam, seeking the suspension and dismissal of two directors.
  • Representing Burford Capital LLC, as well as several of the world’s largest asset managers, in a high-value global settlement in respect of shareholder claims against Steinhoff in connection with accounting irregularities which occurred in 2017.
  • Representing all Dutch Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Porsche dealers in collective actions initiated by Stichting Volkswagen Car Claim and Stichting Diesel Emissions Justice in relation to the emissions scandal.

The firm: Evers Soerjatin is an independent litigation boutique dedicated solely to (complex and high-stakes) commercial and corporate dispute resolution.

Areas of practice: Evers Soerjatin is an independent litigation boutique dedicated solely to (complex and high-stakes) commercial and corporate dispute resolution. The firm offers legal support to corporates, their managing and supervisory directors and shareholders, entrepreneurs and investors in (impending) conflicts and high-impact crisis situations.

The key areas in which the firm is active inter alia comprise dispute resolution in respect of: disrupted relationships within or between the bodies of a company, deadlocks in the decision-making process, mergers and acquisitions, financing the company, mismanagement, directors and officers liability, corporate governance, hostile takeovers and anti-takeover protection, squeeze-out of minority shareholders, withdrawal and expulsion of shareholders, restructuring and insolvency, fraud and internal investigations, financial reporting, valuation issues, joint venture relationships and other commercial collaborations, mass damages, including cartel damages, professional liability of commercial service providers (including accountants and civil law notaries) and general contract law and property law issues.

This experience is used both in preventing proceedings (including via commercial mediation) and in litigation before the Dutch courts, including the Enterprise Chamber, as well as in national and international arbitration.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute resolution Marcel Evers marcel.evers@everssoerjatin.com +31205727873
Dispute resolution Stein van Thiel stein.vanthiel@everssoerjatin.com +31205727818
Dispute resolution Jessica de Rooij jessica.derooij@everssoerjatin.com +31205727866
Photo Name Position Profile
Marcel Evers photo Mr Marcel Evers attorney-at-law/partner
Ellen Soerjatin photo Ms Ellen Soerjatin attorney-at-law/of counsel
Jonas Verheul photo Mr Jonas Verheul attorney-at-law/partner
Jasper Wonders photo Mr Jasper Wonders attorney-at-law/partner
Jessica de Rooij photo Ms Jessica de Rooij attorney-at-law/partner
Stein van Thiel photo Mr Stein van Thiel attorney-at-law/partner
Number of lawyers : 17

Firm overview: Evers Soerjatin is an independent law firm dedicated solely to complex corporate and commercial dispute resolution. The firm offers legal support to corporates, their managing and supervisory directors and shareholders, entrepreneurs and investors in (impending) conflicts and high impact crisis situations.

Practice areas: We specialise in the following key areas:

Corporate disputes

  • disrupted relationships within or between the bodies of a company
  • deadlocks in the decision-making process
  • mismanagement
  • directors and officers liability
  • corporate governance
  • withdrawal, expulsion and buy-out of shareholders
  • financial reporting
  • financing and valuation issues
  • restructuring and insolvency
  • hostile takeovers and anti-takeover protection
  • fraud and internal investigations
  • appointments by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

Commercial disputes

  • collective (damages) actions, including class actions
  • mass damages settlements, particularly investors’ and cartel-related damages
  • disputes about commercial (joint venture) agreements
  • warranty claims and M&A disputes
  • professional liability (including accountants and civil-law notaries)
  • general contract law and property law issues
Department Name Email Telephone
Jessica de Rooij jessica.derooij@everssoerjatin.com +31205727866
Marcel Evers marcel.evers@everssoerjatin.com +31205727873
Stein van Thiel stein.vanthiel@everssoerjatin.com +31205727818
Jasper Wonders jasper.wonders@everssoerjatin.com +31205727847
Jonas Verheul jonas.verheul@everssoerjatin.com +31205727864
Partners : 5
Laywers : 17
English (fluent)
IBA (International Bar Association)