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Gindi-Caspi, Advocates and Notary

Real estate: urban renewal Tier 1

Gindi-Caspi, Advocates and Notary advises property entrepreneurs on the development of tens of thousands of residential units in TAMA 38 and evacuate-rebuild projects throughout Israel. The team is led by Ziv Caspi, who is advising Almog Demolish and Build on projects in multiple cities totalling roughly 8,000 residential units. Caspi is also acting for Israel Land Development Company - International in a project for the construction of 3,500 housing units, and is also advising the client on a TAMA project in Tel Aviv. Similarly, Adam Tsesvan is acting for Tidhar in relation to the evacuation of over 1,000 residential units and subsequent construction of over 4,000 residential units in Tel Aviv. Other key clients include Afik HaYarden, Dunitz Brothers, and Africa Israel Investments.