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ENACHE PIRTEA & Associates has made a strong impression on the market in a relatively short time, having launched in 2018. The highly rated practice has strong credentials across several fronts, including allegations of money laundering, embezzlement of EU funds, cybercrime, abuse of office and environmental crime. On the non-contentious front, it also assists clients with compliance training and related risk management issues. The practice is jointly led by senior partner Madalin Enache and managing partner Simona Pirtea  who have over 30 years’ experience between them. Other key members include recently promoted partner Bogdan Lamatic and managing associate Adrian Rusu  .

Practice head(s):

Simona Pirtea; Madalin Enache

Other key lawyers:

Bogdan Lamatic; Adrian Rusu


‘I work solely with Simona Pirtea for several years now. She is very dedicated to her clients and takes each case very seriously.’

‘Customer oriented, knowledgeable and solutions are the main strengths. They lack the stiffness that lawyers usually have (I don’t know how they do that, but that’s an innovative approach in this market).’

‘Simona Pirtea, Madalin Enache – Personally, I like the way they manage to transmit confidence through their knowledge and personal connection.’

‘Seriousness and professionalism are at maximum … I worked with Simona Pirtea, Madalin Enache, and Adrian Rusu and they were exactly what I needed.’

‘In this team is created a climate in which people want to do their best. It is an environment where everyone is empowered and could do their best and could make good decision based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment.’

‘Madalin Pirtea enjoys working hard, is action oriented and full of energy for the things he sees as challenging. He could effectively cope with changes and could comfortably handle risk and uncertainty. He is easy to approach and talk to. Madalin genuinely cares about people and he demonstrated real empathy with the pain situations which impacted me.’

Key clients

ENEL Global Infrastructure & Network



CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles)




Fotbal Club CFR 1907 CLUJ

DABO International


HANNER Imobiliare



DSC Express Logistic

Work highlights

  • Successfully representing the former CEO’s and CFO’s of a leading global energy company in a criminal file regarding accusations of tax evasion and intellectual forgery.
  • Representing a European financial services company and its Romanian subsidiary in the complex cross-border investigation of an organised criminal group created by the former employees and business partners, at national and international level, which defrauded the companies of assets exceeding €25M.
  • Representing a rail company in relation to a complex criminal investigation of an incident involving civil and criminal responsibility for damages exceeding €7M.

Extraordinary Professionalism Applied to the requirements and needs of the clients – this is what Enache Pirtea & Associates stands for and the main drive and focus of our Law Firm. This is best encompassed by our Firm motto (“We go the extra mile”), as well as in our mission (Inside the business & outside the box) and vision (To provide businesses with integrated practical solutions for ethically moving forward and shaping the future). We are lawyers who think business and who always give clients applicable leading-edge solutions, in order to ensure their businesses move forward with ethics and integrity, while clients (public figures, businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers or employees) are safe to enjoy a better future.

The Firm’s focal area of activity is Criminal Law, namely White-Collar & Business Crime, in its two main components: criminal investigation and litigation, as well as business crime consultancy and counselling (in business ethics & integrity). Furthermore, EPA has developped an important Business Law practice, proving that across-the-board experience in business matters (corporate, commercial, labour, civil litigation, etc.) and the trust of clients are key ingredients for successful legal projects.

The achievements and dedication of the firm especially in the field of White-Collar & Business Crime has already been acknowledged by some of the most prestigious international publications, EPA being already a constant partner in the last years in topics of anti-corruption, business crime and anti money laundering and gaining important awards for its undeniable and inexhaustible devotedness to the legal profession and to clients alike.

WHITE-COLLAR & BUSINESS CRIME – key area of practice: Over the past 15 years the Firm’s core attorneys have developed unparalleled practical skills in this field of law, forged in the midst of some of the fiercest and most scrutinized top-level court battles and prosecutorial inquiries, be it national (in Romania) or international (involving specialised investigative authorities such as SEC, DoJ, SFO, etc.).

Considering our long-standing experience and proficiency in serving international clients, EPA is mainly working for foreign corporate clients, as well as for their executives and officers, but is also acting on behalf of local companies, business men, public figures, politicians or officials, fighting criminal law battles from all procedural stances.

Be it corruption crimes or money laundering, economic criminality or abuse of office, embezzlement of EU funds or cybercrimes, copyright or environmental criminal breaches, we have across-the-board experience and knowledge in Criminal Law matters, be it investigation, litigation or consultancy projects.

Investigation and litigation is undoubtedly our strongest and best-known area of expertise, where our solid reputation is best proven by our actions and by our results. The main services and activities are: preliminary analysis of cases and potentially damaging situations; strategic planning of defence strategies or offensive actions; preparing and drafting all supporting legal documents; full-service representationin in all phases of the criminal trial (criminal investigation and court trials), in front of all criminal investigation authorities and courts of law, at all national and international jurisdictional levels.

Consultancy and counselling is, likewise, a very developed practice of the Firm, which is one of the very few criminal law practitioners to fully understand and provide to corporate clients compliance services, regulatory activities, white-collar due diligence, internal investigations and training or extrajudicial procedures assistance. EPA handles cases relating to the most sensitive and vital areas of business ethics & integrity, such as anticorruption, anti-money laundering, antitrust & competition, acquisitions, financial and white-collar.

White-Collar & Business Crime Consultancy Simona PIRTEA, Managing Partnersimona@enachepirtea.ro004/0740.13.73.58
White-Collar & Business Crime Litigation Madalin ENACHE, Senior Partnermadalin@enachepirtea.ro004/0723.32.35.41
Madalin ENACHE photoMr Madalin ENACHESenior Partner
Simona PIRTEA photoMrs Simona PIRTEAManaging Partner
Adrian RUSU photoMr Adrian RUSUPartner
Partners : 3
Counsels : 3
Associates : 5
Consultants & Paralegals : 4
Bucharest Bar

CLIENT: Stefan
POSITION/DOMAIN: entrepreneur, media and publicity
TESTIMONIAL: In the years we were together, Madalin was not just a talented lawyer, but also the help I needed to carry on with my life. He always told me what needed to be done and when, he was never bothered by the media frenzy of the case, he had patience with me and my problems, he always found solutions where I saw none, he never gave up on me or on the truth. He always continued forward, he managed all risks and negative effects of the case, he won more than anyone could have won for me. With him alongside, this battle was far less difficult.

POSITION/DOMAIN: Partner, Italian Law firm
TESTIMONIAL: We are really delighted to co-work with ENACHE PIRTEA & Associates. The energy, dynamism and high professionalism of Simona and Madalin is outstanding.

CLIENT: Corina
POSITION/DOMAIN: CEO, pharma industry
TESTIMONIAL: We have noticed that Madalin is a reliable, hardworking and thorough person, a real professional in everything he does, with strong professional knowledge. He was keen to present options, advice on implications and work proactively in our company’s interests, such that we would have no hesitation in using his abilities for future legal advice and support. What we have also valued is the fact that EPA attorneys are flexible, accessible and responsive and that we had access to their legal advice when required.

CLIENT: George
POSITION/DOMAIN: Senior public official
TESTIMONIAL: I have known Madalin for three years and I know he is a professional that I can truly rely on. Even if I had wished to meet him in different circumstances, I am glad I have him alongside me, in these troublesome times.

CLIENT: Mariana
POSITION/DOMAIN: Legal officer, media
TESTIMONIAL: Prompt, professional, performing, a friend; just a few of the words that reflect how EPA defends the rights of their clients in all cases, from the simplest ones to the most complex situations.


  • A top global mineral resources holding company (UK based) – a corruption investigation in relation to Romania’s biggest copper mining operation, involving politicians, judges and executives, as well as international links and procedures, the illegal benefits avoided being evaluated at EUR 1B.
  • A global e-Commerce leader – an international investigation and national court trial of the biggest security breach of its internal systems and usage of employee credentials by a Romanian national, the claimed prejudice exceeding USD 7.5 M.
  • The two European leaders of the cement industry – various criminal investigation files, out of which stand out the international criminal investigation of the biggest theft of EUA (GES) certificates, amounting to EUR 24M, and the illegal misappropriation by a local community of its production facilities and quarry, with a prejudice of over EUR 3M.
  • A global leader in high-tech rolling stock and rail solutions (based in Spain) – corruption charges against public authority officials and corporate representatives regarding public acquisition procedures in excess of over EUR 300M.
  • A leading European energy distribution company (based in Italy) – criminal cases both against the company and by company employees, of which the most relevant were the investigation and trial of one of the company directors for accusations of active corruption of a vice-president of a national agency for corporate benefits of approx. EUR 5M and the investigation for economic crimes with a prejudice exceeding EUR 10M.


  • A former Minister of the Romanian Government – charges of receiving bribe, traffic of influence, abuse of power, etc. in his capacity of public official (Mayor and Senator).
  • A Romanian MEP (member of the European Parliament) – charges of conflict of interests, dismissed by the High Court of Cassation and Justice.
  • A former personal Counsellor to a Minister of the Romanian Government – high profile corruption investigation and trial regarding important amounts of money used for elections financing (EUR millions), involving former State ministers, senators, other State officials and business men.
  • An influential business man – one of the most complex real estate corruption cases investigated by DNA, with an estimated prejudice exceeding EUR 330M, involving Senators, State and local officials, business men and other persons, accused of organizing a complex network of influence peddling and bribery for illegally obtaining financial benefits from the restitution of a large forest plot.
  • An expat key figure in the Romanian financial industry, as Board member of one of the leading oil distribution companies – accusations of embezzlement/abuse of office (private) against the company, with an estimated prejudice of EUR 86M.