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Real estate and construction Tier 3

Real estate boutique WINSLØW LAW FIRM assists property owners, construction companies and real estate investors with real estate transactions through investment vehicles, due diligence, tax aspects and tenancy matters, including on the drafting and negotiation of residential and commercial lease agreements.  Claudia S. Mathiasen regularly handles real estate arbitration and litigation proceedings. Iben Mai Winsløw advises on urban and green field development projects as well as on the construction of renewable energy plants. Andreas Antoniades is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Claudia S. Mathiasen; Iben Mai Winsløw

Other key lawyers:

Trine Bøgelund-Kjær


‘Open and transparent.’

‘Winsløw Law Firm is unique in the way that the firm solely deals with real estate and construction law matters. This way the firm has in-house knowledge and as such handles all matters within these areas of expertise.’

‘It is a strong team, with dimension and strength.’

‘Claudia S. Mathiasen is a professional and knowledgeable individual. She is self-assured and easy to communicate with. She stands out as a reliable attorney.’

‘I value the professionalism and quick response in the requested subjects.’

Key clients

Søby & Svane Erhverv ApS

Salamanderhusene P/S

Axel Arigato AB

Fendi Denmark ApS


Cobblestone Group


Gentofte-Frederiksberg Ejendomsselsskab


By & Havn

Core Property Management P/S

Ikano Bolig A/S

Skadeservice Danmark A/S

Zeso Architects A/S

Maxavi Ejendomme ApS

Trelleborg Helårshuse-Fritidshuse A/S

Larsen & Ibsen Holding A/S

Harbour P/S

Høje Taastrup C P/S

Fokus Asset Management A/S

Søndergade Holding ApS

Solrød Kommune

Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune

The firm: Winsløw Law Firm was founded by Iben Mai Winsløw and Finn Träff in 2005. The mission statement was to create a boutique law firm based on modern management principles. In 2008 Claudia S. Mathiasen joined the firm, Trine Bøgelund-Kjær followed in 2010, and Dines Benned Jensen in 2011. The focus has been to render value adding legal advice to clients in the real estate sector. The firm has grown organically and today it counts 20 skilled and highly specialized employees as important players in the dedicated team.

Areas of practice: We offer fully integrated legal services to the real estate sector on all aspects of real estate, construction and real estate financing. The services include real estate transactions (acquisitions and disposals), acquisition vehicles and investment structures, real estate due diligence, landlord/tenant matters, real estate tax, construction and procurement, real estate development, planning and environmental and dispute resolution.

Winsløw Law Firm has a strong client base comprising of domestic and international clients, including institutional investors, REITs and investors, investment advisors, listed property companies, joint ventures, high net worth individuals, privately held investment vehicles, public and private sector developers, contractors, consultants, lenders and borrowers (in domestic and cross-border real estate financings, re-financings and restructurings).

Winsløw Law Firm’s legal team has four specialized subsections:

  • Real estate transactions
  • The retail segment and business leases
  • Construction and public procurement
  • Housing communities and tenant/landlord matters
Department Name Email Telephone
Real Estate transactions
Construction Law
Procurement Law
Business Leases
Co-operation Ownership
House Owners' Associations
Land Regulation/Zoning
Public Housing
Limited Partnerships
Company Law
Dispute Resolution

Winsløw takes it for granted

Diversity, work/life balance and pro bono are buzzwords describing what we at Winsløw take
for granted.

Since the foundation in 2005 have made it a point in order to render our clients with the best
possible legal advice, we need to present a strong team of competent and dedicated lawyers.
And those we are able to attract by being a attractive workplace for both men and women as
well as being a company our clients would like to be associated with. At Winsløw we are 3 male
and 4 female partners. Others call it diversity. We take it for granted.

It is part of our DNA that everyone at Winsløw engage in both our client and the team who is
our company. To cooperate in delivering specialized counselling within the areas of real estate
and construction law works best when our team is healthy, well-rested and in good shape. Thus
exercise during weekdays, i.e. pilates, running activities and social events for our employees
combined with fair working conditions for everyone at Winsløw is a matter of course. Others
call is work/life balance.

At Winsløw we contribute to society with a work effort that is not measured in currency. Each
year we devote many hours of voluntary work where our expertise as lawyers make a
difference. Our voluntary work ranges from evening work with free legal aid, board services in
foundations and societies, participation in preliminary bill preparations and working with
interest groups in both Denmark and internationally. Others call it pro bono. We call it a matter
of course.

CLIENT: Johnny Rasmussen, Director of Finance

COMPANY/FIRM: The Danish Church Aid

TESTIMONIAL The process of planning the sale of Danish Church Aid’s head office took place in close
cooperation with Winsløw Law Firm and the real estate agent. The transaction was completed to the management and board of director’s satisfaction. To an organization like Danish Church Aid a sensible process is important. Thus we have been very pleased with Winsløw as our legal advisor and sounding board both in the sale of the property and the important decision on entering into a lease contract regarding our new head office.

CLIENT: Rasmus Juul-Nyholm, General Manager

COMPANY/FIRM: Cobblestone A/S

TESTIMONIAL Cobblestone has grown during 15 years from 1 to 150 employees servicing the Danish real
estate market and always with Winsløw on our side. We have been working with each and
every lawyer in Winsløw, and our deep and longstanding relationship has been of tremendous benefit to us as a client and to our clients as well. We could not have chosen a better business partner.

CLIENT: Rick van Lent, CEO

COMPANY/FIRM:Mobilis Danmark A/S

TESTIMONIAL: Winsløw acted professionally and was a good partner to have during this process. They were dedicated and gave us good advice during the Lille Langebro-project.

CLIENT: Mikkel Søby, CEO

COMPANY/FIRM: Søby & Svane Erhverv ApS

TESTIMONIAL: We engaged Winsløw Law Firm for the due diligence process and to act for us in the negotiations to acquire the franchise chain of commercial real estate agents in Denmark, “home Erhverv”. We were pleased to discover lawyers who know the real estate market in Denmark well, and who placed emphasis on attention to detail, timely and frequent communication, and solid preparation focusing on creating value to us. We are happy to work with Winsløw Law Firm on the continued journey developing and expanding our franchise chain of commercial real estate agents in Denmark.

CLIENT: Albin Johansson, CEO

COMPANY/FIRM:  Axel Arigato ApS

TESTIMONIAL: Axel Arigato engaged with Winsløw Law Firm when entering the Danish market. We have been satisfied with the advice and service we have received regarding the formation of our Danish company and legal work related to our stores in Denmark. The lawyers in Winsløw have always conducted themselves in a professional manner, and I can attest their reliability for effective service and advice.