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Competition Tier 3

LEGRANT LAW COMPANY in Odessa has a specialist focus on maritime law, international trade, ports and terminals, litigation and arbitration. The firm assists clients with cases before the AMCU, notably in matters concerning the unlawful charging of fees for services beyond port dues, which can be seen as monopoly abuse by the state enterprises. Tatyana Titarenko is the lead partner.

Practice head(s):

Tatyana Titarenko

Dispute resolution Tier 4

LEGRANT LAW COMPANY in Odessa handles disputes related to maritime law and international trade, including international arbitration under GAFTA and FOSFA rules. 'Outstanding legal adviserTatyana Titarenko heads up the practice, which is 'highly experienced in protecting clients from the anti-competitive actions of state-controlled bodies'. The firm recently obtained a world freezing order for a large grain trader. Associate Liudmila Sizonenko has 'outstanding experience and strong legal knowledge'.

Practice head(s):

Tatyana Titarenko 

Other key lawyers:

Liudmila Sizonenko


‘Tatyana Titarenko is one of the most outstanding legal advisers we have ever worked with. Her legal and managing skills let us to find the required solution for every issue arising out of our activity.’

‘We draw the special attention on the excellent knowledge level and deep legal expertise of Liudmila Sizonenko. She knows every peculiarity of disputes in the antitrust sphere and could handle even the most comprehensive cases related to the relevant issues.’

‘The case was successfully considered due to the thorough expertise of Liudmila Sizonenko. Due to the outstanding experience of disputes against state bodies and enterprises, she was able to collect the required arguments and prove the groundless of the state enterprise’s position.’

‘We want to mark the professional level of Liudmila Sizonenko and Tatyana Titarenko separately. They managed all our requests and have always offered the most suitable and reliable way to protect our interests and obtained the required results.’

‘Our company is provided with the qualified legal services by the Legrant Law Company. Its lawyers have sufficient level of competence to support our activity related to the maritime sphere, in particular, port and terminals exploitation.’

‘We have been in close business relations with the Legrant law company during the last few years. Due to the high level of professional legal skills, lawyers are able both to represent our interests in the court proceedings and provide us with the complex legal consultation. Legrant expertise covers the port and terminals, dispute resolution in national and international courts and arbitrations, tax and business protection.’

‘We would like to highlight the advanced managing skills of Tatyana Titarenko, managing partner of the Legrant law company. Her professional attitude to the working process let us to be fully confident in the fruitful results of our cooperation. At the same time, the deep expertise and advanced working experience of Liudmila Sizonenko should be noted too. During our cooperation she has shown the ability to prepare strong legal position even in the most difficult cases.’

‘Our company has applied to Legrant law company for the legal support and obtained a complex and deep expertise made by the high qualified lawyers, specialised in the international trade, port infrastructure, tax and business protection. Legrant’s lawyers can offer a successful solution for the issues related to the aforementioned spheres of business activity. At the same time, they are highly experienced in protecting clients from the anti-competitive actions of state-controlled bodies.’

‘Legrant law company is a team of experienced lawyers with strong knowledge in the port and terminal, business protection and international trade. Its specialists also could successfully support activity connected with stevedoring operations and port agency.’

Key clients

Black Sea Commodities

Smart Trade Overseas SA

Tax Tier 4

LEGRANT LAW COMPANY has 'an efficient approach to handling both standard and unusual cases'. Based in Odessa, the firm is particularly active in matters related to shipping, seaports and international trade. Practice head Tatyana Titarenko is 'a reliable partner and trusted legal adviser'. Another name to note is Nataliya Makovetska, who 'can support any disputes related to tax and business protection'.

Practice head(s):

Tatyana Titarenko 

Other key lawyers:

Nataliya Makovetska


‘We would like to point the deep expertise of Nataliya Makovetska. She provides us with complex support and consultations related to tax issues using her advanced legal experience and knowledge on the peculiarities of the Ukrainian courts and controlling bodies system. It goes without saying that such results couldn’t be gained by Legrant without professional business management provided by Tatyana Titarenko.’

‘Legrant successfully protects our interests in relations with state bodies and enterprises, represents us in the tax disputes and advises on the matters related to stevedoring activity. At the same time, team of its lawyers could also support international trading processes and handling the disputes in the international commercial arbitrations, such as GAFTA and FOSFA.’

‘We should recognise the outstanding professional level of Nataliya Makovetska, whose expertise in business protection, antitrust and tax led to us avoiding unnecessary damages and disputes against the controlling bodies.’

‘Tatyana Titarenko is a reliable partner and trusted legal adviser.’

‘Legrant has a team of highly qualified professional lawyers with outstanding working experience in the relevant practices. Legrant has been providing our company with legal support for the last few years and there were no incidents during this period when its specialists couldn’t solve our issues. We highly appreciate our cooperation and perceive Legrant as a trusted legal adviser being able both for regular business support and solutions to critical issues.’

‘Our company has had a reliable business relationship with the Legrant law company during the last few years. Its lawyers have successfully presented our interests in a number of court disputes against the state bodies and enterprises. Besides, they protected us before the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine appealing against the anticompetitive actions of the Ukrainian Sea Ports authority. At the same time, Legrant’s lawyers are highly qualified in marine agents’ rights protection.’

‘The firm has an efficient approach to handling both standard and unusual cases.’

Key clients

Black Sea Commodities

Smart Trade Overseas SA

Legrant Law Company: Legrant is one of the leading law firms in the Southern Region of Ukraine headquartered in Odesa. The company specializes in maritime law and international trade, ports and terminals, litigation and arbitration, tax legislation and business protection and is an associated member of FOSFA. We are building efficient dialog between business and authorities and working on the improvement of legislation. We are aimed at creating a business-friendly environment in the seaport and maritime sectors.

We are trusted advisors for shipowners, port terminals, port agents, freight forwarders, container shipping lines, corn and oil traders, investors.

Legrant’s expertise was many times recognized by independent international and national ranking agencies.

Maritime law: Legrant is recommended as one of the best five maritime law firms in Ukraine. We help our clients with such issues as dispute resolution under chartering contracts and bills of lading, charging or contestation of demurrage and dispatch, marine protests preparation, customer advocacy at courts and maritime tribunals (LMAA, UMAC and others), the arrest of ships and cargo, removal of arrest, charter cancellation, cargo lien. We provide comprehensive legal support in cases of accident, contracts for construction, purchase or sale of vessels, vessel registration.

Ports and terminals: As Ukraine has a strong need for investment it is Legrant who is a trusted advisor for seaport investors. We provide comprehensive legal support on the development and implementation of the investment contracts and agreements. We help our clients with the certification of hydraulic engineering structures, getting construction permits, leasing public property objects, confirmation of the port operator and marine agent status.

Litigation and arbitration: We protect our clients both in court and in pre-trial dispute resolution. Our team has a proven track record in tax litigation. We successfully represent clients’ interests in international maritime and commodity arbitrage (GAFTA, FOSFA, LMAA), UMAC, ICAC. A thorough understanding and knowledge of the features of the GAFTA 125, GAFTA 126 Arbitration Rules, FOSFA arbitration rules, allows us to minimize the cost of arbitration for our client and to conduct it efficiently.

We also protect our clients from breach of antitrust legislation by the state monopolists.

International trade: We are trusted advisors for the companies involved in foreign economic activity. We assist clients at all stages of export and import. Our expertise in drafting and analyzing contracts for the sale/purchase of goods under English law, including GAFTA/FOSFA pro-forms allows our clients to manage their risks and fully benefit from the deals.

Corporate law: Those who make investments, set up a new business, change their structures can rely on Legrant. We analyze corporate governance structures, help during all stages of M&A deals, open representative offices for global players.

Business protection: We protect our clients’ businesses from raiding, illegal assets arrests, and searches. We provide release of cargo lien, represent clients’ interests in administrative disputes with regulatory authorities, provide support during tax audits and analyze the validity of tax authority decisions.

Tax : Under the conditions of tax climate change in the country, protection of clients’ interests requires the creation of intelligent and mobile strategies with the possibility to adapt according to different legal situations. Practical skills and deep understanding of industry specifics allow our lawyers to accompany tax audits and searches, represent interests in pre-trial investigations and court proceedings on tax arrest issues, advise on other taxation aspects.

Department Name Email Telephone
Maritime Law, Ports & Terminals, Business Protection, Litigation & Arbitration Tatyana Titarenko +38 (048) 710-03-60
Ports & Terminals, Litigation, Corporate Law Lyudmyla Syzonenko +38 (048) 710-03-60
Maritime Law, International Trade, Litigation & Arbitration Sergey Platonov +38 (048) 710-03-60
Tax, Business Protection, Litigation Nataliya Makoveckaya +38 (048) 710-03-60
Photo Name Position Profile
 Nataliya Makoveckaya  photo Nataliya Makoveckaya Senior Lawyer
 Lyudmyla Syzonenko  photo Lyudmyla Syzonenko Senior Lawyer
 Tatyana Titarenko photo Tatyana Titarenko Managing Partner
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