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Bríza & Trubac is known for its strengths in tax litigation, and it has a strong track record acting for clients in front of the administrative courts. The team also advises clients on tax investigations, as well as acriminal law matters, offering both advocacy and liability mitigation services. Ondřej Trubač, Tomáš Hokr and Patrik Koželuha co-head the practice. Trubač is described by one client as ‘the best tax lawyer in the Czech Republic’.

Practice head(s):

Ondřej Trubač; Tomáš Hokr; Patrik Koželuha


‘Not just legal approach but also understanding the business. Simple and practical advice, very fast, 100% reliable.’

‘Ondrej Trubac – for me the best tax lawyer in the Czech Republic.’

‘Tax law or tax litigation (i.e. the client vs. financial authorities) is still a relatively rare field of practice in the Czech Republic, since most attorneys with economic background focus on mergers/acquisitions or insolvency, and many entrepreneurs think twice before starting litigation against financial authorities. In this regard, BT offers very professional approach and know-how, and are often able to deliver good results.’

‘Informal and open-minded approach combined with very professional know-how.’

‘The practice has a unique approach to clients and they provide legal services with a great understanding of the practical side of our activities. They are not just problem solvers, they help us to move our projects forward.’

‘Ondrej Trubac has unrivaled knowledge of tax law and great understanding of the world of business. Patrik Koželuha is extremely bright and kind, and he is able to give simple and effective advice on complex issues.’

‘The team of Briza & Trubac excels over other law firms in many ways. We may always rely on their expertise. The founding partners of the company are experienced lawyers with many years of practice, and, at the same time, they have good theoretical knowledge. The other members of the team also demonstrate the same qualities. The law firm has a very good client approach, as well as corporate identity.’ 

‘We cooperated with many members of their team. Every time, we have been very content with the quality of their services. The founding partners  are very experienced, have exceptional strategic thinking and outstanding communication skills. Senior advisers – we have cooperated with partners Mr. Tomas Hokr, and Mr. Patrik Kozeluha proved us their great knowledge of the law and enthusiasm for work.’

Key clients

Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko, s.r.o.

APOGEO, s.r.o.

The firm: Briza & Trubac ranks among the most prominent Czech law firms. It is a full-service law firm. The firm provides legal services in all areas of commercial law, contracts, corporate law, litigation (including arbitration, mediation and insolvency proceedings), competition law, labour law, data protection and related compliance. Briza & Trubac lawyers are among the most recognised and sought-after experts, in areas of cross-border transactions, EU law, international arbitration and tax law. The law firm regularly ranks among the best law firms in the Czech Law Firm of the Year competition.

Dispute resolution Petr
Tax Law Ondrej
International trade and arbitration Tomas
Corporate Patrik
Regulatory and compliance
Real estate
EU law
Public sector
Number of lawyers : 10
Czech Bar Association
Czech Arbitration Court
Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce