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France > Dispute resolution: White-collar crime Tier 1

Bougartchev Moyne Associés is one of France’s leading white-collar crime boutiques. The highly experienced team acts for a prestigious client base comprising many leading corporations and banks, including key players from the defence sector, and offers experience in very sensitive high-profile cases, notably in the field of international corruption. The firm’s caseload is highly international and includes a number of top cases involving Asian countries. Additionally, the practice handles some of France’s largest tax fraud cases. White-collar matters regarding corporate criminal law and the political sphere are also handled. In recent work the practice has acted in an important case regarding criminal employment law issues and is increasingly in demand by clients who have become victims of sophisticated IT fraud. The highly experienced Kiril Bougartchev and Emmanuel Moyne co-head the practice alongside Geoffroy Goubin who made partner in January 2021. Senior associates Sébastien Muratyan  and Edward Huylebrouck  are other key names.

Practice head(s):

Kiril Bougartchev; Emmanuel Moyne; Geoffroy Goubin

Other key lawyers:

Sébastien Muratyan; Edward Huylebrouck

Key clients

Total Energies

Dassault Aviation


Banque Reyl/Reyl & Cie

Air France

Lagardère Ressources



Work highlights

  • Representing a multinational company in the energy sector as victim of an attempted gang fraud and corruption from international arbitrators during a sham arbitration trial in Sweden.
  • Representing the interests of DCNI involved in the sale and export of naval vessels whose funds, entrusted to  two sales agents for the purpose of obtaining a contract with the government of Pakistan, were misappropriated for personal use.    
  • Representing the interests of Dassault Aviation in an alleged corruption case in the context of the sale of several military aircrafts to an Asian country.

France > Compliance Tier 2

Compliance is an area of strong growth for litigation boutique Bougartchev Moyne Associés. The firm advises an already large and prominent, continuously growing client base, including many leading French corporations and banks. The practice's high-level anti-corruption expertise and extensive international network make the firm a popular choice for compliance issues in all parts of the world. Anti-money laundering and banking regulations compliance matters are also handled. The firm helps with the setting up and reviewing of compliance policies and programmes as well as with compliance audits conducted by the relevant independent authorities, notably advising several clients facing AFA-led controls. The firm was also recently retained to carry out compliance due diligence work in the context of a major acquisition. Several members of the team act as compliance officers for clients. The highly experienced Kiril Bougartchev and Emmanuel Moyne co-head the practice alongside Geoffroy Goubin who made partner in January 2021.

Practice head(s):

Kiril Bougartchev; Emmanuel Moyne; Geoffroy Goubin

Key clients


Saint Gobain

Lafarge Holcim

Dassault Aviation



Work highlights

  • Representing an asset management company before the AMF Enforcement Committee for failing to comply with professional obligations.
  • Representing the interests of a leading financial institution in the context of an ACPR inspection and obtaining the renouncement of a sanction procedure.  
  • Advising a French shipbuilding group on the anticorruption, criminal law and Loi Sapin 2 due diligence conducted for the acquisition of an international group.

France > Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 4

Bougartchev Moyne Associés

Practice head(s):

Kiril Bougartchev; Emmanuel Moyne; Geoffroy Goubin

Key clients






Work highlights

  • Defending Turkish conglomerate Dogus as a majority shareholder of companies in the restaurant sector and a party to of a joint-venture agreemen in proceedings arisen from the fraudulent conduct of a minority shareholder following a transfer of shares.
  • Representing the interests of the founder of Copernic, a company specialising in the field of health and high technology products, as well as his family office in  a dispute with an Anglo-Saxon investment fund having taken a majority stake in the company through an LBO operation.
  • Representing the client in civil and criminal proceedings aimed at challenging merger-takeover operations which, according to the plaintiffs, were carried out on the basis of vote buying.

The firm: After 30 and 20 years respectively of professional practice at Gide Loyrette Nouel, then at Linklaters LLP and after hundreds of trials, Kiril Bougartchev and Emmanuel Moyne chose to create, in January 2017, an ambitious firm for their clients, where the hallmarks are independence, liberty, versatility and flexibility.

Bougartchev Moyne Associés is now composed of 13 lawyers: the two founding partners, eight associates and three trainees, one office manager and three employees.

Besides criminal law – and notably white-collar crime which remains its core activity, Bougartchev Moyne Associés has broad and deep experience in civil and commercial litigation as well as in regulatory matters.

Areas of practice: The litigation lawyers from Bougartchev Moyne Associés assist public and private companies, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and their officers in all proceedings they are facing, whether involving white collar crime, civil law or commercial law. They also assist them on regulatory matters and appear before all independent administrative authorities. They assist them on a daily basis, during crises or to aid them in meeting their legal and regulatory obligations. They also work with their clients in connection with their internal investigations and training programme.

Bougartchev Moyne Associés has extensive experience in emergency, complex, multi-party, transnational and multi-jurisdictional proceedings, as well as in negotiating settlement agreements, in France and internationally, and is accustomed to working in teams. The firm assists clients worldwide, providing them with the benefit of its wide experience in cross-border proceedings and multi-jurisdictional prosecutions and its close links with law firms throughout the world.

The firm’s lawyers are the partners of their clients, not just their lawyers. They are particularly mindful of their clients’ strategy and image, and work closely with them to achieve the objectives they have set. They endeavour to acquire a full understanding of their clients, their activities, their organisation and their teams, as well as to become familiar with the risks inherent in their businesses, their requirements and their objectives.

Accordingly, the firm’s lawyers are able to quickly identify the procedural and strategic options available to their clients and provide them with pragmatic responses.

Furthermore, innovation is at the core of Bougartchev Moyne Associés’ practice: whether the first indictment by videoconference between France and the United States, the first use of an electronic bracelet in a financial matter, negotiating an Alford plea or the first plea bargain (CRPC) negotiated by the national financial crimes prosecutor (PNF) and the French government in a money laundering case, the firm has always been creative and will continue to promote innovative solutions in the interests of its clients.

Lastly, its policy is to promote all lawyers’ talents within an open organisation in which the transmission of knowledge and expertise is an essential value.

Crisis and reputational injury management
White-collar crime
Civil and commercial litigation
Regulatory disputes
Number of lawyers : 13
International Bar Association
Contacts : Alexandra Vivet:
Contacts : Kiril Bougartchev:
Contacts : Emmanuel Moyne:

At Bougartchev Moyne Associés, we work daily with clients around the world on matters involving a broad array of legal, business and social/cultural perspectives.

We believe all our lawyers benefit from interacting with the creativity, talents and perspectives contributed by people of different backgrounds and experiences.

We also believe that every lawyer should dedicate a part of his time to assist vulnerable people and those who have not sufficient resources. In this respect, at Bougartchev Moyne Associés, our lawyers are assisting individuals as court appointed lawyers, it being specified that four of our lawyers are former Secrétaires de la Conférence du Stage, a body of the Paris Bar dedicated notably to the assistance of resourceless people accused of serious misdemeanor and criminal offences;

Our recent pro bono actions include:

  • One of our lawyers assisting one of the fourteen defendants in the trial of the November 13 terrorist attacks
  • Two of our lawyers representing the victim of a sexual assault of a minor in a high-profile sexual violence case
  • One of our lawyers representing an NGO acting as a civil plaintiff in a case relating to the Rwanda Genocide before the Paris Criminal Court.
  • Partnering with the Paris Bar “Bus Solidarité” action to help needy and isolated people to freely access to justice and law;
  • Contributing to the “Iter Justicia” action, a movement providing lawyers from Haïti and the Democratic Republic of Congo with legal and specialized publications;
  • Giving advice to foreign law firms dealing with pro bono cases regarding the substantive and procedural criminal law rules applicable in France and in African countries (like Chad)

This year, Emmanuel Moyne participated to the “Run to Kick race” a fundraising race in Brussels on September 26, and won the 2nd donor prize. Run to Kick is organized by KickCancer. This foundation aims to fight against cancer affecting children and teenagers and to participate in the financing of innovative research projects in this field.

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL:  “Bougartchev Moyne Associés has a good understanding of the complex issues and challenges of the industrial environment. The strong involvement of Emmanuel Moyne and his teams in the apprehension of a case, combined with a perfect mastery of the applicable law and a constant pragmatism, constitute precious assets for the defence of the rights of a large company.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “Bougartchev Moyne Associés has been assisting us for several years in the legal and compliance field. We appreciate their responsiveness, the precision and accuracy of their analyses and legal responses as well as their good knowledge of our field of activity. The team is available, young and efficient. It is an excellent law firm.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “We have been working with Bougartchev Moyne Associés since the creation of the law firm. They represent and assist us in several criminal procedures and provide us with sound advice exposed in a clear way. They have a very good knowledge of criminal law and of the French judicial environment. They are very reactive and work in a timely efficient manner. The excellent lawyer-client relationship is very helpful in the handling of our cases. Our business people also appreciate working with them.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “We have worked in 2018 with Bougartchev Moyne Associés on a product norm and quality issue. We were very satisfied on the outcome of the claim and very satisfied with the work done by Emmanuel Moyne and his colleagues. They showed a good knowledge of the procedures, they followed a very efficient process leading towards a resolution of the claim without fines for the company but also with keeping and improving reputation of the company. They have been working in good harmony with the group division and the different parties and have been very reactive.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “We appointed Bougartchev Moyne Associés law firm on several missions and it appeared clearly that:

  • they understand quickly the issues at stake;
  • they are efficient and reactive;
  • they manage to leverage high level capabilities;
  • they produce strong legal advice which is logically articulated and clearly exposed;

all of this making them a firm of excellence on the Paris market.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “Our firm frequently appoints Bougartchev Moyne Associés law firm for litigation, compliance or other matter issues. The major qualities of this law firm led by Kiril Bougartchev are their reactivity and the precision of their answers and advices. The lawyers working in the firm are young, highly qualified, dynamic and efficient. The team combines sound legal knowledge with a full understanding of how companies operate which constitutes a fundamental asset for ongoing relationship and trust.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “Bougartchev Moyne Associés is an excellent law firm specialised in white-collar crime with a team of qualified, rigorous, reactive lawyers fully committed alongside their client and with a perfect knowledge of the French legal system. The strong client relationship enables work to be efficient and profitable on the long run.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “Bougartchev Moyne Associés has been working for our group and divisions with a great ability to understand the issues we were facing in order to provide tailor-made solutions which we were looking for and which differentiates them. Apart their technical skills, I have myself been extremely impressed by their ability to place their advice in a global context.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “We have been working with Bougartchev Moyne Associés for a commercial and a criminal cross-border dispute. We appreciate Bougartchev Moyne Associés’ ability and willingness to assist us on our litigation process. In our experience, Bougartchev Moyne Associés’ team is a well-equiped law firm to handle large scale commercial and criminal cross-border disputes requiring numerous trials and various aspects. The team is very practical, well-informed and high-quality to be able to achieve good results.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “Kiril Bougartchev’s services are invaluable in terms of legal strategy as well as the precision and rigor of his analysis and advice.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “Bougartchev Moyne Associés is one of our key partners with respect to legal issues. Beyond the cases strictly speaking, the firm and notably one of its partners, Emmanuel Moyne, is a privileged interlocutor with whom the largest number of legal issues of interest for a major company can be dealt with. Emmanuel elaborates his legal analysis taking into consideration the various issues at stake – legal as well as business oriented – making him a strategic expert to consult. Regarding the firm more generally, the skills of this closely-knit and dedicated team are particularly significant in litigation, white-collar crime and compliance, a practice that the firm has considerably developed over the last years.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “Bougartchev Moyne Associés assists us in the improvement of our compliance programme, notably with regards to Sapin II Law. We appreciate the quality of their listening and their proposals, as well as the availability and the great responsiveness of Emmanuel Moyne – who is in charge of our matters – and of his team.”

CLIENT: [Confidential]
COMPANY/FIRM: [Confidential]
TESTIMONIAL: “Bougartchev-Moyne is my go-to firm in Paris for litigation matters. I have worked with them on several matters and they have always shown outstanding skills. They combine the expertise and the level of services that you would expect from a first tier international firm with the clear benefits of being a highly specialized boutique firm.”

Since its creation in January 2017, Bougartchev Moyne Associés is resolutely focused on the international scene and international perspective is at the core of its activity and development.

As of 1 January 2022, Bougartchev Moyne Associés has been acting in 81 cross-border cases in 62 countries.

The firm has been working with a diverse range of clients worldwide, such as:

  • a Spanish transportation group
  • an Egyptian cement manufacturer
  • a Turkish conglomerate
  • a Canadian energy group
  • a European group of companies and its Italian head office
  • the head of a Russian real estate development group
  • the head of a Swiss bank
  • the family holding company of a Russian oligarch
  • a Kazakh oligarch
  • a Saudi Arabian leading figure
  • and various multinational companies and groups in the energy, finance and defense industries

We act in numerous cases with a cross-border element and often involving one or more foreign jurisdictions. We assist our clients worldwide, alongside international firms and specialised firms. We are frequently appointed to coordinate the work of law firms selected in various jurisdictions, for our extensive experience in complex, multi-party, transnational and multi-jurisdictional proceedings, as well as in negotiating settlement agreements, in France and internationally. We have, amongst others,

  • defended interests of a French engineering company and its director in connection with criminal proceedings initiated in the United States of America (New York State) for alleged corruption under business relationships forged in Mali, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Ivory Coast;
  • assisted a merchant bank and its officer in connection with corruption proceedings commenced in the United States, for alleged acts of corruption committed alongside US citizens in the Republic of Guinea, Malaysia, Angola, Mozambique and Hong Kong;
  • assisted a Turkish conglomerate, a majority shareholder in companies in the restaurant sector based in London, Dubai and Paris and party to a Joint-Venture Agreement, due to the actions of a minority shareholder, in connection with civil and criminal proceedings in the Netherlands and France;
  • assisted a Swiss bank and its chief executive being prosecuted in France on grounds of aggravated laundering of the proceeds of tax fraud committed in France, Luxembourg, Singapore and Switzerland.
  • participated in the implementation by an energy sector multi-national of anti-money laundering measures in Ivory Coast, Gabon and Senegal;
  • assisted a Spanish merchant banker charged with misappropriation of company assets and concealment, for acts committed in France, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain. Acquitted on nearly all of the charges; Fine suspended.

See all our credentials on our website :

Though we do not have foreign desks as such, our international practice is notably the fruit of the close links we have established with numerous best friends law firms around the world (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA, etc.)

The lawyers of the firm are actively participating in several think tanks, in France but also internationally. In this respect, the firm is member of the American Bar Association and of the International Bar Association. Emmanuel Moyne has been appointed Conference Quality Officer of the Criminal Law Committee (CLC) of the latter for 2019-2020 and Conference Coordinator of the CLC for 2021-2022.

In the context of the launching of the first edition of its White-Collar Crime Practical Guide in 2019, Chambers & Partners asked Kiril Bougartchev and Emmanuel Moyne to act as contributing editors and to select the 21 foreign law firms involved in the relevant jurisdictions. They also acted as contributing editors of the second and the third edition of the same guide (2020 and 2021). They also authored the French chapter of The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Review (Law Business Research, 2012–2015 editions), the Anti-Corruption Practice Guide published by Chambers and Partners (2018-2022 editions), a comparative law book about the offence of corruption published by Oxford University in 2019, “from Baksheesh to bribery”, and of GIR’s Securities & Related Investigations Know-how (2020).