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Fischer Ramp Buchmann is ‘Switzerland’s only pure-play private client boutique law firm with an international focus‘ and as such has a focus on acting for high-net-worth individuals and their families on matters pertaining to complex and cross-border tax planning as well as estate, succession, pension and social security planning. The unit has particular specialisms at the intersection of civil law and common law issues as well as real estate and philanthropy matters relevant to private clients. Michael Fischer has ‘seriously impressive‘ knowledge of international tax matters, Samuel Ramp is ‘a competent straight-forward negotiator‘ and the ‘skilled tax professionalMarc Buchmann gives ‘highly appreciated‘ advice regarding ‘high-net-worth individual relocations‘.


‘Samuel Ramp is a competent straight-forward negotiator.’

‘The firm is young and entrepreneurial. It carries no legacy baggage that many Swiss law firms do and really understands cross-border tax work.’

‘Michael Fischer is superb.’

‘The partner I work most closely with is Michael Fischer. Not only is he a charming individual and always ready to assist, his legal knowledge is seriously impressive and he is really good with clients – they genuinely warm to him. He is proactive and responsive – exactly what you need in a lawyer in another jurisdiction – and they are not all like that believe me!’

‘Switzerland’s only pure-play private client boutique law firm with an international focus. All the partners are double qualified as attorneys at law as well as certified tax experts. The firm excels in complex cross-border matters, covering both legal and tax aspects of their clients’ multi-jurisdictional projects and issues. Fischer Ramp Buchmann has unique know-how on international trust and estate law and how respective Anglo-Saxon principles and regulations may be reflected in a Swiss law environment.’

‘Marc Buchmann is a flexible and responsive skilled tax professional. Marc’s input was highly appreciated.’

‘It is a very warm and welcoming professional team at FRP. I appreciate the personal and caring spirit of the team, which is seldom to be found with other firms. Over all Fischer Ramp Buchmann offers Magic Circle level services delivered with boutique dedication.’

‘Marc Buchmann is a brilliant tax lawyer who has complex knowledge about international tax law, as well as Swiss income tax and wealth taxation aspects.’

Work highlights

  • Advised an ultra-high-net-worth family on their £1bn succession.
  • Advised a UK national and resident ultra-high-net-worth-individual (£750 m+) on a relocation to Switzerland and on cross-border tax structuring.
  • Advised a Portuguese ultra-high-net-worth family (€500m) on the restructuring of their industrial group and on setting up a Swiss holding structure.

Fischer Ramp Buchmann specialises in private clients
We advise individuals, families, their enterprises and family offices on tax and real estate matterssuccession and estate planning and on philanthropic projects.

What makes us stand out

Business is always personal
We are a distinctive private client boutique law firm. Personal dedication, expertise and confidentiality are corner stones of our advisory activity.

Our vision is to combine high quality legal advice with bespoke service.

With long standing experience as partners and associates in international firms we are used to working in a challenging environment, delivering efficiently and on time and meeting our clients’ expectations. Our firm consistently features in relevant industry rankings.

Thinking outside the box
Legal issues do not run along geographical borders nor stop at language barriers. Acting and thinking internationally is our bread and butter. We work in English, German and French.

Our advice goes beyond applying the current state of the law. We include commercial considerations and trends in legislation as well as aspects such as transparency, morality and public perception.

Practice and theory
We teach at tax academies and regularly speak at congresses and seminars in Switzerland and abroad.

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Marc 44 515 36 32
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