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At VAINANIDIS ECONOMOU & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM, clients from industries including pharmaceuticals, hotels, construction, cosmetics, food and industrial products are supported on an array of EU and competition matters. Aida Economou leads the practice, which counts horizontal and vertical agreements, abuse of dominance, mergers and antitrust matters among its core fields of focus.

Practice head(s):

Aida Economou

The firm: In 2021, the firm celebrated its 34th  anniversary. Through the high-quality work and commitment of its people the firm has gained the trust of international companies and distinguished international law firms.

Areas of practice
EU & Competition law: The firm is extensively involved in EU & competition law. Its practice includes investigations brought by the Hellenic Competition Commission regarding horizontal and vertical agreements, as well as abuse of dominance cases. It has assisted firms in dawn raids, cleared  mergers and has been successful in the rejection of complaints brought before the Commission.

The firm advises businesses on a wide range of commercial transactions, distribution and management agreements, as well as on their related competition law aspects. Its thorough knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical, hospitality, food and industrial products’ sectors contributes to the provision of efficient advice on a variety of issues, including pricing, sales and distribution strategies.

The firm represents clients in antitrust damages litigation  before the civil courts, the administrative courts and the Council of State. It assists clients in the education of their employees through  competition law compliance  seminars. Vainanidis Economou & Associates is currently involved in cases before the Competition Commission and the courts relating to  pharmaceuticals,  transactions in the hospitality sector,  towage services and heating & cooling systems. 

 Privacy law: The firm has a consolidated experience in privacy and data protection law.  It has assisted its clients in understanding and implementing the GDPR  and meeting related compliance requirements. 

Corporate and M&A: The wave of legislative reforms in Greek company law in recent years has created new types of companies, new mechanisms of companies’ transformations and, naturally, new challenges. The firm’s creative approach and its embedded practice of prior consultation with the competent administrative authorities have led to practical and suitable solutions with respect to M&A projects.

Commercial law and litigation: The added value offered by the firm to its clients, which allows them to move faster in an increasingly complex legal environment, is its swift and efficient reaction to requests for legal advice on a wide range of business issues, daily operational matters, corporate matters, debt collection, relations with the banks with the aim of obtaining or restructuring finance, granting of securities, etc.

With respect to dispute resolution, the firm views strategy, innovative thinking and in-depth research as the key factors to successful litigation. Disputes between shareholders, claims for loss of profits, disputes arising from insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, objections against participation in public tenders, claims for damages relating to defective products and accidents resulting from use of equipment, claims related to distribution and agency agreements and their termination are some of the matters typically handled by the firm before the Greek courts and in international arbitration.

Employment law: The firm assists clients on all kind of matters which may arise from the moment of hiring of their employees until their dismissal, including related litigation. The challenging economic environment in Greece has forced many foreign companies to restructure or even close their Greek operations and the firm has actively assisted in the implementation of these plans.

Department Name Email Telephone
Antitrust and competition Aida Economou +
Antitrust and competition Costas Vainanidis +
Data protection Evita Vainanidis +
Employment Anna Kazantzidou +
Hotels and leisure Aida Economou +
Hotels and leisure Anna Kazantzidou +
Pharmaceuticals Costas Vainanidis +
Pharmaceuticals Aida Economou +
Corporate and M&A Anita Vainanidis +
Corporate and M&A Costas Vainanidis +
Litigation and arbitration Aida Economou +
Litigation and arbitration Marianna Rapti +
Public procurement Costas Vainanidis +
Public procurement Dimitris Katsaounis +
Debt collection Anna Kazantzidou +
Real estate Anita Vainanidis +
Real estate Katerina Tolia +
Distribution and agency Aida Economou +
Restructuring and insolvency Dimitris Katsaounis +
Restructuring and insolvency Costas Vainanidis +
Number of lawyers : 11
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European Competition Lawyers Forum
Contact : Dr Aida Economou (Managing Partner,

COMPANY/FIRM: from The Legal 500 2018 edition
TESTIMONIAL: “Vainanidis Economou & Associates Law Firm’s excellent practice provides a very high level of service. Practice head Aida Economou is a real support in negotiations.”

COMPANY/FIRM: from The Legal 500 2019 edition
TESTIMONIAL: “The competition practice is led by the very efficient and to-the-point Aida Economou.”

Aida Economou, Ph.D., Managing Partner

Aida Economou, Ph.D., Managing Partner Aida Economou talks about the effect of the Greek economic crisis on the legal business.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate vainanidis economou & associates from other law firms?

In challenging times businesses need legal guidance more than ever. Within the framework of the draconian austerity measures aiming to restructure the public sector, control public spending, open markets and eventually, lead to the path of growth, the Greek legal order has experienced in the past 7 years an unprecedented wave of legislative reforms.

Vainanidis Economou and Associates have supported their clients to find the desired direction in this complex and ever changing environment.

Businesses need practical advice, sometimes in a very limited time span. A decision may have to be taken quickly in view of the imminent insolvency of a customer or a supplier or a bank’s decision to request additional securities to maintain a line of credit.

The understanding of the client’s business together with the experience accumulated over the years and our innovative thinking constitute the key elements which generate the necessary thrust directed to problem solving.  These characteristics are expressed in our motto as a “dynamic high-quality law firm”.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

The substantial legislative reforms in company law in the recent years has created new types of companies, new mechanisms for the transformation of companies and, naturally, new challenges for economic operators.

The firm’s creative approach and its embedded practice of prior consultation with the administrative authorities have led to practical solutions and shorter periods of implementation in creating entities for the undertaking of projects and in M&A transactions.

There is significant potential in this field. We also anticipate a growth in the field of competition law both because of the Hellenic Competition Commission’s increasing activity in the enforcement of competition law and the upcoming implementation in the Greek legal order of the Damages Directive.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Since our establishment 31 years ago, we have progressed due to the hard work of our people and their investment in the building of a relation of mutual trust and respect with our clients. Because of these, the firm has gained recognition from distinguished international law firms and international companies. It is on the basis of the same principles that we shall proceed in the future.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

The firm advises businesses on a wide range of commercial transactions and, very frequently, on antitrust matters. Its deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical, hotel, food and industrial products industries contributes to the provision of efficient advice. The firm has a consolidated experience in privacy and data protection law which currently constitutes a topic of broad interest due to the recent General Data Protection Regulation.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

As mentioned, the Greek economic crisis has made clients regard law firms as an indispensable compass for business. This has increased our firm’s responsibility in providing good and swift advice.



Vainanidis Economou & Associates is a dynamic law firm with offices in Athens providing high level services to national and international clients. Its practice covers multiple areas of law and a variety of business sectors.