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Avraham Lalum & Co. Law Offices' internationally oriented practice is well versed in cross-border real estate projects, particularly those involving the US and Ukraine — it notably maintains an office in Kyiv. Closer to home, the group has an emphasis on urban renewal projects, including advising on planning and finance-related matters. Avraham Lalum has strong credentials in the urban renewal sector due to his longstanding experience in the area.

Practice head(s):

Avraham Lalum

Key clients

Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company Ltd.

Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd.

Yuvalim Group

EXON Capital Group LLC

Eco City S.L Entrepreneurship and Construction Ltd.

KDD Group Ukraine

Eddi Caspi

Netanel Group

Lahav L.R Ltd & Tel Dan Ltd.

R&M Investments Ltd.

K.B.Y. Holdings Ltd.

Renovo Ltd

Hadar Group

HERTZIG Real Estate Group Ltd.

Almog 38 Ltd.

Gamliel Group

Amir Real Estate Investments Ltd.

Halman Aldubi

Ofek Sheli

Almogim Holding Ltd

Work highlights

  • Advising Exon Group on a project involving the construction of multi-storey buildings with hundreds of residential and commercial units in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Advising Azorim and Acro Real Estate on a evacuation-reconstruction project in Tel Aviv, comprising six residential buildings with a total of 84 existing units and 120 new units which will be added to the space.
  • Advising Yuvalim Group on the initiation of a urban renewal project in Tel Aviv

Avraham Lalum & Co. Law Offices – Established in 2006
Line of Business: Real estate transactions and taxation

Avraham Lalum, Advocate & Notary: founder, owner, and managing partner
Associates: Elad Offek, Uri Katz, Racheli Vizer-Peled
Consultants: Yaniv Maaby – Notary

Avraham Lalum & Co. Law Office specializes in real estate and its various aspects. Since its founding in 2006, the firm has acquired a reputation and highly skilled professionalism in all forms of real estate transactions, including urban renewal. The firm currently represents approximately one hundred projects, and its client list includes development companies, public corporations, local authorities, municipal economic entities, purchase groups and leading investors. The firm’s staff is involved professionally in complex real estate transactions, including sales and purchase agreements, combination transactions, gentrification projects, urban renewals and real estate transactions in Germany, United States and the Ukraine. The firm accompanies investors in rental, managerial and financing projects.

The firm is headed by Avraham Lalum, founder and managing partner. Advocate Lalum is highly experienced in this field, holding senior positions with the Israel Bar Association, lecturing at the Law Academy and publishing many professional papers. The firm is also involved in legislative processes in real estate and urban renewal.

The firm provides comprehensive legal advice and business guidance while considering the aspects of economic feasibility, including planning and taxation considerations. The experience and knowledge gained over the years, as well as the ability to visualize and analyze the business map of real estate as a whole, enables the firm to identify business opportunities, in Israel and abroad, while accompanying complex projects and maximizing the transactions profitability for its clients.

“I Believe” – the firm’s Credo – “We believe that our role as advocates is to enable our clients to effectively and successfully carry out their real estate transactions, with careful planning of all aspects of the transaction while providing a personalized service that is specially tailored to the needs of the client and the project. We offer a comprehensive, professional and creative support. Our success is the best expression of the dedicated work of our advocates, which contribute highly to the success of our clients.”

Advocate Avraham Lalum – founder, owner, and managing partner – Avraham Lalum is one of Israel’s leading advocates in real estate and urban renewal, with many years of experience – both legal and academic and is considered one of the most popular lecturers on real estate in Israel.

Advocate Lalum specializes in real estate transactions and real estate taxation and has accompanied developers, construction companies, public entities, purchase groups and investors in complex real estate transactions. Advocate Lalum also serves as legal counsel for the Chamber of Commerce’s “TAMA 38 Companies and Urban Renewal Forum”.

Advocate Lalum is a member of the Israel Bar Association (2006), holds an LL.M degree from Tel Aviv University (in collaboration with Berkeley University), 2015, and an LL.B. degree from Netanya Academic College, 2005.

Professional experience – institutions – Vice Chairman of the Israel Bar Association in Israel • Chairman of the National Real Estate Forum of the Israel Bar Association • Member and Vice Chairman of the National Council of the Israel Bar Association • Arbitrator at the National Institute of Arbitration.

Professional experience – Planning and Construction Committees –Previously, a Member of the Netanya Municipal Council, Acting Chairman of Netanya’s Planning and Construction Sub-Committee, Chairman of the Municipalities of the Northern Sharon for Sanitation and the Environment, Chairman of the Municipal Audit Committee, Member of the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors of the Economic Corporation.

Professional experience – academic

  • Founder of the Israel Bar Association’s School of Law.
  • Lecturer on real estate at Sha’arei Mishpat College and Director of the Urban Renewal Clinic of Sha’arei Mishpat College.
  • Lecturer on Urban Renewal and Tama 38, Fishman Center.
  • Lecturer on Urban Renewal and TAMA 38 – Lahav Institute of Tel Aviv University, Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel and the Institute of Real Estate Assessors.

Professional experience – journals and articles

  • The author of “Guide to Gentrification.”
  • The author of “Guide to TAMA 38 Transactions.”
  • The author of “The Limits of Judicial Intervention in Uniform-Contractors Contracts.”

The firm’s clients – The firm is proud to represent a variety of organizations from different sectors of the economy in complex real estate transactions and transactions involving urban renewal. The client list includes developers, contractors, stock exchange listed companies, public entities, local authorities, financial companies / municipal economic entities, purchase groups, leading investors, tenants and property owners of urban renewal projects.

Complex projects – The firm is accompanying approximately one hundred projects, including very significant projects in real estate and urban renewal, which include applications for permits from the town planning authority under the authority of the district committee.

The firm’s versatility  Its interdisciplinary approach to real estate, enables the firm to provide a holistic casing of reliability to the real estate activities of its clients – beyond the issue of projects and urban renewal issues, the firm is also active in the area of partnership dissolutions, real estate litigation, real estate taxation, registration of condominiums and more. The firm provides its clients with a true real estate one-stop-shop, adapted to the dynamic pace of the Israeli real estate market.

Involvement at the Israel Knesset and legislation – Even outside its four walls, the firm’s trained staff leads the forefront of knowledge in the field of urban renewal and real estate in Israel, our involvement in the legislative process, such as the issue of collateral as part of urban renewal and Amendment 3A of TAMA 38.

The scope of real estate transactions in 2022 – The volume of housing units in which the firm is currently involved in totals approximately 9,000 housing units. In this context, there are currently ten projects at the permit level, with the remainder at various advanced stages for permits.

International activities – Avraham Lalum & Co. has extensive involvement in the international area as well. The firm provides legal advice to Israeli investors in the US real estate market while reviewing the related tax implications. The firm has similar activities in Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Zanzibar and more. The firm’s international department handles transactions and offer legal services for investors in various international markets.

Manager Avraham Lalumavraham@lalumlaw.co.il972-3-7522722
Adv Avraham Lalum photo Adv Avraham LalumFounder, Owner, and Managing Partner
English (fluent)

Law firm Avraham Lalum & Co. – A leading international law firm with active branch in Ukraine and has fruitful collaborations with offices in the US and other countries in Europe. 

The company is business orientation, offers its clients solutions related to conducting transactions in Israel and abroad. Among other things, the firm offers creative solutions for conducting overseas transactions through a supervised mechanism. 

The Team 

  • United States 
  • Ukraine 
  • Tanzania 
  • Cyprus 
  • Greece 
  • And many other countries 

Together our team speaks a range of languages including English, Russian, Ukraine, Hebrew, Arabic and Georgian. 

The Network 

As an international law firm and one of Israel’s leading law firms, the firm holds a wide range of business and professional relationships and is in close contact with parallel offices and external legal advisers in Israel and around the world, including a connection to well-known and leading business professionals. The firm’s international department maintains overseas partnerships and manages clients and transactions from the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Georgia, Tanzania, and many other countries. 

CLIENT: Yosef Moskovitch


TESTIMONIAL: Everything is conducted in a professional manner. Excellent service, every time I turn to any of the employees, they are available to my needs. More so when there are urgent matters, they will adept and change the schedule to handle them.

I chose Avraham Lalum and co.  because of the excellent reputation the firm has in Israel. It is considered as a “boutique office” and I get great “one on one” service and availability with first grade quality and professionalism with zero mistakes. Personal attitude is very important to me. In other offices you work with a secretary or a junior employee. When you get personal treatment, if a problem arises, they will solve it straight away without asking questions. I have not received it elsewhere at the level I receive it from Avraham Lalum and co.

CLIENT: Noam Benjamini

COMPANY/FIRM: Yuvalim Group

TESTIMONIAL: Adv. Avraham Lalum, head of Lalum law firm, is a first-grade professional attorney how gives me personal service.

The firm is available to my needs and provides the required service and response in a timely and professional manner to the maximum. The firm offers a wide range of services in several areas and can be considered as a “ONE STOP SHOP”.

Adv. Lalum is personally involved in every situation and in every issue, and that is an essential factor in our choice to be accompanied by the Lalum firm.

Adv. Lalum’s familiarity with the industry in general and the real estate industry in specific, helps us greatly also in the business perspective and many times help us succeed in especially when the schedule is.

This uniqueness and Adv. Lalum’s personal way of promoting / resolving / thinking outside the box and giving his experience and knowledge – lead our decision to cooperate with him.

Adv. Lalum’s professional approach gives me the opportunity to consult with him on any issue and helps me to make the decision on whether to proceed and advance the transactions in which we operate together.

All the professionals and staff in the Lalum office, allow us to receive courteous, professional, and friendly service that always gives of its own accord and helps as much as needed and as much as possible.

In conclusion – Adv. Lalum is one of the professional staff that accompanies us for years and gives us professional and quality service at the highest level.

CLIENT: Michal Megiddo

COMPANY/FIRM: Ayalon Insurance Company

TESTIMONIAL: The firm serves as a collaborative legal advisor; I am the director of sales and execution guarantees department. Adv. Avraham Lalum accompanies us through all sorts of stages. Even after we approve a project, we consult, both regarding issues that arise in the framework of the ongoing work and regarding legal issues arising and opinions needed. It is a full escort all the way. I am very satisfied with the professional level; I have worked with quite a few firms and there is a professional responsibility here at higher level that is very much felt.

Communication is very fluid, and I feel that there is always someone who keeps me posted and make it his priority to make sure my needs are being taken care of.

If I say some matter is urgent, I will I get the treatment that same day many times, getting answers within half an hour. I have a lot of experience with law firms and today I prefer a small, high-quality boutique firm because I have a direct connection to the office, and I know how I am dealing with and that they will be available to me and give me answers when needed.

I think the personal care and intensive relationship is very helpful at work; I feel there is an adjustment here in terms of expectations because we work around the clock.