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Dudkowiak Kopec Putyra
00-124 WARSAW

Dudkowiak Kopec Putyra operates on Polish market since 1992. We specialize in providing legal services to foreign investors and international corporations doing business in Poland.

Our team consists of over 60 lawyers, tax advisors and accountants operating in five offices in major Polish cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Zielona Gora).

We particularly specialized in introducing foreign investors to Polish market. During last 30 years we have successfully introduced to Polish market hundred of foreign clients, incorporated thousands of companies, completed numerous M&A deals and afterwards guided  the clients through the first months of operations on Polish market.

We provide wide variety of business related legal services incl. investment advisory, M&A, corporate, contracts, employment, real estate, litigation, IP, data protection, antitrust, competition and consumer protection, tax and accounting and many others.

Our goal is to serve as one-stop-shop to our foreign clients as a result along with our subsidiary we provide also tax, audit, accounting and payroll services.

For decades we provide services to leading multinational, publicly listed corporations from various sectors of economy, ie international trade, construction, IT, e-commerce, banking, payment services, investment funds, aviation, telecommunication, FMCG, energy and mining, food and agriculture, transport.

Private clients are covered by our special boutique private clients department specialized in family, divorce, inheritance assignments.

Department Name Email Telephone
Investment and M&A Michal Dudkowiak
Company and corporate Piotr Putyra
Company and corporate Tomasz Kopec
M&A, commercial and contracts Piotr Putyra
Investment in Poland Michal Dudkowiak
Litigation and arbitration Andrzej Dudkowiak
Litigation and arbitration Marcin Kreglewski
Employment Tomasz Kopec
Employment Marcin Kreglewski
Banking and payment services Piotr Putyra
Banking and payment services Anna Szymielewicz
Consumer law and consumer credit Piotr Putyra
Consumer law and consumer credit Anna Szymielewicz
Mining and mineral resources Michal Dudkowiak
Energy and environment Michal Dudkowiak
Energy and environment Tomasz Kopec
Antitrust and competition Michal Dudkowiak
Antitrust and competition Piotr Putyra
Real estate and construction Andrzej Dudkowiak
Real estate and construction Marcin Kreglewski
Debt collection Piotr Putyra
Debt collection Anna Szymielewicz
Regulatory (concessions and licences) Michal Dudkowiak
Transport Grzegorz Zochowski
Aviation Michal Dudkowiak
Food and agriculture Michal Dudkowiak
FMCG Tomasz Kopec
Inheritance and family Grazyna Dudkowiak
Photo Name Position Profile
 Mieszko Łukaszewicz  photo Mieszko Łukaszewicz
Mrs Katarzyna Śmierzewska  photo Mrs Katarzyna Śmierzewska Accounting Specialist
Mrs Dorota Dobroch  photo Mrs Dorota Dobroch Associate
Mr Michal Dudkowiak photo Mr Michal Dudkowiak Partner Barrsiter in Poland
Mr Andrzej Dudkowiak  photo Mr Andrzej Dudkowiak Senior Partner Barrister in Poland
 Grażyna Dudkowiak  photo Grażyna Dudkowiak Senior Partner Barrister in Poland
 Piotr Glapiński  photo Piotr Glapiński
Mrs Katarzyna Goc  photo Mrs Katarzyna Goc Accounting Specialist
Mr Marek Grabowski  photo Mr Marek Grabowski Statutory Auditor, Managing Partner
Mr Robert Hibner  photo Mr Robert Hibner Counsel Barriser in Poland
Mrs Ada Hryniewicz - Putyra  photo Mrs Ada Hryniewicz - Putyra Counsel Attorney in Poland
Mrs Monika Huzarska  photo Mrs Monika Huzarska Tax Advisor
Mr Tomasz Kopec  photo Mr Tomasz Kopec Senior Partner Barrister in Poland
Mrs Magdalena Kowalewska  photo Mrs Magdalena Kowalewska Associate
 Marcin Kręglewski  photo Marcin Kręglewski Counsel Barrister
Mr Piotr Kruk  photo Mr Piotr Kruk Counsel
Mrs Angelika Lewandowska  photo Mrs Angelika Lewandowska Accounting Specialist
Mrs Agnieszka Lewandowska  photo Mrs Agnieszka Lewandowska Accounting Specialist
Mrs Aneta Muszalska  photo Mrs Aneta Muszalska Accounting Specialist
Mrs Alicja Myśluk-Landowska  photo Mrs Alicja Myśluk-Landowska Senior Counsel
Mrs Aleksandra Nadolna  photo Mrs Aleksandra Nadolna Accounting Specialist
Mrs Katarzyna Nadolna  photo Mrs Katarzyna Nadolna Accounting Specialist
Mrs Joanna Palka  photo Mrs Joanna Palka
Mrs Małgorzata Pitura  photo Mrs Małgorzata Pitura Payroll Specialist
Mr Michał Puk  photo Mr Michał Puk Counsel
Mr Piotr Putyra  photo Mr Piotr Putyra Partner Barrister in Poland
Mrs Katarzyna Rupp  photo Mrs Katarzyna Rupp Tax Advisor
Mrs Ewelina Rybarczyk  photo Mrs Ewelina Rybarczyk Accounting Specialist
Mrs Monika Rychlak  photo Mrs Monika Rychlak Payroll Specialist
Mrs Anna Szymielewicz  photo Mrs Anna Szymielewicz Senior Counsel
Mrs Aneta Targowicka  photo Mrs Aneta Targowicka Payroll Specialist
Mr Denis Ushakov  photo Mr Denis Ushakov Associate
Mrs Aleksandra Walas  photo Mrs Aleksandra Walas Associate
Mrs Małgorzata Wawrzyniak  photo Mrs Małgorzata Wawrzyniak Tax Advisor
Mrs Katarzyna Wicher  photo Mrs Katarzyna Wicher Accounting Specialist
Mrs Sylwia Wierzbicka  photo Mrs Sylwia Wierzbicka Accounting Specialist
Ms Martyna Wilkoszarska  photo Ms Martyna Wilkoszarska Associate
Mrs Anna Witosławska  photo Mrs Anna Witosławska Statutory Auditor Trainee
Mr Beniamin Wojtkowiak  photo Mr Beniamin Wojtkowiak Accounting Specialist
Mr Piotr Zak  photo Mr Piotr Zak Auditor, Counsel
Mr Grzegorz Zochowski  photo Mr Grzegorz Zochowski Senior Associate in Poland
Number of lawyers : 35
in this country : 35
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