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Mihaj, Ilic & Milanovic Law Firm

Dispute resolution Tier 1

Specialised in dispute resolution and founded in 2015, Mihaj, Ilic & Milanovic Law Firm acts in highly sensitive and high-profile disputes. Senka Mihaj is experienced in investment and commercial arbitration, commercial litigation and FIDIC-related disputes; and Nemanja Ilic acts in commercial disputes in both the domestic and regional courts. Marko Milanovic leads the firm’s debt collection practice. Jelena Papić, who was recently promoted to senior associate, is experienced in general commercial litigation and insolvency proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Senka Mihaj; Nemanja Ilic


The key reason for co-operating with this law firm is its experience and excellence in disputes. There are not many firms specialising in disputes in this manner. Having such attorneys on the client’s side gives an advantage in litigation.’

MIM provides high-quality legal services. Clients very much appreciate the lawyers’ readiness to provide accurate responses to all legal questions and situations.

The communication is very professional and prompt, and the dispute resolution team is very impressive.

Clients are satisfied with how the MIM law team represents them at all stages of proceedings.

Senka Mihaj is very professional, easy to communicate with and has exceptional lawyer skills.

Marko Milanovic gives his best on behalf of clients, and is very patient and trustworthy.

Nemanja Ilic is one of the best litigators in Serbia. The level of his experience is great, which gives him the confidence to dominate trials and win cases.

Key clients

Republic of Serbia

Air Serbia

Belgrade Waterfront

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Novartis Pharma Services



Global Seed

Beppler & Jacobson

Galeb Group

Global Seed


United Group

Alcon Pharmaceuticals



OPC Serbia

Vulcascot Gmbh

Projects and energy Tier 3

Mihaj, Ilic & Milanovic Law Firm advises on the development of energy production facilities in Serbia, as well as in Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Georgia. Tanja Unguran assists with renewable energy, oil and gas and mining projects, and Nemanja Ilic has a broad energy law practice.

Practice head(s):

Tanja Unguran; Nemanja Ilic

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Mihaj, Ilic & Milanovic Law Firm has deal expertise in the healthcare and pharmaceutical, energy and infrastructure, manufacturing and aviation sectors. Marko Milanovic is a commercial and corporate law expert and Tanja Unguran's practice includes commercial contracts and corporate M&A.

Practice head(s):

Tanja Unguran; Marko Milanovic; Nemanja Ilic


This is a great law firm for commercial and corporate legal matters. Its lawyers know business and the legal service provided is exceptional.

Clients are delighted with the firm, regardless of the area of law or advice needed.

MIM Law provides quality legal services and it is very much appreciated for its readiness to provide accurate responses to challenging commercial questions and legal situations.

Communications are very professional and prompt. The team is very capable of resolving the most difficult issues at hand and has a very active approach, which allows it to understand the global picture and predict developments a few steps ahead.

The team is very strong in all aspects of commercial and corporate issues, and the advice provided is practical and very useful.

Marko Milanovic is a very energetic, responsive lawyer, who is very familiar with the development of necessary strategies to achieve the best solutions.

Marko Milanovic is an excellent professional, very well versed in commercial issues and well-known in the legal market.

Key clients


Novartis Pharma Services

Galeb Group

Air Serbia

Zimpa Ub

Oil Processing Company Europe

Alcon Pharmaceuticals

Global Seed

Duo Bacco

The firm: MIM Law was established in 2015 by Senka Mihaj, Nemanja Ilic and Marko Milanovic, with the goal to establish a specialized dispute resolution law firm. Before they established MIM Law, Senka Mihaj, Nemanja Ilic and Marko Milanovic worked as senior lawyers in one of the leading law firms in Serbia. The firm has quickly grown to be recognized as one of the leading dispute resolution law firms in the country, most notably in the area of international arbitration, but also in general civil and commercial disputes. Driven by the growing needs of its clients MIM Law quickly expanded the palette of its legal services. This process was intensified with the arrival of new partner – Ms. Tanja Unguran, one of the leading lawyers in the region in the area of tax, corporate, commercial and energy law. Before joining MIM Law, Tanja worked as a partner in some of the largest Serbian and international law firms in Serbia. MIM Law currently has 10 lawyers, experts in different legal areas and industries.

In servicing its clients MIM Law strives to provide a highly specialized and pragmatic legal advice and 100% dedication of its senior lawyers to client needs. With extensive experience in Serbia, Montenegro and throughout the region, MIM Law aims to set a standard for both clients and the market.

Areas of practice: MIM Law is recognized as one of the leading law firms in dispute resolution, including litigation, enforcement proceedings, administrative and misdemeanour proceedings, insolvency/restructuring as well as in the area of white-collar crime. A combination of expertise in dispute resolution and specialized knowledge of tax law, has made MIM Law one of the leading firms in the area of tax disputes. Finally, MIM Law is the firm of choice in the area of international arbitration: the firm represents companies, public enterprises and states in most important commercial and investment arbitrations in the country. The firm’s arbitration cases are held under the auspices of most prominent arbitral institutions, including ICC, ICSID, LCIA, SCAI, as well as Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

MIM Law services its clients in corporate and commercial matters, as well as in areas of labour law, competition, banking, real estate and construction. The firm has solid expertise and services clients in specific industry sectors which require advice on specific regulatory issues, such as pharmacy, healthcare, energy, mining, telecommunications, and aviation. The Firm’s general legal and sector-specific expertise is complemented by specialized tax advice.

Senka Mihaj: Senka has a long track record of achievement in complex, high-value disputes, and arbitration under Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, ICC, ICSID, LCIA, SCAI and UNCITRAL rules. Among other, Senka represents the Republic of Serbia in several investment arbitrations. She also acts as counsel in several commercial arbitrations, where she represents, among other, one of the largest companies in Serbia in field of heavy industry, and healthcare institution from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Nemanja Ilic: Nemanja is focused on litigation, general corporate, labour law, commercial offenses and bankruptcy & restructuring. Nemanja assists Galeb Group, leader in the field of production and sales of electrical tools and industrial equipment, in a complex restructuring. His other clients include Belgrade Waterfront, the developer of the largest real estate project in Serbia, and Air Serbia, the flag carrier of Serbia. Nemanja also represents clients in a number of high-value commercial litigations and labour disputes.

Marko Milanovic: Marko has extensive experience in debt collection, injunction/interim measure proceedings, bankruptcy and restructuring. Marko represents clients in several high profile cases in Montenegro. In addition, Marko assists firm’s clients in general legal matters such as corporate, labour and commercial issues. He also advises a high-profile innovative pharmaceutical company in Serbia and Montenegro.

Tanja Unguran: Tanja is an experienced tax and corporate lawyer. Her tax expertise includes all areas of tax, and full spectrum of tax advisory services: from advice on tax implications of commercial transactions, tax planning, tax compliance, to representation and assistance in tax disputes, in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tanja is also an experienced commercial and corporate lawyer who has acted as a lead transactional lawyer in some of the biggest acquisitions in the region. Finally, Tanja is specialized in energy law and has assisted clients in the development and acquisition of some of the first renewable energy projects in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, including legal, regulatory and tax aspects of these projects.

Department Name Email Telephone
Arbitration Senka Mihaj
Arbitration Aleksandar Fillen
Litigation Nemanja Ilic
Litigation Marko Milanovic
Corporate and Commercial Tanja Unguran
Corporate and Commercial Marko Milanovic
Insolvency & Restructuring Nemanja Ilic
Insolvency & Restructuring Marko Milanovic
Enforcement Marko Milanovic
Enforcement Jelena Papic
White Collar Crime Nemanja Ilic
White Collar Crime Jovan Vukcevic
Labour Matters Nemanja Ilic
Labour Matters Bojan Jankovic
Commercial Offence Nemanja Ilic
Commercial Offence Jelena Papic
Misdemeanour & Administrative Proceedings Nemanja Ilic
Misdemeanour & Administrative Proceedings Senka Mihaj
Constitutional Appeals & ECHR Marko Milanovic
Constitutional Appeals & ECHR Senka Mihaj
Real Estate Senka Mihaj
Real Estate Aleksandar Fillen
Pharmaceuticals Marko Milanovic
Pharmaceuticals Marko Matovic
Tax Law Tanja Unguran
Energy Law Tanja Unguran