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Insurance Tier 2

Experienced’ insurance boutique MUÑOZ ARRIBAS ABOGADOS SLP advises on accidents at work, occupational illness, professional civil liability and medical malpractice. The firm also has particular expertise in cyber risk-related work in the insurance area. The team is co-led by José Antonio Muñoz Villarreal, whose specialisms include tort law, medical malpractice, construction liability, D&O liability, environmental liability and cyber risk; Francisco Javier Muñoz Villarreal, who has experience in construction liability, professional liability and advising public authorities; medical malpractice expert Bernardo Ybarra Malo de Molina; and Alberto Muñoz Villarreal, who is known for technological risk and civil liability insurance.


‘They provide great knowledge and service for very specific problems’

‘They provide very rapid advice and at any time’

‘The accessibility to all of the partners and associates of the firm and their knowledge of the real needs of the client is notable’

‘José Antonio Muñoz is valued for his knowledge of the law, his ability to resolve my concerns in a simple way, and his absolute availability to deal with my issues at any time’

‘Close relationship with clients and knowledge of the field’

Key clients

Catalana de Occidente


Assurances Crédit Mutuel




Santa Lucia



Colegio de Ingenieros Agronomos

Agrupación Convenio RC

Mapfre Global

Mapfre España






Dual (Arch insurance)

Nexus Iberian



The firm: In 1979, José Muñoz Arribas, after working for government organisations and private enterprise, opted to create a law firm. For many years he combined his work as a lawyer with university lecturing, book writing and his collaboration in several publications.

Having started out as specialists in labour law, Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P. then branched into insurance law, becoming over the years a benchmark law firm.

Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P. is the outcome of 40 years of continuous all-out effort, during which the firm has built up a team of professionals to whom Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P. has always delivered the same message: maximum effort, ongoing training, responsibility and expertise and respect for the needs of clients.

The firm has managed to create a company not only of specialists, but also of individuals excited about achieving the best results day after day, who are involved in ongoing training and acquiring a cultural level that complements their legal expertise.

Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P.’s clients have for many years trusted its understanding of the legal profession. The firm is a traditional law firm, but at the same time is open to the future, able to adapt to new legal situations and arising needs. For that Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P. has the best and most efficient tools, in both personnel and material resources.

Areas of practice: Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P. has lengthy experience in assisting clients (mainly insurance companies, mutual and underwriting agencies) in their day to day issues. Recently the firm has repeatedly been involved, among others, in the following issues: impact of new regulations, litigation, advice, etc.

The firm’s core areas are: civil liability, construction liability and technical professions, medical malpractice, professional liability, liability of products, D&O and budget lines, public authorities, financial liability, environment, advisors liability, arbitration and mediation, occupational accident, services at employment setting, prevention of labour risks and social security for subscriptions agency and insurance companies either national or international, cyber risks and data protection, personal damages, state liability, advisory in the draft of policies, reinsurance, run off, legal reports, arbitration and mediation, recover actions, training, outsource services for insurance operators; thus, as an example, the firm handles losses which do not surpass a certain sum. Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P. has a structured and well sized insured team who address each issue from a holistic approach and lawyers highly experienced in insurance cases.

The firm aims to have tangible knowledge of the insurance sector (its depth, its application and unlocking its future potential) so it can offer services and products developed around the real needs of clients.

Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P. advises clients in their relationships with clients and insurance brokers. The firm advises on marketing (newsletter, etc).

The firm provides clients with in-house training services, in addition to periodically holding seminars on hot topics. Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P. also participates in seminars and conferences, because among the firm’s lawyers there are several university professors.

Department Name Email Telephone
Civil liability Francisco Javier Muñoz +34915569108
Construction liability and technical professions Francisco Javier Muñoz +34915569108
Medical malpractice Bernardo Ybarra +34915569108
D&O and budget lines Alberto Muñoz +34915569108
Work Place accidents Jose Antonio Muñoz +34915569108
Prevention of labour risks and social security Jose Antonio Muñoz +34915569108
Professional liabilities Alberto Muñoz +34915569108
Liability of products Bernardo Ybarra +34915569108
Personal damage Jose Antonio Muñoz +34915569108
Cyber risks and data protection Bernardo Ybarra +34915569108
Environment liabilities Bernardo Ybarra +34915569108
Recovery actions Francisco Javier Muñoz +34915569108
Legal reports Alberto Muñoz +34915569108
Arbitration and mediation Francisco Javier Muñoz +34915569108
Outsourced services for insurance operators Alberto Muñoz +34915569108
Advice in the draft of policies Alberto Muñoz +34915569108
Reinsurance Jose Antonio Muñoz +34915569108
Run off Bernardo Ybarra +34915569108
Regulatory Bernardo Ybarra +34915569108
Photo Name Position Profile
Dr Prof Alberto Muñoz Villarreal  photo Dr Prof Alberto Muñoz Villarreal Partner
Mr Francisco Javier Muñoz Villarreal  photo Mr Francisco Javier Muñoz Villarreal Partner. Director of the Professional Liability Department
 Jose Antonio Muñoz Villarreal photo Jose Antonio Muñoz Villarreal Managing Partner
Mr Bernardo Ybarra Malo de Molina  photo Mr Bernardo Ybarra Malo de Molina Partner.  Director of the Medical Malpractice Department
Partners : 5
Number of lawyers : 17
Administrative staff : 4
Harmonie group

At Muñoz Arribas Abogados, S.L.P., we are firmly committed to diversity and inclusion. We have lawyers and staff from different countries, such as Italy, France and Dominican Republic and we are particularly focused on improving the retention and development of our female talent in all areas of the firm. The firm is committed to various measures of corporate social responsibility, and as an example we are a collaborating company with the program “Unicef Multiplica”, and we convey to our team the need to be committed to our environment and society.

CLIENT: Oscar Bustos Bermejo, Managing director


TESTIMONIAL: Muñoz Arribas Attorneys advised us on the viability of an appeal that was to be filed by a third party against the interests of one of our clients.
The legal report submitted to us was very clear, practical and legally founded with jurisprudence. Due to the report contained a very important part that we wanted to focus on, we asked for some clarification. The answer was quick and clear. This written response was also clarified in a meeting with three partners of the firm and another lawyer. We were completely satisfied with the assignment.